The Antonio Villas Boas UFO Abduction

The case of the Villas Boas UFO abduction is one of the most famous among Brazilian ufologists and everyone else for the wealth of details of what happened. Antonio Villas Boas lived a peaceful farmer’s routine in São Francisco de Sales, Minas Gerais . His family was all formed by farmers, while the other relatives took care of the land in the morning, he preferred to work at night, alone with his tractor.

Antonio Villas Boas UFO
On October 5, 1957, the farmer went to bed at around 11 pm. As it was very hot that night, he decided to open the window to receive some wind. In the company of their brother, João, the two saw a very bright white light in the sky, but they did not give much importance at the time and went to sleep.

A few hours later, the young man woke up and realized that the light was still there and that it was approaching more and more at high speed, entering the cracks and illuminating the entire residence. Startled, he woke up his roommate and the two closed the window and all the doors in the house, just in case.

Days passed, and the routine returned to normal. The brothers continued to take turns taking care of the crops between the morning and night periods. On the night of October 14th of the same year, the luminosity reappeared.

In his reports, he says that the light came back around 20 times, getting stronger and stronger, until a sun appeared in the middle of the night. But it was only at dawn on the 16th, while plowing the soil alone, that the now reddish luminosity approached him.

Without reaction, he realized that the glow was only 50 meters from his head. As he said in an interview at the time, the light came from a ship shaped like an “elongated egg” that used metal supports to land.
The young man then, trying to escape from that strange object, ran to his work vehicle and started. He soon realized that the engine was not running and decided to run back to the farm, but he was pulled by beings that barely reached his shoulders.

He even managed to baffle one of them with a blow and started to flee, but soon three more appeared and grabbed him by the arms and legs and took him to the vessel. The strangers wore a gray jumpsuit glued to the body with black ones in some places, he still says that the costume went up to the necks of the creatures and to complete, they wore a rigid helmet, well reinforced up to the height of the nose.

Now inside the space, Antonio affirms that the place was all made of metal and that the beings were cared for with him, in no time wanting to hurt him. His “kidnappers” spoke in a language the boy had never heard before, almost animal-like.

A tube with suction cups was placed on his chin, making his blood drain into a container at the end of the object. According to records, this action left marks on the man, who was examined by Doctor Olavo Fontes, months after the incident. “ Two small hyperchromic spots, one on each side of the chin, small in size and more or less rounded in shape; one of them has the diameter of a 10 cent coin, the other being slightly larger and more irregular in appearance ”.

But, the most intimate contact of the Antonio Villas Boas UFO abduction, all took place shortly thereafter. Antonio was left in a room alone, and the place was filled with a sweet gas that made him nauseous, but at the same time he realized that the smoke had aphrodisiac power.

He noticed that a naked extraterrestrial woman entered the scene with him. He described her as very beautiful with a beauty that did not appear to be human. “The lips were very thin, almost invisible. The body was much more beautiful than any other woman I have ever met: thin, with upright and well separated breasts, with a thin waist and small belly, with more developed hips and thick thighs. The feet were small; the hands were long and thin; fingers and nails were normal. He was much shorter than me, hitting his head on my shoulder ”.

Villas Boas ended up having sex with the extraterrestrial woman, despite the situation of fear, he believes that the smoke had something that made everything exciting and they ended up consummating the relationship.

After what happened, he was taken out of the spaceship, but not before trying to pick up an object to prove that his story was true, however, the extraterrestrials took the tool from him.

There is no hard evidence that the Antonio Villas Boas UFO abduction really happened, only his testimony and the marks on his chin. No photos were taken of the mark that the landing gear would have left, and any other evidence that might have disappeared after a major flood on the farm.

Antonio died in 1957, and it appears in his obituary that the cause of his death was due to subarachnoid hemorrhage, common in basilar artery aneurysm and arterial hypertension.

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