Upper Nasal Cavity Mystery Implant Recovered

Without doubt one of the most strangest physical things we ever came across was a mysterious implant recovered from the upper nasal cavity of Mrs Elaine Waite, from the London area, and later examined under the Electron Microscope, revealing some stunning images.

The fact, that Elaine has a background of numerous UFO / Paranormal experiences going back many years, does not reinforce any view that what was recovered owes its origin to any Alien’ Implant’- we feel that such considerations would not be proper under the circumstances, taking into consideration the hype attached to the subject.

The hope that such ‘implants’ when first discovered would offer irrefutable evidence of an interaction between an Alien species, and the human subject, (confirming the Abduction Process itself) has sadly not come up to expectations.

Prior to, relating the circumstances in which the subject herself recovered the ‘object’, it is of much value to outline briefly the catalogue of unexplained events, which took place prior to the discovery made by Mrs Elaine Waite (who is to be commended for her courage in revealing her identity).

It began for her in 1969,when she was living with her parents in Greenford, West London, during an early morning visit to the bathroom, when she noticed an ‘Orange Ball of Light’ hovering over the house some twenty five feet off the ground which at first she thought to be a reflection, but on closer examination realised that this Orange Ball seemed in some way to be Alive.

She admits she was so frightened she wet herself. The  following morning she told her parents what had happened, they dismissed it as a dream, but couldn’t understand why there was a wet patch on the carpet floor?

Over the following   years Elaine experienced various medical problems, including a blood disorder, which the Doctors were unable to diagnose together with the appearance of a number of strange bruises and lumps in her pelvic region.

upper nasal cavity implant

During the mid 90’s she began to experience vivid dreams, including the stereo typed ‘Abduction scenarios, and the discovery of small watery blisters in a triangular pattern on her chest.

upper nasal cavity implant

On the 14th of May 1997, after experiencing considerable discomfort in her upper nasal cavity, Elaine blew her nose into a tissue and noticed what looked like a tiny piece of metal.

Realising that this was something highly unusual she placed the object into a sealed container where it was eventually hand delivered to a University in the UK, where it was examined under the Electron Microscope.

–Subsequent Energy Dispersive X-Ray (EDX) analysis could only detect hydrocarbon (plastic) with no presence of hydrogen or chlorine.

What astounded us was the size of the ‘fragment’ and its most peculiar shape, convex at its one end with a ‘hook’ at the other, illustrating that tiny objects like this hardly perceptible to the human eye exist. Obviously we cannot say with any conviction that the recovery of such an object could be deemed as evidence of any Alien implant, but remain fascinated as to its origin and the circumstances surrounding its recovery!

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