UFO Sightings Finland – Near Imjarvi Forest UFO Incident

On January 7, 1970, one of the the major UFO Sightings Finland occured involving two skiers Aarno Heihonen and Esko Viljo in the forest near Imjarvi Finland. It was almost 5:00 pm when the two skiers were training in a forest and decided to take a break, stopping to rest and catch a glimpse of the stars that were beginning to appear in the sky.

UFO Sightings Finland

Suddenly, they saw a bright light in the northern sky approaching them accompanied by a huge hum.

Heinonen recalled the moment in his own words:

“A huge disk started to descend, enveloped in a reddish-gray mist, which became thinner and more transparent. It started to pass at a height of 10 to 13m, so close that I could have touched it with my rod. We saw that there was a dome at the top of the disc. Along the bottom edge there was a kind of raised part where there were three spheres or domes equally spaced.

From the center of the lower part it projects a tube about 10 inches in diameter, from which a beam of intense light suddenly shone. I suddenly felt like someone had pulled me back. In the same instant I saw the strange being. He was standing in the middle of the beam with a black box in his hands. He was about 3m tall, with very thin arms and legs. His face was like pale wax. Its nose was hooked, and the ears were very small and narrowed towards the head. The creature wore light green overalls with dark green boots, white gloves and a tapered metallic helmet shining like metal.”

The humanoid creature pointed the black box at Heihonen, and a strong pulsating yellow light shone on it. Then a red mist descended over the area, and red, green and purple flames surrounded the skiers. The mist enveloped the creature and the witnesses and suddenly the beam of light disappeared along with the creature and the ship.

UFO Sightings Finland

After a few minutes, Heinonen felt that his right leg which was completely exposed to the beam of yellow light was no longer moving. Viljo had to carry Heihonen to his home which was about 2 kilometers away from that location. In the following months Heihonen suffered severe memory loss, continued pain, tiredness and headaches. For two months his urine was like “black coffee”. Viljo suffered facial swelling, headaches and eye problems.

Dr. Pauli Kajanoja. who cared for the two. said: ” The symptoms described are similar to those that occur when exposed to radioactivity .” He added: “The two men tell the truth, it is not an invention. When they reached me, they were in shock, something must have scared them a lot “.

UFO Sightings Finland

Photo by Aarno Heihonen (left) and Esko Viljo, upon returning to the scene of the incident

But for Heihonen, that experience was not over. Between 1970 and 1972, he claims to have experimented with twenty other UFO contacts. He once reported having found an extremely beautiful “alien”, and another being that resembles a Venusian described by George Adamski (a famous 20th century ufologist), but more advanced in terms of communication, who was no longer merely telepathic, but now they were rightly speaking h Finnish.

UFO Sightings Finland

Heinonen’s lastest statements of one of the most major UFO sightings Finland, created an atmosphere of distrust around the case, even among the most professional investigators. Among those who knew the witnesses, was a neighboring farmer, Matti Haapanieni, said: “Many people in the neighborhood laughed at this story. But I think it shouldnt be overlooked. I have known Aarno and Esko since they were children. Both are calm and reasonable people, as well as being abstinent. I am sure that your story is true.” Two other people later reported seeing UFOs in the sky at the same time and in the same area where this encounter took place, giving the case more crediblity.

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