UFO Reports from Cambridgeshire

There have been many UFO reports from Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas over many years. The earliest report concerns sightings of a strange airship over the Cromwell Street area of Peterborough in March 1909. In November 1962 a hazy white object was seen over Cambridge at about 21:30.

At 2:50pm on 16th October 1976, Mrs. Kathy Tribe reported two stationary lights over the city of Cambridge. She observed these gently floating in the same place for about three minutes before they suddenly moved off in different directions at great speed. An individual report from a single witness without any obvious special knowledge, seeing two objects in the distance is not usually considered very important. However…

At 11am the same day, a teenager was travelling in a van with two of his friends near Warminster. Looking out of the window they saw what were later described as two, metallic looking, spherical, objects. The witness and his two friends thought the objects were stationary over a small village in a valley. Could these three young men have seen the same objects a couple of hours before Mrs. Tribe?

But, it gets better!

At 2:50pm on 16th October 1977 – that is the same time on the same day exactly one year later than Mrs. Tribe’s report – an object was reported over Cambridge airport. It was seen coming from the southwest. At first the witness thought it was an aircraft. The radar control officer who was on the runway at the time said he thought the object was approaching too fast and not on the usual approach line. It passed overhead then returned, turned a half circle, started to rotate then left at high speed.

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