UFO Over Russia Discovered By Russian Astrophysicist

An alleged Russian astrophysicist said in 1979 that he had detected the remains of an alien UFO over Russia.

UFO over Russia

Controversial case: Impressive statements by the alleged Soviet astrophysicist Sergei Boshich in 1979 say that a broken extraterrestrial ship would be found floating in our Earth orbit (it would have identified 10 large pieces). Boshich concluded that the plane was destroyed in 1955 by an explosion. The political authorities can hide this conclusion.

However, there is controversy in this case. The existence of Sergei Boshich as an astrophysicist in the Soviet Union has not been confirmed. This could indicate that this report was a sham or that they censored it.
Extraterrestrial UFO over Russia, and in orbit: mysterious and controversial reports
Despite this controversy, other experts have corroborated the conclusion of this alleged astrophysicist, mainly Aleksandr Kazantsev, a Soviet scientist and science fiction writer. Several media reported this case in 1979, starting with National Enquirer and Reveille.
Both are known to be more tabloid-oriented tabloids. It is a sign that it could be a farce, or perhaps it is only in these two tabloids that the political powers wanted to publish the affair and not reveal it as an absolute fact.
“Extraterrestrial bodies are still on board”
Aleksandr Kazantsev said the plane was nearly 70 meters long and 30 meters wide … that it had “small domes that housed telescopes” and “satellite dishes”. Surprisingly, he also reportedly said, “We believe foreign bodies are still on board.”
Sergei Boshich identified 10 pieces of this alleged extraterrestrial ship destroyed on December 18, 1955. In these first reports, the Soviet scientist and ufologist Dr Vladimir Azhazha was also quoted as ruling that the remains came from a meteor.
The discovery aroused the interest of Western astronomers, but the Russians would have been very secret. NewScientist magazine reported that western astronomers hadn’t detected this debris of a UFO over Russia.

Based on a 1969 “mini-moons” study?
New Scientist also said that this story could be based on the study of scientist John Bagby published in the journal Icarus in 1969, where it shows the alleged discovery of “10 mini-moons” orbiting the Earth.
These mini-moons would have separated from a single large object on December 18, 1955 (the same date established by Sergei Boshich). However, astronomer Jean Meeus refuted Bagby’s study by saying that his testimony was false (is it true?).
However, according to the report, there was cooperation between the United States, the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union to investigate and recover the remains of this alleged extraterrestrial spacecraft. It is also theorized that the USSR may have fabricated this discovery as a smoke screen to confuse the United States (the Cold War was still active).
This case of 10 pieces of an alien spacecraft orbiting the Earth is very mysterious. It may have been a sham on the part of the National Enquirer and Reveille, but it is strange that these media have published on astronomy. Perhaps the information was addressed to them by the political elite, in order to reveal a little, but in a sinister and confused way.

The first 4 words alone sum up the subject “A suspected Russian astrophysicist”.

“Boshich concluded that the plane had been destroyed in 1955 by an explosion”:
– How does he know?
– Did he see the explosion and where is the evidence?

“Aleksandr Kazantsev said that the plane was almost 70 meters long and 30 meters wide”:
– Where are the photos of these elements?
– How can he determine the overall dimensions of the object?

“Sergei Boshich identified 10 pieces of this alleged extraterrestrial ship”:
– How did he identify them and with what?

“Several media reported this case in 1979”:
– Which ?
– Why did they wait so long?

Many speakers and many questions to which we have no answers.
As no proof is provided then necessarily it’s secret defense, another fake news which we would have done well!

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