The Tunguska Explosion: A Possible UFO Crash In 1908

The Tunguska Explosion, June 30, 1908, at 07 hours and 15 minutes, was going to be the protagonist of one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century.

In fact, and the 21st century has already begun, and despite notable efforts to unravel what the hell happened on that day in that remote area, the mystery continues, although yes, with many hypotheses around the event, each of which it is as valid or as useless as any other.

Nobody, absolutely nobody, neither scientists nor researchers of any kind, have been able to unravel the mystery. It is the same or worse than at the beginning.

A meteor?

Witnesses report the sighting of a cylindrical object, in a vertical position, enveloped in bluish flames, of an extraordinary brightness, almost as intense as the brightness of the Sun, which after performing some strange maneuvers exploded and was destroyed, affecting to a large area of ​​about 2,200 square km of forest, which was completely destroyed. Some inhabitants of the area died, or were affected by the radioactive effects caused by the event.

It was the fall of the most destructive space object in the entire historical period of Humanity.
This object was observed, in its last moments, by more than a thousand specialists belonging to the Irkutsk Observatory, each of whom would put their hand on the fire by affirming that the object, (whatever it was), carried out maneuvers that clearly indicated that it was being “piloted”. Piloted? A meteor?

Many years have passed, and even today, after so long, the devastating effects of that event are clearly visible and represent an impressive challenge for anyone investigating the facts.

It was a very busy time, socially speaking, in Russia at that time, which contributed to the fact that the event was not given the real importance it had. The First World War, which began in 1914, the Russian Civil War, which lasted until 1922, in which the idiot Stalin was the main protagonist, and all the events that convulsed the society of those days, caused the event to be forget it soon and not give it the importance it really had. The Tunguska was too far away and too isolated from the world to deserve anyone’s attention.
The existing problem would not be such, if a crater had been found, a clear indication of the fall of a meteorite object, but it is that, no matter how much it has been searched, it is nowhere to be found.

You can see all the effects that the fall of an object of these characteristics would actually cause, the devastation it would have caused, etc., etc., but the main thing is missing, the corpus delicti is missing, the crater and the remains of that supposed body are missing.

An Italian scientific expedition believes to have found the aforementioned crater, which they say is in Czech Lake, located about 8 kilometers from the epicenter of the aforementioned explosion. They believe that this lake fills the crater supposedly produced by the fall of a fragment of the extraterrestrial rock.
But other scientists deny that possibility, arguing that the vegetation around that crater, mainly trees, of an age equal to or greater than one hundred years, deny that possibility.

What fell in the Siberian Tunguska?

There is talk of a meteorite, a tiny black hole, a body of ice, a piece of comet, a portion of antimatter, a spaceship. Trees were felled by the thousands as if they were mere stalks of straw, and large herds of reindeer were charred. Smoke from burning trees flooded everything. A dense and terrifying column of gases and dust, as if it were the body of a demon, rose up to 30 kilometres high.

There is talk of a mysterious black rain, which reminds us, except for the color, of radioactive fallout. Radioactivity increased significantly in the area, and the deaths and physical mutations in the descendants of the inhabitants leave no room for doubt.

Up to 600 km from the point of the explosion, the effects of violence were noted: Animals and people rolling on the ground, people falling from their boats into the water, tremors, broken glass and crockery.

If the event had taken place over a large city, or in the vicinity of several cities, the dead would have been counted by the thousands. But the situation of the epicenter was determined at 62º lN and 101º LE, which is an almost unpopulated area, near the Tunguska river, (hence the name).

It seems, according to studies carried out by experts, that the explosion occurred at an altitude of about 6,000 meters, and that what fell to the ground for several days were strange black particles, the result of that destruction. But destruction of what? The strange black rain that fell after the Tunguska explosion might not be so strange if it was a meteorite composed of carbonaceous chondrite that exploded. Those particles tend to fall in those cases.

For about ten days before, curious and unprecedented things had been observed for their intensity and their way of manifesting. They were strange optical phenomena in the atmosphere, and they could be observed from Europe, Russia and Western Siberia. They were silvery clouds, long solar halos, and very intense bright twilights. All a mysterious and beautiful celestial show.

They increased in intensity as the day of the disaster approached and were seen during the two days after the aforementioned explosion.

And the day came when the strange visitor crossed the sky heading northwest, amidst detonations or thunder.

It did not have the typical wake of the iron composition meteorites, but instead there were a kind of rings of very intense colors, like a rainbow. And after a flash, it exploded. And there were several consecutive thunders.

Minutes after the explosion, the Irkutsk Observatory detected an electromagnetic storm, which lasted about four hours, very similar to the disturbances that occur after nuclear explosions.
The most curious are the statements of a fisherman, who describes the “body of the object”, in a very strange way for a space body of natural origin. Says the witness:

This testimony confirms, when speaking of the elongated shape, (apparently cylindrical) of the mysterious space body, the numerous statements that other witnesses make about that cylindrical shape .
the most curious are the two eyes (windows?) and fire “behind”.

He says he was going faster than airplanes today. The calculations carried out indicate a speed of about 2,500 kilometers per hour, which leads scholars of the subject to suppose that it could not be a meteorite, since it was in the process of braking, apart from the maneuvers it was carrying out before exploding.

The hypothesis of an “alien ship” involved in the Tunguska Explosion, seems to be born in the year 1946, and many characters adhered to it, including Alexander Petrovich Kazantsev, a science fiction writer, and quite a few ufologists, although it aroused a strong answer among those who are radically skeptical in everything that refers to the possibility of the visit of supposed extraterrestrial beings.

Some venture to say that there was not one but several ships, and that they were engaged in a battle, which would explain the different directions that the witnesses declare, and the maneuvers, as well as the different explosions, until everything ended in an atomic deflagration.

There really are versions of the event for all tastes, but none conclusive so far.
Each statement of the witnesses is more enlightening than those of the scientists and other expedition members who approached the area. At least they allow us to know what the object was like and how the events happened, which officially, however, has not been clarified at all.
Another of those statements is the one that follows:

“We peasants saw a blue-white celestial body pass by towards the northwest, quite high above the horizon and very bright, so much so that it was impossible to look at it directly. It looked like a vertical tube, a kind of cylinder. The sky was clear and lonely. a small cloud was visible towards the object.

The weather was hot and dry.

As the object got closer to the ground in the forest, it began to blur and blur to become a gigantic column of black smoke. Then a horrendous sound was heard It struck as if great stones were falling. The buildings shook. At the same time the cloud emitted flames of fire as the villagers gave signs of panic and ran through the streets. The women shouted, thinking that the end of the world had come.

The thing is not very clear.

At that time 2P / ENCKE, which has a cycle of only 3.3 years, was close to Earth. This comet has a bad habit of disintegrating, (it has been doing so for about 25,000 to 30,000 years), and a piece of that comet could be the object of the Tunguska Explosion. It is yet another hypothesis.

To further confuse things, the representatives of the State Foundation “Tunguska Space Phenomenon” claim that they have found remains of an alien technological artifact, I do not know what they are based on to affirm that, but in a conference on the matter they gave in Krasnoyarsk, in 1998, they have shown two bars of a metal that say that it is a material from outside our planet, and that they found in the area of ​​the explosion.

As is always the case when talking about extraterrestrial tests, they are not presented clearly, fully certified, in view of anyone who wishes to carry out any verification or study on them. Yuri Labvin is the President of the Foundation and the Director of the last expedition carried out by that society. This man has always been a staunch supporter of the hypothesis that the object that exploded in Tunguska was a UFO.

Yuri says that the occupants of this spaceship would have carried out an operation to intercept a space body that was heading in a collision course with our planet, and that it was possibly going to cause a catastrophe with incalculable consequences and during that operation they suffered some kind of mishap that forced them to attempt a forced landing, resulting in the explosion that occurred in the Tunguska area with the consequent destruction of the ship and its crew.

Tunguska Explosion

The Tunguska explosion, the largest in historical times in our world, may happen again. It could even be a space body of gigantic proportions, much larger than that of 1908, of whose existence we have no idea, but which at any time can appear and end the history of our world. Maybe someone knows the truth of what happened. It is very possible that state agencies know about it and do not want to make it known, which would only be logical if the aforementioned explosion did not have a natural origin.

The mystery continues. Maybe its better this way.

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