The Roswell Film

Probably the subject of greatest and hottest debate in UFO research at the moment is the alleged footage of the Roswell Incident. But when you talk about the Roswell Film, which one do you mean? I have been able to identify a number of different pieces of film from at least three sources:

  1. Tent Footage 1 – apparent preliminary examination of a body in a tent/shed shown to Reg Presley and some other researchers early 1995, source Ray Santilli
  2. Tent Footage 2 – similar to above, but probably different sequence, shown to BUFORA early 1995, source Ray Santilli
  3. Tent Footage 3 – similar to but different from both above, appears on video Penetrating the Web 2, source Bruce Barlow
  4. Autopsy 1 – autopsy film shown to some researchers in April/May 1995, not shown since, source Ray Santilli
  5. Autopsy 2 – similar, but different from above, widely used in documentaries etc, source Ray Santilli
  6. Wreckage – show apparent control panels and other wreckage filmed inside tent/shed, source Ray Santilli
  7. Hessman’s Footage – undeveloped film given to researcher Michael Hessman by daughter of Roswell airman, little chance of recovering images, source Michael Hessman

And all this does not include the two guys who turned up at Michael Hessman’s conference in Dusseldorf with their Roswell film. They claimed that they had found it amongst other films a girlfriend of one of them had inherited from an uncle. It turned out to be a cheap hoax by a German TV company. (Perhaps they should have contacted Morgana Productions who could have done a much better job for them!)

(As an aside for those who do not know, the Morgana photographs came to light a few days after some of the film held by Ray Santilli and his associates was broadcast world-wide in a series of documentaries. The photographs were of different stages in the construction of a very good replica of the alleged alien shown in the documentaries. In some of the documentaries the view that it would be difficult to make a model alien of that complexity was expressed. The Morgana people set out to show just how easy it was. BUFORA researcher John Spencer investigated these photos and was able to track down the originators. They worked for a small special effects company and said they had made the model using the photographs Ray Santilli had previously made available to newspapers for guidance.)

If UFO researchers are to be believed, the US government had managed to keep most of the information about the Roswell incident secret for nearly 50 years. For the US government to then lose one top secret film would be unfortunate, to lose two films would be careless and to lose three would be incredible. But perhaps people would like us to believe that ‘genuine’ UFO films are like buses – none come along for ages, then three come along together!

Throughout late 1997 and into 1998 a few researchers began to uncover people who said they knew people who had been involved in faking film which sounded very much like the Tent footage described above. Indeed at the BUFORA Research Evening in 1997 a statement was read out to the effect that names of suspected fakers had been passed to BUFORA for investigation.  In the summer of 1998 various researchers went on record naming names. Finally, in January 1999 the people named by the researchers admitted in a Sunday newspaper that they had indeed faked the Tent footage. Where this leaves the rest of the alleged Roswell footage, who knows?

Although there are have been several dozen alleged crashed Flying Saucer recoveries by different governments the important thing to remember about the Roswell incident is that the US Army Air Force put out a press release saying that something had been recovered. So the UFOlogists and the authorities are agreed for once something DID happen at Roswell. It is only about the nature of what happened – crashed balloon or crashed Flying Saucer that they differ.

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