The Roswell Alien Sighting

Roswell Alien Sighting

roswell alien sighting

The Roswell alien sighting consist of an alleged collision of an unidentified flying object ( UFO) in Roswell, New Mexico, United States.

Some ufologists and much of the public have taken an interest in the Roswell events. Many books and films have been written and made about the alleged events, both fictional novels and serious and elaborate reports.

The supporters of the extraterrestrial hypothesis consider the Roswell case as one of the most important UFO events, since from this event the history of modern ufology began.

Skeptics argue that the hypothesis that an alien spacecraft fell in Roswell is not supported by insufficient or unreliable evidence and is too inconsistent. They further argue that there are other explanations for the Roswell events that are much more plausible than the alien craft hypothesis.


During the first week of July 1947, Mack Brazel, a farmer from New Mexico , discovered strange remains scattered around his ranch near Corona , New Mexico. The remains possessed physical properties unknown to Brazel and his neighbors; They looked like aluminum sheets and when bent, they straightened again. Apparently it could not be burned, cut or damaged. After the farmer reported to the city council, some soldiers arrived, recovered the remains, and took them to the Army Air Base in Roswell; the wreckage was later shipped to Wright Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio, to the USAF Aeronautical Research Laboratories .

Press releases initially released by the USAF on Roswell claimed that “a flying disc” had been found on a nearby ranch. But later they denied the version to say that the crash was in fact of “a meteorological balloon of hexagonal form”. The new version of events responded to the intention of the US government to silence the information in the media.

The Roswell incident received great national attention in 1947, but when the first official version was replaced by the weather balloon explanation, the news fell into disinterest.

Renewed interest

Until 1978, the Roswell incident received little attention, until investigators Stanton T. Friedman and William L. Moore compared the results of a series of interviews each had conducted separately.

Friedman and Moore interviewed Lydia Sleppy , who worked at a radio station in Albuquerque , New Mexico, in 1947, and USAF commander Jesse A. Marcel, the top air force officer in Roswell in 1947. Sleppy reported that the FBI had censored her story of the “flying disc crashed with corpses” after a Roswell radio reporter called her with the story.

Marcel spoke of the existence of extremely strange materials near Brazel’s ranch that according to him were not “of this world”. He was then ordered to send the recovered remains to Wright Base, stopping at Fort Worth , Texas, to see Brigadier General Roger Ramey , the army’s 8th Air Force chief. Marcel added that the weather balloon explanation was later invented by General Ramey, and that it was a cover.

One of the most credible reports regarding the Roswell incident came from retired USAF General Arthur Exon , as recounted to ufologists Kevin Randle and Donald Schmitt . In 1947, Exon was flown to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Shortly after reports of the incident came to light, Exon said the material found had been transported to Wright-Patterson. Although it was very thin and light, Exon said the metal could not be bent, dented or burned. He also said that he had learned that some bodies had been recovered. Exon stated flatly that “Roswell was the recovery of a space artifact.”

By 1961, Exon had been promoted to general, and he was in command of the Wright-Patterson base between 1964 and 1966. However, critics allege that the Exon data was not first-hand. To have access to secret US government information, you must have both the appropriate category to access secret documents and a justified need to know the information. As a consequence, Exon would not have had access to the locations on the base where studies on the artifact were taking place, and was never officially informed of their findings.

Another retired USAF general who spoke about Roswell was Thomas J. Dubose . In 1947 he was a colonel and General Ramey’s chief of staff. Dubose said the matter was kept in the strictest secrecy and even implicated the White House . Such an event involved the shipment of the remains from Roswell to Washington DC, stopping at Fort Worth.

Dubose led the high-level telephone communications and said he personally received the order from General Clemence McMullen in Washington to investigate what had happened in Roswell. Dubose also confirmed Commander Marcel’s words that the explanation of the weather balloon invented by General Ramey was a cover to avoid the press.

There are other important testimonies in the Roswell case. Captain Oliver Henderson , a pilot from Roswell, told his family and friends about the shipment of the remains of a flying saucer to Wright’s base and the small bodies found. Lewis Rickett , a member of Army Intelligence at the Roswell base, confirmed that the metallic remains were extremely anomalous and that the military participated in a secret recovery operation at the Brazel Ranch.

Bill Brazel junior, Mack Brazel’s son, affirmed the commander’s descriptions separately, corroborating Marcel’s explanations of the strange remains. Both Rickett and Brazel Jr. described a furrow in the ground due to an air impact. Brazel Jr. also said that the military held his father at the base, a claim corroborated by Commander Edwin Easley before he died. When asked about the details of the case, Easley said she had vowed not to speak about what had happened.

Apollo astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell , while not a direct witness, has also claimed on numerous occasions that Roswell was an alien-related incident, based on his high-level contacts within the government. “There is no question, Roswell is real. I have seen the secret files showing that the government knew about it, although it decided not to divulge it.

A similar incident involving many USAF personnel in the UK in 1980, known as the Rendlesham Incident, increased interest in Roswell.


Some ufologists have argued that an alien craft crashed near Roswell and that several corpses of extraterrestrial origin were recovered. Under pressure from a Congressional investigation into accounting, initiated by New Mexico Congressman Steven Schiff, the Air Force declared in 1994 that the crash was actually that of a lost spy balloon launched from near Alamogordo , NM, and thus the “Roswell case” was officially closed.

In 1997 Air Force investigators added that the alleged alien bodies were actually dummies used in tests during the 1950s and 1960s.

Why did the USAF decide to add the derided “mannequin theory” to the first Roswell report? The initial report deliberately ignored the question of the bodies, and there is speculation that the USAF then tried to come back with the explanation of the bodies under pressure from Clinton.

It is known that President Bill Clinton had a great interest in Roswell. Asked about the matter during a trip to Ireland in 1999, Clinton replied that as far as he knew, “no alien spacecraft crashed in Roswell,” but added, “if the USAF actually recovered alien bodies, they haven’t told me. , and I would like to know ”.

Another episode in the Roswell case occurred in 1995 when Ray Santilli , a British producer, made a video showing the autopsy of one of the alleged aliens found after the incident. Skeptics argue that these images depicted unconventional surgical procedures by the would-be surgeons, and for this reason – and many others – the filming is viewed as fraud within and outside the UFO community.

However, there is also no evidence to prove that these images are totally false. The autopsy recording also has certain elements that make it possible that it was actually filmed in 1947. Generally, the film is considered either a Santilli fraud, or a true 1947 film that, for whatever reason, shows the autopsy of a rubber mannequin or maybe a small human body. Some ufologists still maintain that the movie could be a true alien autopsy.

In short, there is no conclusive evidence to favor one or the other argument. Official denial of an object of extraterrestrial origin continues, as many ufologists continue to insist that officials are lying.

Recent events

Recently an attempt has been made to read the text of a piece of paper that General Ramey was holding in a photo taken with Colonel Dubose and the remains of the balloon. An investigator named David Rudiak, as well as a few others who examined the message, claimed to have read several important phrases, including some such as “the victims of the wreckage,” a reference to the shock object as “the disk” (Rudiak believes it says ” disc crew ”).

This discovery is cited as proof that the Roswell incident was actually the landing of an alien spacecraft and that extraterrestrial bodies were recovered. Rudiak also claims to have refuted speculations made by some supporters of the Mogul balloon hypothesis that the wind would have exactly caused the Brazel Ranch to crash.

In 2002, the Sci-Fi Channel funded an excavation at Brazel’s ranch in hopes of finding any hidden debris that the military did not collect. Although these results have so far been unsuccessful, the archaeological team at the University of New Mexico verified a recent alteration of the terrain in the exact place where some witnesses claimed to see a long furrow due to an impact.

Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, who took over the energy department under Clinton, apparently took an interest in the matter. In 2004 he wrote in The Roswell Dig Diaries that “the mystery surrounding this impact has never been sufficiently explained – not by independent researchers, not by the US government.”

In October 2002, prior to the airing of their documentary on Roswell, the Sci-Fi channel held a press conference on UFOs in Washington. John Podesta , Clinton’s chief of staff, made himself known as a member of the public relations firm hired by Sci-Fi to try to get documents on the matter. Podesta indicated that “it is time for the government to declassify official documents that are more than 25 years old and thus provide scientists with the data to determine the true nature of the phenomena.”

In February 2005, the ABC television channel aired a UFO special hosted by Peter Jennings . Jennings spoke of the Roswell case as “a myth without a single proof.” ABC used the typical explanation of a crashed Mogul balloon. However, the program did not consider much evidence, such as the testimonies of Generals Exon and Dubose or astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

For many ufologists, the Roswell case is considered one of the most important ufological events and the beginning of the cover-ups, while for skeptics it is only the most popular case. The official position of the United States government, since 2005, is that nothing of a paranormal or extraterrestrial nature had occurred. The final USAF report regarding the Roswell case is available, as is the response to said report from ufologists, who insist the report is false.


Today, UFO tourism is the main source of income for the people of Roswell. The place has also been recreated in many books, comics, movies, and television series.

In the ninth episode of Star Trek: Deep Space, titled ” Little Green Men “, the artifact that had crashed in Roswell had come from the 24th century, and the aliens were the Ferengi characters Quark, Rom, and Nog. Also in Futurama, the characters came from the 31st century, and the captured alien was Doctor Zoidberg.

In the movie Independence Day, the Roswell artifact was an alien explorer.

The movie Hangar 18 was based on area 51 and alien technology (hangar 18 in area 51 is reputedly where the UFO remains were stored).

Additionally, in 2002, the Sci-Fi Channel funded a scientific investigation in Roswell that revealed some anomalies, and collected soil samples.

Declassified reports

Although many ufologists continue to assert hypotheses that the Roswell incident involved beings from another world, recent investigations coincide with a complaint by Japanese prisoners of war, a macabre story that was hidden for years.

Thanks to the publication of secret material on the use of prisoners of war, a new hypothesis was added to explain the event, which if true would reveal the true horrors of the Roswell incident.

The United States government had experimented with meteorological balloons as an instrument to infiltrate enemy lines and attempt the possibility of dropping atomic bombs from the stratosphere (Project Mogul). These experiments were carried out during the end of the Second World War, and prisoners of war were used for these experiments.

In the case of the Project Mogul meteorological balloons, they were Japanese prisoners of war, and the smallest ones were selected so that they could enter the basket specially designed for this purpose.

The Roswell incident would not be the only one in this project, but it was the only one that reached public repercussions due to the number of civilian witnesses.

The cover-up of the incident was carried out in order not to reveal the post-war horrors of using prisoners of war for such experiments, and at the same time the need to hide a new technology that allowed to circumvent conventional radars (Stealth Technology).

It is worth remembering the interest of the case on the part of the then president Einsenhower, which is presented at the Roswell air base shortly after the incident and to which no information is provided. This fact fuels the theory of conspiracy by the military to hide the truth from civilians.


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