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Beginning in 1956, some 200 people from all walks of life in Europe had extensive interaction with a group of very human-looking aliens called Tall Whites or Nordics; I have included an Tall White Aliens Photo in this post. They included politicians, university professors, engineers, journalists, students and housewives. The level of contact varied from one-time encounters to deep involvement lasting over 40 years. Some of those involved entered underground and undersea alien bases for days at a time.


tall white aliens photo

Others entered and even flew in their craft. Over the years, hundreds of clear photographs, voice recordings and movies were taken, featuring some of the visitors themselves, but scores of these have been lost or are unavailable.

Because of the intense feelings of friendship engendered by the aliens in all whom they met, the name tall whites has come to be the principal one used for the overall contact experience. Spontaneously, people in other European countries used this same term in their own languages to describe what was happening.

The aliens themselves claimed to originate from a variety of planets of varying distances from Earth, and referred to themselves as the tall whites.

Professor Stefano Breccia, an engineer and university lecturer living in central Italy and himself deeply involved in the tall whites, has written the best known of these: Mass Contacts,3 With a foreword by Roberto Pinotti, General Secretary of the Italian UFO group Centro Ufologico Nazionale (CUN), the book is primarily the account of the leader of the Italian group: prominent theologian and psychologist Bruno Sammaciccia.

The significance of the tall whites is only just beginning to become apparent to UFO researchers. With hundreds of credible eyewitnesses and an abundance of supporting evidence. Tall Whites are simply in a league of its own as far as “alien” contact is concerned.

In my opinion, it is a major turning point in UFO research and will reverberate for years to come. Far more than any other case that I know of, it may be the equivalent of the Rosetta Stone that helps us put many pieces of the alien jigsaw puzzle into place.

In particular, UFO researchers will see strong evidence supporting the widespread belief that the United States government was contacted officially decades ago by an alien group offering to help us develop spiritually, provided that the US halt its nuclear weapons program.

A number of eyewitnesses and whistleblowers have long claimed that a meeting took place in February 1954, with President Eisenhower being secretly taken to Edwards Air Force Base in California and with other selected persons representing a spectrum of US society present.6 The US, of course, refused to halt its nuclear weapons program, but is also understood to have entered subsequently into treaties and agreements with other alien groups in exchange for advanced technology.

It appears that the Tall White aliens, usually referred to as “Nordics”, were the group who had made the offer to the US government, and therefore the timing of the Tall White contacts is interesting. It suggests that the Tall White, having been rebuffed officially, may have changed their strategy instead to take their message directly to ordinary, but also influential, humans in a wide number of places, beginning two years after the 1954 contact.
Over the course of four decades, the Tall White reportedly conveyed detailed information to the humans, who acted as an interface to spread their concepts among human society. The entire Tall White focus with their human friends was on morality, ethics and friendship—not on technology, which to them was very much secondary.

Tall White Aliens Photo

While there is much that will be familiar to the seasoned researcher, the writings that we have so far are a treasure trove of data and concepts to be mined. Scattered throughout the accounts is substantial information about the Tall White concepts of God, the Universe and the Earth’s history.
A number of claims are especially fascinating and perhaps, in some cases, amenable to verification.

tall white photo

Here is a real life Tall White Aliens Photo

One claim is of particular interest currently. In a 1967 conversation recorded by Breccia, a Tall White crew member mentioned to him that there is another star nearer to Earth than the Centauri stars. At first, the claim seems ridiculous, but scientists recently announced that NASA’s WISE infrared telescope, launched in December 2009, may be close to discovering a brown dwarf star—a binary companion to the Sun—suspected of influencing comets, asteroids and outer planetoids in our solar system.

Another, much publicised, claim concerns the clear, daytime photograph in Breccia’s book of one of the Tall White aliens, casually dressed (see photograph above). The picture was taken by Sammaciccia in the grounds of his villa and shows what is claimed to be an alien by the name of Kenio, who stood as much as three metres (nearly 10 feet) tall! An analysis of the colour image appears to confirm the height. Not all the Tall White aliens were of that height, incidentally: some were even taller, while others were much shorter than an average-height human.
To date, Breccia’s book remains the most accessible source of information on the case and, despite editing shortcomings, it also manages to capture the personalities and sense of humour of those involved, humans and aliens alike. A favourite passage of mine, for example, describes the second physical encounter with some of the aliens in an arranged meeting. It was a spring evening in 1957, in the woods near an old castle near the town of Ascoli Piceno in the central east coast Marche region of Italy.

Bruno Sammaciccia relates:

We were met by the three newcomers-, they approached us, smiling … the first thing Romolo |the name given to one of the aliens| told me, in perfect Italian, was-. “Our dear friends, what were you expecting? To see monsters? Look how handsome we are!”. Much of Sammaciccia’s account centres on Dimpietro, the tall white commander of the main base in Italy. He claimed to have lived at various places on Earth since at least the 17th century and had adapted well to such earthly pleasures as drinking wine and coffee and smoking cigars. When meeting Sammaciccia’s wife Raffaela for the first time, Dimpietro sat on the floor of their apartment kitchen to avoid frightening her with his height. Like others of the alien team, in his long stay here he had mastered not only Italian but also its various dialects and cultural intricacies.


A long history of alien interest

The overall picture painted over four decades of Tall White contacts is a complex one. There are alliances of worlds. There are good, highly ethical, aliens and there are bad aliens. There are some whose agenda is strictly scientific and dispassionate. One group has a particular interest in studying insects, which apparently are a rare form of life in the Universe. Most are physical beings but some are interdimensional, incorporeal entities, such as the purpleskinned “Red” race who are not part of the Tall White group but are allies. Sammaciccia claimed to have interacted with them.

Sammaciccia and the others learned that the Tall White races are not the only visitors coming to Earth: at least six other alien groups are mentioned.

Central to the story are the Weiros—cloned biological robots that are essentially indistinguishable from humans and intent on their own agenda. They are essentially at war with the Tall White group. If their description and activities are any indication, the Weiros, or CTRs as they are usually referred to in Breccia’s book, will likely provide one answer to the “Men in Black” phenomenon. (“CTR” is a sort of acronym coined by Sammaciccia for contrari, or “contrary”).

There is also a definite hierarchy of beings in the Cosmos. The Tall White alien races themselves are overseen by another group which Sammaciccia called the UTI, although he did not record what this name means. The UTI also had human representatives working with them, including an Austrian General.
The visitors have been around since the beginning of the human experience, interacting with us and nudging us forward over aeons of time. According to the Tall White, they and other races have had roles interacting with Earth over untold ages, far longer than our science recognises. Their present mission here is to watch over Earth and our safety. I hope you enjoyed this “Tall White Aliens Photo” post!

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