Sergeant Clifford Stone Aliens Investigator

Sergeant Clifford Stone Aliens Investigator is a unique case among UFO witnesses and investigators. For 22 years, he was part of an elite, top-secret US military group that was rushed to crash sites to recover alien ships and their occupants. Since retiring from the Army, he has spent his time filing FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests to investigate government records. which intelligent life forms visit our planet, in vessels that are able to travel very quickly distances of several light years, breaking free from commonly accepted physical limitations. Moreover, he argues that the recovery of these ET vesselsand various artefacts, has enabled our government to make significant advances in science, which have enormous potential for improving our living conditions.

Like so many others, he reveals that this knowledge is buried deep in secret programs that escape Constitutional controls and guarantees, and that despite the end of the Cold War, those who master these ‘confidential projects’ ( black projects) made sure to confiscate these major discoveries in their own interests and for reasons known only to them.

Sergeant Clifford Stone Aliens Investigator testifies today to encourage citizens and our elected representatives to launch the necessary investigations, to put an end to these circumventions of the Constitution, and to succeed in exposing this powerful and camouflaged organization which acts under our noses and in our heavens.

Clifford Stone was born in Portsmouth, Ohio. He has very early memories of contact with ETs, and this connection continues today. At the age of eight, an Air Force captain befriended him, and this relationship continued until he entered adulthood. During the Vietnam War, he felt a need to enlist in the Air Force, but was dismissed due to a skin condition which earned him a 4F classification. It was his friend, the captain, who advised him to join the Army, and following a ‘benevolent’ medical examination, he was admitted to a job as a stenographer, 

On their arrival, they benefited from this friend’s accreditations to break into Pentagon basements, then they boarded a tram, and shortly after, arriving in a room, he had to know of circumstances which challenge the imagination. Her career has never been linear, and for a young recruit it was a sudden and unexpected dive into the deepest secrets of the country, namely that ETs are a reality, and that we manage to recover a lot of ships intact, as well as hundreds of ET artifacts around the world. Better still, we are able to understand most of their technologies and we have even retro-designed some ET devices After 22 years of working with ET machines, and ETs who remained alive, injured, or dead,

“Stone emphasizes that this practice of secrecy is unconstitutional and that it escapes the control of our elected representatives who are kept apart. In fact, we are dealing with a secret government, installed in the heart of our society, which has considerable assets, resources, and knowledge.
This illegal government operates out of all control, and without the approval of the Executive or Legislative bodies.
Mr. Stone’s courageous attitude, despite the resistance of the dark forces, is to bear witness in mainly claiming:

  • that those who are in the know recognize that the UFO (s) which have been observed by millions of people around the world are on the one hand alien craft, and on the other hand retro-designed vessels of terrestrial origin,
  • the dissemination of a mass of information and materials which demonstrate that intelligent life visits our planet, in collusion with several successive governments for decades,
  • that the information be published which will allow our Constitutional government to regain control of these strictly compartmentalized programs, in order to restore confidence in our system of government and military organizations,
  • finally, that pressure be exerted on our government so that it is brought to share, with its citizens and with the world, the truth about the existence of ETs and their technologies.

With this information, we can begin to envision our place in the universe and the kind of relationship we can have with another intelligent life. Sergeant Stone is the person who can provide us with the extraordinary proof that this extraordinary assumption calls for, and stimulate all those who are in a position to claim the share of the inheritance which is due to all mankind. 

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