Recent Pyramids Found In Antarctica

A YouTube video titled “Ancient Aliens: A Pyramid In Antarctica” offers an interesting tour of the Pyramids found in Antarctica. It gives idea to the viewers that human civilization started in Antarctica. The most interesting part for most UFO or extra-terrestrial enthusiasts could be towards the end of the video wherein pyramid at the Shackleton Mountain Range is being shown. The pyramid is very interesting especially that it has only recently been discovered on Google Maps, hidden from the eyes of the public.

However, the location of the pyramid is no longer in Google Earth. So what happen to the pyramid? Was it manipulated by hoaxers?

A couple of days after the news about the pyramid in Antarctica came out, another article about pyramid surfaced but this time in Area 51. This was again not known by the public before until it was found out in Google Map. It was a 3 sided pyramid that looked like a phased array radar. The catch about this pyramid is that it was very similar to the one discovered in Antarctica. However, the pyramid in Area 51 can’t be found anymore in the coordinate indicated in several reports.

Several reports speculated that the picture taken by Google Maps shows the pyramid was a fake one. But experts say that it is very clear that the supposed location of the pyramid has traces of alterations in Google Maps, meaning that the pyramid has been purposely hidden.

Pyramids Found In Antarctica

A Pyramid found in Antartica can quite clearly be seen with 3 sides, and another can be found by watching the video but has been removed from Google Maps for some reason?

pyramids found in antarctica


Area 51 Pyramid

Looks very similar to the Pyramid found in Antarctica, with the three sides but unfortunately has been removed just like the Pyramids found In Antarctica.


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