Real Tutankhamun’s Knife Is Just Space?

Real Tutankhamun’s Knife

When archaeologists found the tomb of  the real Tutankhamun, and recovered ancient artifacts, their attention was especially attracted by a knife. It was different from the weapons and metal objects of that era that were found earlier. Superficial analysis showed that the knife used materials that are extremely rare on Earth. Further study of the knife only confirmed the theory: the metal of the knife is of extraterrestrial origin.

real tutankhamun

Find In 1925, the British archaeologist Howard Carter discovered two daggers hidden under the burial robes of the pharaoh. For a long time, the find was not recognized in the world scientific community, since such products simply did not occur in ancient Egypt. The real Tutankhamun was mummified more than 3,300 years ago, and the technology to obtain similar materials was developed only in the Middle Ages.

real tutankhamun


The composition of iron needed to be checked. In order not to damage the material, Italian and Egyptian scientists resorted to non-invasive x-ray technology. Thus, they were able to establish the exact composition of the alloy. The main author of the study, Daniela Komeli, says that the results of the analysis surprised everyone, since they clearly indicated the extraterrestrial origin of the blade. Meteorite iron is significantly different from the earth’s high nickel content – this was the starting point for scientists.

real tutankhamun

Accurate information

Most importantly, there is no chance of error. The technique used to analyze the blade is called X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy. With its help, you can get comprehensive data on any archaeological find, which allows researchers to identify its elementary components as accurately as possible.

real tutankhamun

Meteorite search

Extensive research has established that meteorites often fell on the Red Sea coast in Egypt. One of the heavenly wanderers was discovered three hundred kilometers from Alexandria. Scientists have found that the level of nickel and cobalt in this meteorite was similar to that contained in the royal blade.

real tutankhamun

Advanced civilization

A logical conclusion follows from the work of Daniel Komeli: the Egyptians not only knew that iron alloys were falling from the sky, but also knew how to use them to create weapons. The real Tutankhamun’s dagger is made very high quality, which indicates a high level of Egyptian skill in processing iron.

That is, back in the 13th century BC, two thousand years before the birth of Western civilization, the Egyptians already had an incredible level of knowledge. Did some kind of alien presence help the Egyptians? Did the Egyptians make the dagger by themselves?  Information of this kind is tightly closed from the whole world by the British, and Americans. Could this finding have been an accidental leak?

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