Area51Aliens: Aliens And UFOs At Area 51


Area51Aliens can be found Eighty-three miles north-northwest of Las Vegas in southern Nevada in the highly secretive Area 51. The area is a facility located within the Nevada Test and Training Range and an isolated facility of Edwards Air Force Base. While the purpose of the area is a super-secret, it is believed that it supports on the development and testing of advanced aircraft and weaponry. Perhaps, its most popular alleged purpose is to house aliens that may have captured or crashed many years ago.

Boyd Bushman claimed he was working in Area 51. Bushman has great reputation as an engineer for Lockheed Martin and Texas Instruments. He died earlier this year at age 78. But before his death, he chronicled his role at Area 51 on a video shot by aerospace engineer Mark Q. Patterson. The video was posted on video sharing site YouTube on October 21.

The deathbed video was already removed on YouTube because of Chris Mooney’s copyright challenge. The exact details on the removal are not available and it is not clear what Mooney’s affiliation with the story.

In the video, Bushman reveals his knowledge about alien travel to Earth from their home planet and presents several photographs of Area51Aliens. Bushman details that these aliens utilized their extraterrestrial technology that enabled them to travel from their home planet to Earth in just 45 minutes. Their home is 68 light-years away and it is called Quintumnia.

As described by Bushman, the aliens are around 5 feet tall, with long fingers, web-like toes and 3 cartilage backbones. They communicate through telepathy among themselves and with humans.

Skeptics of course question the intent of Bushman and the images. However, Bushman managed to pass a lie detector test in 2008 about his involvement with alien anti-gravity technology, examination of extraterrestrial aircraft, and alien interactions. Bushman claimed he received death threats, the reason it took him long before he disclosed this information.

Bushman held 26 U.S. patents while working at Lockheed Martin and European Theater Tactical Fighters. He developed electro-optical laser sensors and power systems as well as magnetic beam. While at Texas Instruments he was involved with developments of GPS systems, Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR), tank mounted, and smart laser-guided bombs.

The extraterrestrials themselves used 38 feet across saucer-shaped craft to travel towards Earth from their home planet. For the most part in the video, Bushman claims that the aliens he met were friendly but some of them were not. He explains that 19 people died in trying to defend themselves against aggression from aliens. Bad aliens were known to be rustlers while the good ones were labeled as wranglers.

The secrecy of Area 51 has been sworn by thousands of employees of Area 51. It has been known that secrecy is needed for the weapons and planes for national security purposes. However, many have doubts if that is the only reason of secrecy. Many have come forward claiming to have worked with extraterrestrial ships and aliens at the site. It has been thought that employees at the site are transported routinely back and forth in unmarked Boeing 737s.

While the revelation done by Boyd Bushman associating Area 51 with aliens is not new, it however does provide the story some credence. His association with the site and his background can’t be denied. Furthermore, as a dying man, there’s nothing much to gain from a public release of the story.

Trappist 1g Possible Habitable Planet

With much hype, the United States Space Agency, better known as NASA, gave a press conference where they presented their latest and most relevant findings Trappist 1g: a planet very similar to ours just 40 light years away . Although this discovery, according to NASA researchers, indicates that there could be water and oxygen on these seven planets, the real question is: Could there be life on these planets?

Trappist 1g

NASA scientists said they do not yet have enough technology to ensure that there is life on Trappist 1g planet, but the similarity to Earth opens up this possibility. However, it is a bit strange that the Space Agency gives such importance to this discovery. For starters, it is not the first time that an Earth-like planet has been discovered. There are some stars, such as Jupiter’s moon Europa, which have long been known to have water. So what is the real novelty of this planet?

The constellation Aquarius, where the planet of Trappist 1g is located, has been considered by ancient civilizations, such as the Greeks and Sumerians, as the planet of the water bearer. The fact that this planet has precious vital liquid, is not a surprise to those who know about the relationship between the aliens and us.

For many, the Aquarian age, which we have been entering since 2000, is an era where humans will begin a new tune of vibration and many positive changes will come for our planet.

Is it just a coincidence that the Trappist 1g water planet, comes from the constellation Aquarius? Or is it that as predicted hundreds of years ago, we are entering the age of Aquarius and will soon make contact with our brothers on other planets? What Alien race will we get to meet? The Tall Whites, the reptilians,  the greys, the insectoids?

Real Tutankhamun’s Knife Is Just Space?

Real Tutankhamun’s Knife

When archaeologists found the tomb of  the real Tutankhamun, and recovered ancient artifacts, their attention was especially attracted by a knife. It was different from the weapons and metal objects of that era that were found earlier. Superficial analysis showed that the knife used materials that are extremely rare on Earth. Further study of the knife only confirmed the theory: the metal of the knife is of extraterrestrial origin.

real tutankhamun

Find In 1925, the British archaeologist Howard Carter discovered two daggers hidden under the burial robes of the pharaoh. For a long time, the find was not recognized in the world scientific community, since such products simply did not occur in ancient Egypt. The real Tutankhamun was mummified more than 3,300 years ago, and the technology to obtain similar materials was developed only in the Middle Ages.

real tutankhamun


The composition of iron needed to be checked. In order not to damage the material, Italian and Egyptian scientists resorted to non-invasive x-ray technology. Thus, they were able to establish the exact composition of the alloy. The main author of the study, Daniela Komeli, says that the results of the analysis surprised everyone, since they clearly indicated the extraterrestrial origin of the blade. Meteorite iron is significantly different from the earth’s high nickel content – this was the starting point for scientists.

real tutankhamun

Accurate information

Most importantly, there is no chance of error. The technique used to analyze the blade is called X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy. With its help, you can get comprehensive data on any archaeological find, which allows researchers to identify its elementary components as accurately as possible.

real tutankhamun

Meteorite search

Extensive research has established that meteorites often fell on the Red Sea coast in Egypt. One of the heavenly wanderers was discovered three hundred kilometers from Alexandria. Scientists have found that the level of nickel and cobalt in this meteorite was similar to that contained in the royal blade.

real tutankhamun

Advanced civilization

A logical conclusion follows from the work of Daniel Komeli: the Egyptians not only knew that iron alloys were falling from the sky, but also knew how to use them to create weapons. The real Tutankhamun’s dagger is made very high quality, which indicates a high level of Egyptian skill in processing iron.

That is, back in the 13th century BC, two thousand years before the birth of Western civilization, the Egyptians already had an incredible level of knowledge. Did some kind of alien presence help the Egyptians? Did the Egyptians make the dagger by themselves?  Information of this kind is tightly closed from the whole world by the British, and Americans. Could this finding have been an accidental leak?

Dark Knight Orbiting Earth Satellite

A foreign dark knight orbiting earth satellite has orbited the earth; Some say for fifty years, some say less. The object, called the Black Knight, is believed by some to have extraterrestrial origins and to be over thirteen thousand years old. However, most academics believe it is just a conspiracy theory.

Dark Knight Orbiting Earth



















Nikola Tesla first reported hearing sounds from space in 1899, thinking they were signs of intelligent life. In 1968, astronomers discovered that he actually heard radio signals, but they were from pulsars in space.

In 1960, during the Cold War, Time Magazine also claimed that the US Navy was aware of a dark knight orbiting earth satellite with an unusual orbit with a height of 1,728 km and a danger of only 216 km. At first, they claimed it was a Soviet spy satellite, but later claimed it was just a US satellite that had broken orbit.

Black Knight Satellite reports resulted from unconfirmed stories, exaggerated reporters and exaggerated photographs. According to NASA astronaut Jerry Ross, the object is simply the result of an error.

In December 1998, the space shuttle Discovery was sent on a mission to make some adjustments to the International Space Station. The mission was to acquire the Russian ‘FGB’ module already in low orbit, attach it to the United States ‘Node 1’ in the payload compartment and carry out space tours to install the necessary equipment. Colonel Ross and Dr. James Newman were trying to install thermal blankets on the trunnion pins connected to the space station to reduce heat loss and save energy. The blankets were tied to Colonel Ross’s space vest, but when he tried to retrieve the second blanket, he accidentally lost it. Once he found out he was gone, he was too far away for astronauts to be able to retrieve him.

According to NASA, “during spacewalks, debris, small and large, is often thrown out of the station for convenience, although sometimes tools inadvertently slip off.” Such was the case in December 1998, when a slidewire wearer and a workplace interface were lost by the STS-88 crew while conducting an extravehicular activity for the ISS. These objects were large enough to be tracked by the SSN [Space Surveillance Network] and have been cataloged (US satellite numbers 25564 and 25565). Three other objects were also launched by the STS-88 spacewalkers, one inadvertently (an insulation blanket) and two by design (antenna spools), although only the first was officially cataloged.

In an interview conducted by James Oberg on October 15, 2014, Colonel Ross stated: “If we see something up there, we will be the first to ask questions and tell people that we have seen something we do not understand. Conspiracy theories are fun for those who work with them, but a waste of valuable brain power. “

Brazil Ovni Sightings History From 1955 to 2012

Brazil Ovni Sightings History

brazil ovni

The Brazil Ovni phenomenon is nothing new, since ancient times our planet has had contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. Direct contact was lost because we were in a prison planet, enclosed in a dimension of illusory space and time, where we fight for our survival in a hostile environment, compatible with our stage of evolution. We are a civilization indebted for not having learned to love in the past. But the world is changing, we are at the end of a cycle, where the planet will once again belong to the Confederation Intergalactic, allowing contact with other extraterrestrial civilizations to be limited. General contact is next. We are in the process of awakening. Sightings are part of this process. Today, with the incredible technological evolution of the planet, it is even difficult to know what is extraterrestrial or technology of own land, because in secret, certain nations of the Earth have already received technological help from extras. This explains, in part, the sensational technological advance of the 20th century.

1954, October, 26 – first public statement in history in which the Brazilian Government recognizes officially the existence of Brazil Ovnis. The event was reported by reporter João Martins in the edition of November 27 from Cruzeiro Magazine. On October 26, the Air Zone Base Command released to the press the detailed report regarding Brazil Ovni sighting in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

on October 16, Brigadier Gervásio Duncan, head of the May State of Aeronautics (EMAER) had read the press 5 of the 16 reports sent by the 5th Zone. The first had been seen on 12/12/54 in Pelotas, by the Commander of the Fire Brigade, Lieutenant Adil Quites, in addition to his family and soldiers, starting a series of sightings in the same fortnight.

1954, November, 2 – For the first time in history, an official meeting, open to the public and military authorities on the subject of the UFO theme, due to the numerous sightings. THE Conference of Colonel Adil Oliveiram Head of the Air Force Chief Information Service, at Escola Superior de Guerra, in Rio de Janeiro. More information

1955 – Publication of the book “A Vida no Planeta Marte”, by Ramatis, psychographed by Hercilio Maes.

1957, November – sighting of ships on Trindade Island, with records from the Military Brazilians. President JK himself takes note of the matter.

1960, April. The Melhoramentos Edition launches the book “Discos Voadores”, by J. Escobar Faria, founder of Flying Saucer Research Center of São Paulo.

1967, November – UFOS appearance at Fazenda Rio do Ouro (“Chapadinha”) in Alexânia (GO) to members of a parapsychology group.

On March 13, 1968, General Uchôa, meets with the Yogarin being beginning a new period of research on Extraterrestrial studies, aided by the Great White Brotherhood. 1969, February, 6 – Important case of abduction occurred in Pirassununga-SP, researched even by

1969, February, 6 – Important case of abduction occurred in Pirassununga-SP, researched even by
Brazilian Aeronautics. The object was even spotted by residents.

1969, March – After numerous sightings, the Brazilian Aeronautics creates the System of Identification of Unidentified Aerial Objects (SIOANI), something unprecedented in the world at the time, in a public and official character. SIOANI was supervised by Brigadier José Vaz da Silva. The nucleus was closed in 1972, within the policy American cover-up of Brazil Ovni phenomena.

1977, September-December – Sensational UFO case, officially registered, “Operation Dish”. At
Ilha dos Colares, at the mouth of the Amazon River, where flying objects experiment with the local population, who is in a panic. As if they were small injections, more than 80 people were attacked. Other locations from the region with sightings: Ilha dos Caranguejos, Baía do Sol, Rio Guajará (near Belém). Were
registered, through radar, flights across the Amazon, to Bolivia, as if it were a survey aerophotogrammetric. A military mission, with about 40 men, heads to the scene to find out. Colonel Uyrangê de Hollanda of the FAB (Brazilian Air Force), 20 years later, dies after two months after the report confirming the presence of beings in the region. There was a report with more than 500 photos, 4 films. Due to panic, the population of the island, which was 10 thousand, changes to 1 thousand. Part of official documents were released for public consultation.

1979 – Organization of the 1st International Ufology Congress, in Brasília. A little earlier, the
first Ufology Congress in São Paulo. The second Intermacional Congress is also organized
in Brasilia, in 1983.

1981, May – Case of Russian Orbital Station Salyut 6. Contact with extras.

1982, February, 8 – Vasp flight 169. UFO sighted for an hour by 150 passengers.

1982, March 6 – Sighting of a cigar-shaped ship, detected by radar, passing over
from 300 cities, it is even seen by the crowd, on a match day, of the Morenão stadium in Campo Grande.

1983 – In December, NASA’s Iras telescope sees a new planet. In October 1988, after 5 years
of studies, astronomer Robert S. Harrington, of the US Naval Observatory, based on this discovery,
publishes its possible route in the Astronomical Journal. The planet approaches and moves away from the Earth, every 3,600 years. The Sumerians called the planet Nibiru, “the one that crosses”.

1984 – Beginning of the transformation of the Planet. Our planet will cease to be a prison, moving on to the process regeneration. Beginning of the hygiene and selection process for future inhabitants.

1986, May, 19 – Senasacional case of the “Official UFOS Night”. The Minister of Aeronautics at the
then Brigadeiro Otávio Júlio Moreira Lima officially admitted publicly that 21 Brazil Ovnis of 100 meters in diameter invaded Brazil’s airspace. Phenomenon was detected by 50 radars in distinct locations.

1988, in March – Foundation of Revista UFO, the oldest publication of its kind, in Brazil and in the world, in
circulation in 2014.

1994 – On the 30th of January. Landing of a Nave in the city of Limeira, widely publicized. on one
Sunday night, repeating on Monday. Descent from the Nave right in the city center. A lot of people in
the city noted the fact. There was Black-out. In the southern region of the city of Limeira. Bairro Jardim Planalto, one of the highest points. 10:30 pm. Countless calls to the police. Blue and red lights doing a show
air. “It looked like a cane field on fire in the air.” The object slowly disappeared over the horizon after 40
minutes of observation. On Monday night another appearance and a 27-minute Black-out.

1996, Jan, 20 – Case of Varginha. Ship crash. Initially 3 girls spot two creatures brown eyes with red eyes, which are caught. Dozens of people viewed the creatures. One of the bodies go through the city hospital to be treated when captured by a young police officer.

1997, December – Organization of the 1st World Ufology Forum, held at the Temple of Good Will, in
Brasilia. The second event was organized in Curitiba.

2004 – Revista UFO starts campaign for the Government to open secret files on cases

2005, November – Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer defends the thesis that the Brazil Ovni phenomenon should be searched publicly. It also accuses the United States of covering up the facts. Served as minister of Defense in the period 1963-1967. “Flying saucers are as real as airplanes that fly over our heads. ”

Speech at the University of Toronto on 25/09/2005.

2008 – After denying the existence of the visit of extraterrestrials on Earth, causing the delay in the awakening of awareness of the population, governments are beginning to partially open files on the study of UFO phenomena. Initially in England in 2008, followed by France (2009) and Brazil (2010). 2008 – The city of Peruíbe enters the UFO tourism route, after residents, among others sightings, spot a red object in the sky. Other known sighting points in the country: Sul de Minas, Barra do Garças (MT), Caçapava do Sul (RS), Ilha dos Colares (PA), Chapadas da Bahia, Serra das Belezas (RJ). 2010, August, 10 – following the claim of the Brazilian Commission of Ufologists (CBU), it is published in Official Gazette, Ordinance 551 / GC3, issued by the Air Force Commander, Brigadier Juniti Salto, officially recognizing the UFO phenomenon in Brazil.

2012, September – The IV World Ufology Forum is organized in Foz do Iguaçu. Issuance of the Foz Letter do Iguaçu, requesting the opening of secret government documents on the Brazil Ovni phenomenon. Later, the Ministry of Defense, on April 18, 2014. receives Ufologists to meet with members of the Armed Forces, Army, Navy and Air Force. An unprecedented event worldwide, a ministerial meeting with ufologists. A historic moment. “It is time for Ufologists to be served”.

2012, Dec, 7 – The Prime Minister of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, revealed that the country not only has
knowledge of the existence of extraterrestrials, but is also aware of their presence here on Earth.
Medvedev was Minister of Russia in the period 2008-2012.

Lost Subterranean City Of Derinkuyu

Have you ever been told stories of the lost subterranean city Of Derinkuyu? From mysterious passageways that lead to portals to other worlds?

lost subterranean city of derinkuyu

In this article you will get to know the lost subterranean city of Derinkuyu, the underground city located in Turkey. This place has complex structures that have confused more than one, since it seems built by beings from another world.

Millions of people say that aliens have visited us in the past . If so, did the aliens create Derinkuyu? Was it a dwelling place for ancient civilizations?

In the center of Turkey we find the Cappadocia region, a city of architectural wonders , with strange figures sculpted from earth and rock dwellings that inhabited ancient settlers.

This place borders on the north with the Black Sea and on the south with the Taurus mountain range. In 1963, a passageway was discovered that led to a very ancient underground city , over 85m deep, with 13 levels (each with ventilation) and 15,000 channels created for deeper spaces. We present to you Derinkuyu.

For being a civilization of years ago, the number of rooms it has is fascinating , it was able to easily house approximately 25 thousand people.

Also, numerous warehouses, religious centers, stables to store animals and even presses to make wine were found.

But the center of attention of this city is its facade based on earth and rocks. However, the rock was weak and did not properly support the constructions, so it was necessary to reinforce with piles.

This indicates intelligence traits from a very ancient time and this could be due to the help of superior beings (Aliens?)

Who came up with the idea of ​​creating an underground city? Why would they want to live underground? There is no clear answer for these unknowns. However, experts believe that it was built to temporarily protect its inhabitants from possible invaders.

The truth is that there are many hypotheses and theories that revolve around this strange place.

One of them indicates that it was built in 800 BC and that its inhabitants were the civilization of the Phrygians, relatives of the Trojans.

Others point to the Itites, a race of warriors quoted in the Bible and who inhabited our planet centuries before. In order for this hypothesis to make sense, they explained that Derinkuyu could be much older, following the theory of ancient astronauts.

The Cappadocia region is part of the Zoroastrian empire, one of the oldest religions, focused on the encounter between good and evil, as well as the spiritual and human nature of man. His God and savior is Ahura Mazda and according to the sacred texts , this God will save humanity from a global cataclysm called “global ice age”

One of his prophets, named Yima, explains that Ahura Mazda had a multi-story underground city built to protect a specific group of animals and people during the global ice age.

In response to this prophecy, various climatologists objected that the last recorded ice age was 18,000 years ago and culminated 10,000 years BC.

It is believed that Ahura Mazda was actually an alien who was guiding the inhabitants of this land. A reptilian being who gave his followers technology to build their homes, that is, Derinyuku.

The holy books indicate that Ahura Mazda moved through the sky thanks to fire chariots (possible UFOs). Therefore, this leads us to conclude that the enigmatic city was built by beings from another planet to protect their human followers from some future catastrophe.

Perhaps these underground cities are the key to obtaining information on these specimens.

UFOs Come From An Alternate Parallel Universe

If you think the government has more information about UFOs from alternate parallel universe, you are not alone. In fact, you are part of the majority. Recent surveys reveal that 68 percent of people are convinced that governments are hiding the truth about the alien issue and 33 percent of all respondents said that UFOs came from other worlds. But almost as interesting as any government plot, which is why it is kept secret. Plot responses cover a wide range of possibilities: they would bring peace to the world, create chaos, offer advanced technology to the people, or perhaps want to enslave us.

UFO From Alternate Parallel Universe

But apart from the anonymous, politicians also feel a certain fascination for the extraterrestrial question. Therefore, when one of them becomes president, the first thing they do is inquire. For example, on the live TV show Jimmy Kimmel! In 2014, Bill Clinton revealed that, at the White House, he requested that the secret files for Area 51 and Roswell be examined. So it makes sense that the government is hiding the truth from us. Even so, many politicians and officials have publicly denounced that governments hide the existence of alien races on our planet, even cooperating with military and space agencies. And this was the case of the former French intelligence director Alain Julliet, who comes from

UFOs From An Alternate Parallel Universe

For the first time, a former director of the foreign intelligence agency (DGSE) of the French Republic, Alain Juillet, speaks without reserve of a subject which remains for many a massive plot: the UFO phenomenon and extraterrestrial life. With his vast experience, he promotes a pragmatic approach and an open mind to solve a mystery too important to be left to believers and dogmatic skeptics.

July is one of the relevant voices which, among politicians, scientists and the military, brings its point of view in a new documentary entitled “UFO: a matter of the States”, carried out by Dominique Filhol.

“There is a term that is repeated more and more often among specialists in the field,” sums up Filhol, marked since childhood by spectacular testimonies from members of his family who have observed inexplicable phenomena. “This is the idea of” non-human intelligence “. This term is interesting because it does not reject the extraterrestrial hypothesis, but it includes other theories on the nature of the phenomenon.”

French UFO Intelligence Director – Former French intelligence director says UFOs come from an alternate parallel universe.

The shooting of the documentary reinforced his convictions: the phenomenon became palpable. As he explains, he had the chance to record a meeting of the members of the SIGMA 2 commission which studies UFOs in a rigorous and scientific manner. The succession of testimonies and analyzes on UFOs reminds us that UFOs exist, at least as a subject of study, although their nature remains elusive.

And the former head of the French foreign intelligence agency shared some rather remarkable ideas on the UFO phenomenon. Alain Juillet was head of the General Directorate of External Security, which is similar to the CIA in the United States, between 2002 and 2003, as well as the chief of economic intelligence of the French Prime Minister for the next six years. Although he had not previously spoken publicly about the UFO phenomenon, the former officer wanted to reveal some really shocking data.

In addition to the documentary, Juillet was interviewed by the French magazine Paris Matc on the mystery of unidentified flying objects. At the start of the conversation, he explained that “when today we see inexplicable things, we know we can explain them tomorrow”. July went on to point out that the subject cannot be dismissed as nonsense since many UFO witnesses are credible people, such as military pilots and astronauts who have made specific reports on what they have seen.

“In the particular area of ​​UFOs, not to mention the people who see a flying saucer landing in a field, there are fighter pilots, astronauts, people who are anything but funny and report very precise sightings,” said July. “We must not say that they do not make sense, but only recognize that there are things that escape us.”

He also pointed out that these objects do not appear to obey the laws of physics and are apparently immune to gravity. To this end, July intrigued intriguingly that a nation is unlikely to develop such incredible vehicles because such a lead would have already been disclosed. Suggesting that UFOs could come from parallel worlds, he postulated that “we understand these phenomena much better through the prism of quantum physics than with that of current physics.”

“We know that the Americans have done a very serious study with a big budget to try to understand,” continued the former director of the DGSE. “And it seems that other great powers, in particular Russia and China, did the same, undoubtedly for the same reasons: to discover if there is something behind the UFO phenomenon which, technically speaking, can be interesting.”

UFO Intelligence Director – Former French intelligence director says UFOs come from an alternate parallel universe

Reflecting on how much of the UFO study has been conducted secretly by nations around the world, the former head of the intelligence agency offered an interesting perspective that he did not think the secret was really useful, for unless we find disturbing things and, so far, there has been no aggressive intent on these ships. Surprisingly, he also expressed the opinion that the world would quickly adapt to the reality of UFOs if such a revelation were made. He even predicted that in five years everyone will accept it as a commonplace phenomenon.

The truth is that it is quite surprising that the former director of intelligence dares to make such revelations and even give his opinion. Undoubtedly, many people believe that this type of public demonstration is simply a strategy to prepare the population for imminent extraterrestrial contact. Although it is also possible that they wish to present themselves as saviors at a time when the world is in the grip of the pandemic of coronavirus and thus to establish their medical centers in the whole world for the sole purpose of having controlled the ” cattle “that they will serve later. of food. Who knows, if we take for granted the theory that UFOs come from an alternate parallel universe, we can also accept the possibility that their “arrival”

What do you think of the revelation of the former director of the intelligence agency? Is this one more step for the first contact?

The c2019 q4 Comet From Another Star System

The first known comet c2019 q4 which came to visit us from another star system has unusual makeup, according to new research. This mysterious c2019 q4 comet from the depths of space provided an unprecedented opportunity for astronomers to compare him to the comets that formed around the Sun.

c2019 q4

New data suggests that it contains large amounts of carbon monoxide – a possible clue to where he was “born”. The results appear in two separate scientific articles published by Nature Astronomy.

In one of the documents, an international team led by Martin Cordiner and Stefanie Milam of the Goddard Space Flight Center of the American space agency (Nasa) in Greenbelt, Maryland, pointed the painting Atacama Large Millimeter / submillimeter Array (Alma) to the comet on December 15 and 16, 2019.

Alma consists of 66 antennas on the top of a mountain in Chile which observe the sky at wavelengths less than a millimeter.

In the other study, Dennis Bodewits of Auburn University in Alabama and his colleagues collected 2I / Borisov ultraviolet observations using the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) and the Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory.

Comets are made up of gas, ice and dust; they form swirling in the disc of matter which surrounds a star at the time of the birth of its planets. They can sow young worlds with the chemicals necessary for life and may have brought water to the beginning of the Earth.

The teams identified two molecules in the gas ejected by the comet: hydrogen cyanide (HCN) and carbon monoxide (CO).

HCN has already been detected in this interstellar c2019 q4 comet and is present in quantities similar to those found in comets in the solar system.

However, they were surprised to see large amounts of CO. The researchers using Alma for their observations estimated that the CO concentration of 2I / Borisov was between nine and 26 times higher than that of a medium comet in the solar system.

“This is the first time we have looked inside a comet from outside our solar system,” said Dr. Cordiner, “and it is radically different from most other comets we have seen before. “

Dr. Ye Quanzhi, an astronomer at the University of Maryland at College Park, called the results “very cool and surprising”.

The researcher, who was not involved in the studies, told BBC News: “We have learned in the past two months that Borisov is similar to the” dynamically new “comets in our solar system (ie say native comets that have formed at the edge of the solar system and tend to have a higher CO concentration), so a high CO abundance is expected [sort of], but such a high CO level (at least minus twice as high as the typical comets of the solar system) is very surprising – at least for me. “

He added: “It is nice to see that different teams of astronomers working at different wavelengths (Hubble in the ultraviolet, Alma on the radio) are able to confirm each other’s results”.

Carbon monoxide is common in space and is found inside most comets. But, for reasons that are not clear, there is a huge variation in the CO concentration in these frozen objects.

This could be partly related to where in a star system a comet formed. It can also be linked to the frequency with which the orbit of a comet brings it closer to its star and causes it to release its ice more easily evaporated.

Nevertheless, said Dr. Cordiner, “if the gases we observed reflect the composition of the birthplace of 2I / Borisov, it shows that it may have formed in a different way from our own comets in the solar system , in an extremely cold outer region of a distant planetary system. “

Dr. Milam commented: “The comet must have formed from a material very rich in CO ice, which is only present at the lowest temperatures in space, below -420F (-250C ). “

Dr. Cordiner added that Alma had previously observed disks of dust and gas – from which planets are formed – surrounding young, low-mass stars similar to the Sun.

“Many of these disks extend far beyond the region where our own comets would have formed and contain large quantities of extremely cold gas and dust. It is possible that 2I / Borisov originated from one of these disks bigger.”

Dr. Bodewits proposed a separate approach, claiming that the comet could have come from a red dwarf star, the most common type in the Milky Way galaxy. “These stars have exactly the low temperatures and luminosities where a comet could form with the type of composition found in Comet Borisov,” he said.

Based on its high speed (33 km / s; 21 miles / s), astronomers suspect that c2019 q4 or 2I / Borisov was projected out of its host system after a close encounter with a passing star or a giant planet.

It then spent millions or billions of years on a lonely journey through interstellar space before its discovery on August 30, 2019 by amateur astronomer Gennady Borisov.

Astronomers continue to study the intruder, and recent observations of the comet’s behavior suggest that it is fragmenting.

“I think Borisov split in two – HST observed the comet at two different times and the two showed the rupture,” said Ye Quanzhi. “Our follow-up observation (led by Qicheng Zhang of Caltech) was made a few days after the initial discovery and apparently showed some development of the event – it appears that one of the fragments was reduced to a drop of dust. “

c2019 q4 is only the second interstellar object to be detected in our solar system.

The first, known as “Oumuamua”, was discovered in October 2017, at that time, it was already at the top of our cosmic quarter. Although initially classified as a comet, it did not show any sign of the gas and dust explosions characteristic of these objects (and observed in 2I / Borisov).

A study published earlier in Nature Astronomy suggested that Oumuamua, which has a very elongated shape like a cigar, could be a splinter from a planet torn apart by the gravity of its host star.

UFO Over Russia Discovered By Russian Astrophysicist

An alleged Russian astrophysicist said in 1979 that he had detected the remains of an alien UFO over Russia.

UFO over Russia

Controversial case: Impressive statements by the alleged Soviet astrophysicist Sergei Boshich in 1979 say that a broken extraterrestrial ship would be found floating in our Earth orbit (it would have identified 10 large pieces). Boshich concluded that the plane was destroyed in 1955 by an explosion. The political authorities can hide this conclusion.

However, there is controversy in this case. The existence of Sergei Boshich as an astrophysicist in the Soviet Union has not been confirmed. This could indicate that this report was a sham or that they censored it.
Extraterrestrial UFO over Russia, and in orbit: mysterious and controversial reports
Despite this controversy, other experts have corroborated the conclusion of this alleged astrophysicist, mainly Aleksandr Kazantsev, a Soviet scientist and science fiction writer. Several media reported this case in 1979, starting with National Enquirer and Reveille.
Both are known to be more tabloid-oriented tabloids. It is a sign that it could be a farce, or perhaps it is only in these two tabloids that the political powers wanted to publish the affair and not reveal it as an absolute fact.
“Extraterrestrial bodies are still on board”
Aleksandr Kazantsev said the plane was nearly 70 meters long and 30 meters wide … that it had “small domes that housed telescopes” and “satellite dishes”. Surprisingly, he also reportedly said, “We believe foreign bodies are still on board.”
Sergei Boshich identified 10 pieces of this alleged extraterrestrial ship destroyed on December 18, 1955. In these first reports, the Soviet scientist and ufologist Dr Vladimir Azhazha was also quoted as ruling that the remains came from a meteor.
The discovery aroused the interest of Western astronomers, but the Russians would have been very secret. NewScientist magazine reported that western astronomers hadn’t detected this debris of a UFO over Russia.

Based on a 1969 “mini-moons” study?
New Scientist also said that this story could be based on the study of scientist John Bagby published in the journal Icarus in 1969, where it shows the alleged discovery of “10 mini-moons” orbiting the Earth.
These mini-moons would have separated from a single large object on December 18, 1955 (the same date established by Sergei Boshich). However, astronomer Jean Meeus refuted Bagby’s study by saying that his testimony was false (is it true?).
However, according to the report, there was cooperation between the United States, the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union to investigate and recover the remains of this alleged extraterrestrial spacecraft. It is also theorized that the USSR may have fabricated this discovery as a smoke screen to confuse the United States (the Cold War was still active).
This case of 10 pieces of an alien spacecraft orbiting the Earth is very mysterious. It may have been a sham on the part of the National Enquirer and Reveille, but it is strange that these media have published on astronomy. Perhaps the information was addressed to them by the political elite, in order to reveal a little, but in a sinister and confused way.

The first 4 words alone sum up the subject “A suspected Russian astrophysicist”.

“Boshich concluded that the plane had been destroyed in 1955 by an explosion”:
– How does he know?
– Did he see the explosion and where is the evidence?

“Aleksandr Kazantsev said that the plane was almost 70 meters long and 30 meters wide”:
– Where are the photos of these elements?
– How can he determine the overall dimensions of the object?

“Sergei Boshich identified 10 pieces of this alleged extraterrestrial ship”:
– How did he identify them and with what?

“Several media reported this case in 1979”:
– Which ?
– Why did they wait so long?

Many speakers and many questions to which we have no answers.
As no proof is provided then necessarily it’s secret defense, another fake news which we would have done well!

Is the USSPACECOM to protect us?

US Space Command (USSPACECOM) is the most up to date of the eleven brought together orders in the Department of Defense (DoD). It expands the capacity of the Joint Force to extend force and impact, decreases choice courses of events for space tasks, and carries centered regard for protecting U.S. interests in space. Setting up USSPACECOM is a basic advance in quickening the capacity of the Joint Force to guard indispensable national interests and discourage enemies.


But is the purpose of the United States Space Command truly to protect us from other nations or is it’s true purpose to protect us from aliens?

USSPACECOM is incidentally headquartered at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, with extra faculty and capacities at Schriever AFB, Colorado, Offutt AFB, Nebraska, and Vandenberg AFB, California.

General John “Jay” Raymond, is the administrator, USSPACECOM just as Chief of Space Operations for the United States Space Force, filling in as the senior leader of all space bound together military powers.

USSPACECOM is unmistakable from and correlative to the proposed U.S. Space Force. As an Armed Force, the U.S. Space Force will sort out, train, and prepare space powers. As a Combatant Command, USSPACECOM effectively utilizes allocated powers from every one of the military administrations to achieve coordinated missions in the space area.

The USSPACECOM has four main purposes:

  • Debilitate Aggression/Conflict: USSPACECOM strengthens our national avoidance through the game plan of room warfighting decisions that ensure U.S. besides, related advantage, advance security and dauntlessness.
  • Gatekeeper U.S./Allied Interests: If demoralization crashes and burns, USSPACECOM, as a group with related and joint force specialists and between office accessories, will lead the protection and obstruction of our solidified focal points in the space region.
  • Pass on Space Combat Power: Centered around sparing and stretching out space fight ability to engage joint and combined force accomplishment.
  • Make Ready and Lethal Joint Warfighters: will improve the progression of joint space assignments forces and capacities to redesign space warfighting arrangement and lethality while reviving the compromise of room limits into other warfighting powers.

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