Close encounters with Ray Stanford

Ray Stanford is a unique character in international ufology. He was the first to develop an instrumental and technological investigation of the UFO phenomenon. In four decades he has obtained more than 40 films or series of photographs of unidentified flying objects. He is currently a notable discoverer of traces of new dinosaur species.

Back then, naturally, I was already familiar with Ray Stanford’s ufological history, his publications, books and activities. Born in 1938 and a native of the state of Texas, he has been an early ufologist since his most extreme youth. He has a wife named Sheila. In his teens he was fascinated by George Adamski’s contact stories and became an enthusiastic believer, until he soon realized that all of Adamski’s claims were false and his photographs were crude montages. Despite the discovery of the frauds that contained the teachings of Adamski, his narratives of space travel, contacts with beings from the planet Venus and his photographs, his interest in UFOs did not decline, on the contrary.

Stanford is quite a character. Without higher academic training, only basic high school education and a couple of college level physics courses, he is a true self-taught, an avid reader and has acquired extraordinary knowledge in technical subjects such as photography or physics, being a renowned expert in meteorites, paleontology and paleo-ichthyology. Ray and his twin brother Rex , an award-winning college graduate and professor of psychology, are highly intelligent people. Ray ratio reaches 155 in test intelligence Stanford-Benet(it is not a joke). This probably explains why he has spent a lifetime exploring new currents of research, many of them markedly unorthodox, and ranging from the most controversial (psychic exploration, channeling ) to the purely scientific. At present he maintains a skeptical position in many matters in which common ufologists believe at face value, such as the Roswell myth or the sensational photographs of Gulf Breeze, McMinnville, etc.

Ray Stanford maintains a long history of UFO observations, most recorded with a camera and in the presence of other witnesses. As for the UFO photographic record, in the form of a series of photographs or color films, Ray has photographed or filmed, between 1954 and 1969, seven such incidents. He could only explain one of those observations, when it came to the aborted launch of a rocket launched at the Vandenberg base (California) and that Ray photographed from Arizona. By the way, the late atmospheric physicist James McDonald , who studied the case in depth, told him that his two photos of the light ring were the most beautiful of all those taken from that phenomenon.

Detection and monitoring instruments from Project Starlight International , Austin, Texas (1974).
In fact, after his initial and misguided youth experiences, Ray’s interest in UFOs endured, moving toward a technological and instrumental approach to unidentified flying objects. (This article is not intended in any way to be a biography of Stanford, therefore I will not review many aspects of his life and activities, including the rich variety of UFO sightings he has experienced over the years.) From 1972 to 1974, Stanford was fortunate to find some wealthy patrons who allowed him to finance the instrumental equipment of the Project Starlight International.(International Starlight Project), originally founded in 1964. Stanford spent the not inconsiderable sum of more than two million dollars on equipment and facilities, including electronic, optical, magnetic and gravitational material, which was installed in a field laboratory. near Austin, Texas. All this set had mobile capacity, with the exception of the radar unit. Its objective was the detection of any signal emitted by a UFO phenomenon.

The most sensational claim that Stanford maintains is that the PSI managed to detect and record not only optical images of UFOs but also spectra of their light, sounds, magnetic and gravitational effects and other phenomena associated with the UFO presence captured from their observatory. The Project, which grew to have six full-time salaried employees and more than twenty volunteers available on a phone call, was active in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona until 1985, producing a bountiful harvest in the form of various daytime movies, one movie nocturnal and ten different series of photographs of strange flying objects, obtained by Ray or by other members of the PSI team, both in its permanent location and in other locations.

In February 1986, due to a concatenation of complex circumstances, Ray privatized the Project and moved to Maryland, in the vicinity of the Washington, DC belt, where his wife has an important job at the Goddard Space Flight Center of the POT. Since the PSI ended its activities, in the last eighteen years it has been gifted by numerous opportunities to observe and film UFOs in broad daylight and to achieve series of high-resolution photographs, episodes occurred in different settings and never alone. These events have yielded no less than a total of thirty films and series of photos, to add to its not inconsiderable past heritage!

All of the above puts Ray Stanford in a perspective that I partially admit. My role in this essay is not to judge or analyze experiences or the evidence provided by him. But the surprising thing is that all this material has not yet been subjected to any independent scientific scrutiny (at the moment it has just started), hence no one can currently offer a diagnostic comment about his photos and films that is considered a definitive scientific verdict.

Certainly Ray Stanford has developed a body of theory whereby unidentified aerial objects with structural details that he has observed and filmed show evidence of exotic physics, generating electromagnetic and gravitational phenomena. He has expressed his willingness to cooperate with independent investigators and, in my view, he should be allowed the opportunity to express his findings, in a manner and manner that others can carry out the necessary verifications to draw independent conclusions about the nature and meaning of images recorded on film. This is a challenge that cannot be ignored.

That Stanford has a natural eye ability for recognition that scratches the extraordinary, no one can deny. Inspecting ancient stream beds in Prince George’s County, Maryland, he discovered the earliest known dinosaur footprints from the Mesozoic (Lower Cretaceous) period. He is also a discoverer of dinosaur footprints, pterodactyls, mammals, crocodiles, chelonians, and anurans that date back a whopping 112 million years.

Ray Stanford in his peculiar domestic museum.
Scientific journals such as Ichnos have published works where Stanford signs the description of his discoveries in the company of distinguished scientific personalities, such as Dr. Robert Weems of the US Geological Survey and Professor of Geology Dr. Martín Lockley, from the University of Colorado. In fact, following one of their findings, a new footprint classification has been created, the new genus Hypsiloichnus ( hypsilofodontide footprint) and the new species marylandicus (from Maryland). It is a new family of footsteps, front and rear, of a type of dinosaur unknown until now

Among many others, Ray has also found “antediluvian” impressions of the passage of sauropods, the first found east of the Mississippi River and, like the others, exhaustively photographed. Specifically, these are hand and foot prints of a pre-adolescent sauropod brachiosaurus of just 36 centimeters in length called Astrodon johnstoni by experts. Many of these rocks imprinted with prehistoric footprints accumulate in the living room of the Stanford house – a 115-year-old mansion that thus resembles a true museum – so many that the hundreds of kilos of fossil weight has made it advisable to review the foundations of the building.

All this adds even more uniqueness to the figure of Ray Stanford, who, on November 6, 2004, was one of the invited speakers at the annual conference of the German group MUFON-CES, which was held in the German city of Frankfurt. . In the course of it, he developed the theme “Magneto-metric, gravito-metric and optical phenomena in daytime UFO encounters”. On the occasion of his trip to Europe, we agreed to meet at a hotel in the Bavarian countryside, near Feldkirchen-Westerham, where Ray was to stay the day after his talk for a meeting with several members of the organizing organization. Set in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by soft grassy hills and groves with autumn-tinged leaves, the setting seemed very suitable for a quiet gathering.

The final summary of this swift examination of part of his vast graphic material indicates that the evidence in images of alleged UFO phenomenology provided by Ray Stanford shows apparently fascinating anomalies that cry out for a thorough analysis and independent study by the most qualified staff. Apparently, some aerospace engineers who have examined the Stanford footage have stated that they contain – nothing less – than “propulsion diagnostic elements.”

Upper Nasal Cavity Mystery Implant Recovered

Without doubt one of the most strangest physical things we ever came across was a mysterious implant recovered from the upper nasal cavity of Mrs Elaine Waite, from the London area, and later examined under the Electron Microscope, revealing some stunning images.

The fact, that Elaine has a background of numerous UFO / Paranormal experiences going back many years, does not reinforce any view that what was recovered owes its origin to any Alien’ Implant’- we feel that such considerations would not be proper under the circumstances, taking into consideration the hype attached to the subject.

The hope that such ‘implants’ when first discovered would offer irrefutable evidence of an interaction between an Alien species, and the human subject, (confirming the Abduction Process itself) has sadly not come up to expectations.

Prior to, relating the circumstances in which the subject herself recovered the ‘object’, it is of much value to outline briefly the catalogue of unexplained events, which took place prior to the discovery made by Mrs Elaine Waite (who is to be commended for her courage in revealing her identity).

It began for her in 1969,when she was living with her parents in Greenford, West London, during an early morning visit to the bathroom, when she noticed an ‘Orange Ball of Light’ hovering over the house some twenty five feet off the ground which at first she thought to be a reflection, but on closer examination realised that this Orange Ball seemed in some way to be Alive.

She admits she was so frightened she wet herself. The  following morning she told her parents what had happened, they dismissed it as a dream, but couldn’t understand why there was a wet patch on the carpet floor?

Over the following   years Elaine experienced various medical problems, including a blood disorder, which the Doctors were unable to diagnose together with the appearance of a number of strange bruises and lumps in her pelvic region.

upper nasal cavity implant

During the mid 90’s she began to experience vivid dreams, including the stereo typed ‘Abduction scenarios, and the discovery of small watery blisters in a triangular pattern on her chest.

upper nasal cavity implant

On the 14th of May 1997, after experiencing considerable discomfort in her upper nasal cavity, Elaine blew her nose into a tissue and noticed what looked like a tiny piece of metal.

Realising that this was something highly unusual she placed the object into a sealed container where it was eventually hand delivered to a University in the UK, where it was examined under the Electron Microscope.

–Subsequent Energy Dispersive X-Ray (EDX) analysis could only detect hydrocarbon (plastic) with no presence of hydrogen or chlorine.

What astounded us was the size of the ‘fragment’ and its most peculiar shape, convex at its one end with a ‘hook’ at the other, illustrating that tiny objects like this hardly perceptible to the human eye exist. Obviously we cannot say with any conviction that the recovery of such an object could be deemed as evidence of any Alien implant, but remain fascinated as to its origin and the circumstances surrounding its recovery!

Trindade Island UFO Photo Report

Title: Trindade Island UFO

trindade island ufo

Date of Information: 21-27 Feb 1958

Serial No: 39-58

Date of Report: 11 March 1958

From: U.S. Naval Attaché, Rio de Janeiro

Evaluation 303


BRAZIL-Navy-Flying Saucer Photographed from ALMIRANTE SALDANHA
Encl: (1) Set of 4 Brazilian Navy photographs of subject.

1. Announcement. On 21 February, two of the leading newspapers in Rio de Janeiro printed photographs showing an alleged Trindade Island UFO photographed from Brazilian naval ship, ALMIRANTE SALDANHA, at approximately midday on 16 January 1958 while the ship was anchored off Trindade Island some 600 miles east of Rio de Janeiro. The ship at the time was engaged in research as part of Brazilian Navy participation in the International Geophysical Year.2. Photographer. The Trindade Island UFO photographs themselves were taken by a freelance (?) photographer, Almiro Baruna, using his Rolleiflex camera set at speed 125., lens opening 8, and were developed in a laboratory in ALMIRANTE SALDANHA. This gentleman has a long history of photographic trick shots and is well known for such items as false pictures of treasure on the ocean floor. Another time he prepared a purposely humorous article, published in a magazine, entitled “A Flying Saucer Hunted Me at Home,” using trick photography. Baruna, after the release of his latest “flying saucer” photographs, told the press that the Navy secret service had interrogated him for four hours concerning his photos. “The negatives were projected in large size on a screen. If there were any trick, the gigantic projection would have revealed it. After questioning by officers of the Estado-Maior, the Chief of the secret Service, the senior officer present said to me, ‘I am going to ask you a few questions. Don’t be offended because I don’t doubt the authenticity of your photos but I need to hear from you. If you were going to make a flying saucer appear on a negative, how would you proceed?’ ‘Commandante, I am an able photographer specialized in trick photography but not one would withstand close and accurate examination.'”3. Brazilian Navy Stand. Immediately after the photographs of the flying saucer were publicized, the Brazilian Navy refused to make any official statement confirming or denying the incident. However, proofs from the original negatives were sent to the other armed forces and the President via an officer-messenger who related the complete story. According to the press, the narration so impressed Mr. Kubichek that he became convinced of the veracity of the happening.On 24 February, three days after the photos were first publicized in the press, the Navy Ministry finally made an official statement: “With reference to the reports appearing in the press that the Navy is opposed to divulge the facts concerning the appearance of a strange object over Trindade Island, this Cabinet declares that such information has no basis. The Ministry has no motive to impede the release of photographs of the referred to object taken by _______ who was at Trindade Island at the invitation of the Navy, and in the presence of a large number of the crew of ALMIRANTE SALDANHA from whose deck the photographs were taken. Clearly, this Ministry will not be able to make any pronouncement concerning the object seen because the photographs do not constitute sufficient proof for such purpose.”4. Statements of SALDANHA Personnel. On the morning after the photos of the flying saucer were published in the press (February 22), the ALMIRANTE SALDANHA departed Rio to continue its mission in connection with the IGY. Two days later, however, the ship docked at Santos (February 24) for voyage repairs and this was the first chance that newspapermen had an opportunity to interview officers and men aboard. The Assistant Naval Attaché was in Santos at this time in connection with the visit of USCGS WESTWIND (Aluena Rio IR 36-58 of 10 March) and and had an opportunity to visit aboard. The commanding officer, Capitao-de-Mar-e-Guerra (CAPT) Jose Santos Saldanha de Gama, had not seen the object and was noncommittal. The executive officer also had not seen it but, arriving shortly thereafter, had formed the opinion that those on deck had seen it. The captain had reported that his secretary, a LCDR, had seen it but this officer when personally questioned avoided discussing the matter. Later, it was learned that the photographer was accompanied to the darkroom by an officer who waited outside the door while Baruna developed the negative alone.At the time of the official visit of the commanding officer of WESTWIND to ALMIRANTE SALDANHA, Capt. Saldanha de Gama freely discussed the flying saucer and showed the original proofs to the callers but again did not commit himself.5. Publicity. The press reports after the publication of the photographs covered a great deal of newspaper space for about a week, tending to prove or disprove the authenticity of Baruna’s photographs. DIARIO CARICCA reported that personnel of SALDANHA were under rigid orders of silence. O GLOBO published a story with photographs by photographer _________ of flying saucers (China) taken at Cabo Frio.Federal Deputy Sergio Magalhaws sent a note to the Navy Ministry on 27 February protesting the Navy’s failure to secure sworn statements of witness. “For the first time in flying saucer history, the phenomenon was attended by large numbers of persons belonging to a military force which give these latest photographs an official stamp. Threats to national security require official attention and action,” said the Deputy. In the middle of all the publicity, other “flying saucer” sighting reports came out including a naval officer who saw a flying saucer a month before sighting from SALDANHA off the coast of Espirito Santo. CO and crew of ATA TRIDENTE said flying saucer several days before SALDANHA sighting but kept information secret.

Preparing Officer’s Comments:

1. Most flying saucer stories are not worth wasting much time or effort, but this story apparently substantiated by official Navy photographs taken in the presence of large number of Navy personnel under closely controlled and almost ideal circumstances should have absolutely proved the existence of an unidentified flying object. Unfortunately, further investigation provided only frustration at every turning. A number of Brazilian Navy officers profess to believe the story implicitly but whether they have more information than we is unknown.2. There appear to be only two explanations for this peculiar incident:a) Some overwhelming power has told the Brazilian Navy not to officially verify Trindade Island UFO (which they should easily be able to do, if it occurred) nor to deny it (which they should easily be able to do, if it is a fake). I personally do not believe that anyone has told the Brazilian Navy to keep quiet about it because there has been no hint of such suppression in either Brazilian or U.S. circles; and also because I doubt their control of the individual officers and men is good enough to hold the line.b) The whole thing is a fake publicity stunt put on by a crooked photographer and the Brazilian Navy fell for it. This seems like the most likely considering Brazilians’ love from sensationalism and gossip, their well-known propensity for never letting the truth stand in the way of a good story, and general bureaucratic inefficiency.3. In addition, the photographs furnished by the Brazilian Navy are unconvincing. Details of the land are extremely sharp but the disc is hazy and has little contrast and shows no shadow effect. It also appears that the object was inverted in photograph 2 compared to 1 and 3. Also the papers have mentioned extremely high velocities and there appears to be no lateral blurring as would occur with any reasonable shutter speed.4. It is the reporting officer’s private opinion that a flying saucer sighting would be unlikely at the very barren island of Trindade, as everyone knows Martians are extremely comfort-loving creatures.

Prepared and forwarded:
S/M. Sunderland
Capt, USN.

The Blue Book files on this case also contain a dispatch from Rio de Janeiro of February 25, 1958, which stated that the Brazilian Navy Ministry confirmed the UFO sighting and photos as real. The dispatch stated:

The Brazilian Navy Ministry vouched today for the authenticity of the trindade island ufo photographs of a “flying saucer” taken recently aboard the Navy survey ship, Almirante Saldanha. Navy Minister Adm. _____ said after meeting with President Kubichek in the summer presidential palace at Petropolis, that he also vouched personally for the authenticity of the pictures.The Navy has a great secret which it cannot divulge because it cannot be explained,” the minister said.

“One would think that our own government would have enough diplomatic contacts in Brazil to confirm or deny officially the authenticity of the photographs. In any case, the Brazilian UFO photos remain in the Blue Book files under the listing of “Hoax.” Perhaps only the Brazilian government will ever know for sure.”

Nikola Tesla Flying Saucer Invention

The Nikola Tesla flying saucer is considered one of the most innovative and mysterious inventions of Nikola Tesla. Had Tesla not invented and researched everything he did in his day, our technology today would be considerably behind.

But is there anything else about Tesla? Did he really have contact with aliens, as he claimed? He was one of the most spectacular inventors that our civilization has ever known; his ideas and knowledge went far beyond what was known and accepted during his lifetime.

Tesla was a genius and his inventions and ideas had no boundaries. Over a hundred years ago, during the first decade of the 20th century, Tesla applied for a patent for a peculiar aircraft, which he called “ the world’s first flying saucer “. The methods used in the design of the flying saucer equaled those descriptions of those who claimed to have seen a UFO from the inside: with a discoid condenser, large enough to provide flight thrust, while other small condensers allowed control of the flying saucer direction, to which he added a gyro stabilization system and an electrical impulse control.

nikola tesla flying saucer

And if that wasn’t enough, Tesla had more: the interior of the ship was equipped with flat screens and external video cameras for the pilots’ blind spots. Tesla’s UFO has eyes, and these were made of electro-optical lenses, placed in quadrants, thus allowing the pilot to see everything.

The screens and monitors are placed on a console where the driver can observe all areas around the vehicle, and Tesla’s incredible invention included magnifying lenses, which could be used without changing positions.

Basically, it is an incredibly well designed ship, one that we could actually be able to build today. Or have we already built it? What happened to this invention? Why aren’t we flying into space within this incredible Tesla invention?

Although the patent was granted to him, the UFO, or rather Nikola Tesla flying saucer, had a setback: Since the ship did not include its own energy source, it needed to be powered by wireless transmission towers; Tesla’s sources of ‘free energy’.

The lack of funding led to the abandonment of the development of these towers. So, in the end, the ship also fell into obscurity, and Tesla’s flying saucer was never built. But wait. In fact, don’t be so sure of that, as the US Secret Service seized all patents belonging to Tesla after his death ” for national security reasons “.

So, if Tesla’s ideas were insane, as some people categorized them, why would the U.S. Secret Service seize patents for national security reasons? Hummm, let’s think about this for a minute.

The ideas of the great Nikola Tesla are incredible, and even better, far beyond his time. Many of his inventions aimed to contribute to world peace through access to free energy, but the governments and financiers of the day did not follow the progress of Tesla’s mind.

The ideas of the great Nikola Tesla are incredible, and even better, far beyond his time. Many of his inventions aimed to contribute to world peace through access to free energy, but the governments and financiers of the day did not follow the progress of Tesla’s mind.

Years later, his revolutionary models and technological projects were used by the Nazis (not in the way Tesla had imagined), and now several of his projects are being held back by the secret service, far from the eyes of the general public.

Ancient Dolmen Tomb With Alien Skulls Found

In an ancient Dolmen tomb on January 9, 2016, Russian government officials and many Russian scientists found an amazing discovery.

ancient dolmen

In what looks like a scene from an Indiana Jones film, reports indicate that a briefcase and two alien-like skulls were discovered in the mountains of the Caucasus, in the region of Adygeya.

alien skulls found in ancient dolmen

The Ahnenerbe was probably the most secret society within the SS dedicated to the study of the occult and supernatural forces on Earth.

Ahnenerbe box

According to the researchers, it is likely that members of the SS were interested in the mysteries of the ancient dolmens and the high amounts of radioactivity present in the region known as the Kishinski canyon.

Ahnenerbe box

However, the researchers believe it is also possible that they are looking for the Golden Kuban Rada, lost somewhere in the region during the Russian Civil War (1917-1923).

(The Kuban Rada was the supreme organization of the Kuban Cossacks, who represented all the district chiefs.)

The Ahnenerbe was an institute developed by the Third Reich, responsible for researching the archaeological and cultural history of the Aryan race.

The institute has conducted experiments and launched numerous expeditions around the world in an attempt to prove that mythological Nordic populations ruled the world in the distant past.

The name Ahnenerbe means “heritage of the ancestors” .

The members of the Ahnenerbe wanted to know everything about the mystery and the unknown of our planet. They made several expeditions to Tibet, Antarctica and the Caucasus and were very interested in the UFO phenomenon, in search of ultimate and absolute power.

The whole world knows that Hitler’s Germany is actively working on the development of new types of weapons capable of changing the course of the war. This is the reason why more than 300 specialists from different sectors have worked in the Ahnenerbe, all of them brilliant and well-educated minds with great scientific knowledge.

Many people assume that the Nazis were interested in ancient dolmens, prehistoric constructions attributed to the Atlantean builders located in the region, and “at the gates of parallel worlds”.

Even today, people are still talking about unusual events in the area. The local press recently published an article on the discovery of a giant skeleton three meters high belonging to an unknown human race in the canyon of Borjomi.

The skulls of the gods

alien skulls found in ancient dolmen

The Russian media have written that the mysterious skulls were discovered in a cave on Mount Bolshoi Tjach almost two years ago by a group of explorers led by ethnographer Vladimir Melikov.

According to Melikov, the creature of one of the skulls was different from anything the man knows, and walked on two legs.

Melikov claims that the absence of a cranial vault and jaws is one of the most mysterious features of skulls. The orbits are exceptionally large and have facial features resembling those of humans.

Even compared to the skull of a bear, it’s hard to believe that you don’t have the remains of an alien creature in your hands, Melikov said.

The paleontologists of Moscow were not too excited when they received photographs of the mysterious skulls found in the ancient dolmen tomb. They simply recognized that the skulls were unlike anything they had seen before, suggesting that they could have been submerged and exposed to the sand for long periods of time. that could have changed the shape of the skulls, but if that were the case, how to explain the almost identical “deformations” of the two skulls which seem to follow similar patterns?

Speculation or reality? The ancient Anunnaki in Russia

Some researchers have gone this far and made connections between the mysterious skulls found in the ancient dolmen tomb, and the ancient Anunnaki.

alien skulls found in ancient dolmen

After looking at the pictures, many suggest that these mysterious skulls were sought after by researchers of the Ahnenerbe, as they belonged to the visitors of the stars, the gods and creators of the human race, and researchers of the Ahnenerbe knew exactly what they were looking for to make this trip exactly.

“We can build all kinds of versions and conjectures, but the truth is that the remains found in the Aguideya mountains will force you to rethink everything you know,” Bormotov told Russian press.

In conclusion, we can say that these mysterious discoveries are something that certainly makes you wonder: what else?

It reminds you of other secret institutions that had ideas and plans similar to those of the Ahnenerbe.

The skulls and objects discovered in Russia will remain among the most mysterious discoveries of the past decade, and the truth behind them seems far more mysterious than we can imagine.

25,000-year-old structures found in Russia? – Mysterious dolmen and megaliths in the Caucasus

In Russia, the Caucasus, in the mountains, not far from Tzelentzchik, Tuapse, Novorossiysk and Szocs hundreds of megalithic monuments in the cities. The Russians call them ancient Dolmen.

Russian and foreign archaeologists do not yet know what to use for these structures. According to the information available, the megaliths in the photos and videos below are between 10,000 and 25,000 years old. Other archaeologists, on the other hand, estimate their age at 4,000 and 6,000 years.

ancient dolmen

This dolmen has been estimated to be 25,000 years old.

We know thousands of prehistoric megalithic souvenirs around the world. Some of the least known are those of the Caucasus. These dolmen are located on both sides of the Western Caucasus, approximately 12,000 square kilometers in Russia and the region of Abkhazia.

The Caucasian dolmen are unique representatives of prehistoric architecture, with blocks of Cyclopean size worked and matched with precision. The stones have been worked at exactly 90 degrees or exactly circular as required.

The buildings here closely resemble the megaliths found in various regions of Europe and Asia, such as the Iberian Peninsula, France, England, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, the Denmark, Sweden, Israel and India. Many theories have attempted to explain these similarities, but no one has proven them yet.

There are almost 3,000 such megalithic structures in the Western Caucasus, but new structures are emerging as more and more people die. Unfortunately, many of them are now neglected and completely ruined, because no one protects them from damage and the forces of nature.

The buildings are mainly square and trapezoidal, both rectangular and round in shape. Each facade has an opening. The most common is the round window, but they are also square. There are bronze and iron pottery that helped determine the age of the buildings, as well as human remains, bronze tools, silver, gold and semi-precious stone ornaments.

Elizabeth Klarer UFO Abductee Experience

It is an interesting story of Elizabeth Klarer UFO life. Elizabeth Klarer (1910-1994) who authored an autobiography that gave a lot to talk about in the ufological world. In this she relates her experiences with a supposed extraterrestrial whom she called Akon with whom she would have also fathered a son. According to this character, humans and their own species (strictly speaking, humans) come from the remote and habitable past of the planet Venus. The original civilization would have migrated in the face of changing planetary conditions (including very unpleasant sulfuric acid showers beyond the impossible temperature). It leaves for Earth and Mars and leaves for “Meton”, a planet like ours with the difference that there are no continents but an enormous number of islands spread across its vast oceans. But the story begins with two children watching a frisbee. Elizabeth and her brother had already narrated seeing this in their childhood but it was not until 1956 that the first contact occurred. Klarer, meanwhile, had studied meteorology in Cambridge, England. He married and had three children and (always according to his claims) investigated the UFO phenomenon for the South African government in the troubled years of World War II. That first contact occurred on a hill near her family’s house, where she had come after her brother’s death. Summarizing the facts, she spotted an object descending, so she decided to get closer, at which point she meets Akon, her future cosmic lover. There she learned about the history of Venus and how its original inhabitants had decided to “sow life” in several nearby points of the galaxy, also that “Meton” meant to its natives more an “energy signature” than a proper name.


It’s not a well-known theory, but Venus is supposed to have been habitable a very long time ago, as much as 700 million years ago. NASA actually states:  “A team of researchers from NASA, Uppsala University, Columbia University and the Planetary Science Institute have created a series of simulations of Venus conditions over billions of years using climate models of the Earth  and has found some points that suggest that the planet may have been capable of harboring life . The team found that a simulation resulted in a planet with temperatures low enough to support life with water and clouds, even occasional snowfalls, which persisted until 715 million years ago, when life was already present on Earth. ” In this regard Elizabeth “fails” to say that this would have happened 65 million years ago in the past, but all the correlations between the theories and findings and the book of a lady that, we must say, passed without penalty are interesting. glory among many others published in his time.


Discussed, scrutinized, discarded and approved, Klarer’s photos of one of Akon’s flying objects appear to be quite genuine. Many wondered (rightly) why she had not taken photographs inside the ship but the answer was in the limbo of time. The material remains, which we see below:

elizabeth klarer ufo


Elizabeth Klarer’s UFO life has several points of interest. According to what they say, in 1983 she presented a work on the “secrets of light” to the House of Lords of England and there are those who assure that said the writing reached the United Nations. However, what is remarkable is that this story, one of thousands related to “interstellar love affairs”, comes to its full force thanks to the discovery of a planet possibly inhabitable in the same system from which Akon claimed to have arrived. If you wonder what happened to the boy, Klarer narrates that he was persecuted during her pregnancy by various intelligence services, so Akon decided to take her to Meton for four months in which she gave birth and met her space son, Ayling. ” Because the vibrations in the magnetic field are different in Meton, her heart was unable to adapt to the new pressures, and she was forced to return to Earth.”  However, the alleged contact would remain until her death in 1994, using holographic images. Whether you think it is true or not, Klarer kept her story to the last of her days; long before astronomy confirmed the existence of a nearby rock that looks palatably habitable.

John Lennon UFO Sighting In New York City

John Lennon UFO Sighting happened on August 23, 1974, John Lennon reported  seeing a UFO in New York City.

John Lennon UFO Sighting

Lennon’s sighting occurred when he was with his personal secretary, May Pang in New York at the time when he and Yoko Ono were not together.

He refers to the experience on the cover of his album “Walls And Bridges”, released in 1974, saying that he saw a UFO. May Pang reports in his book, “Loving John”…. 

“We just ordered some pizzas and, as it was such a hot night, we decided to go out on the terrace,” recalled Pang.

“There were no windows directly across the street, so John just walked outside with nothing to catch a cool breeze from the East River. I remember being in the room getting dressed when John started yelling for me to go out on the terrace.

John Lennon UFO Sighting

I shouted back that I would be there, but he kept shouting for me to join him in that instant. When I went out onto the terrace, my eyes found this large circular object coming towards us. It was shaped like a flattened cone and, at the top, a big, bright red light, not pulsing like any aircraft we would see going for a landing at Newark airport.

When it got a little closer we could see a row or circle of white lights that ran along the entire edge of the ship, they were also blinking. There were so many of those lights that were dazzling to the mind.

It is estimated that it was the size of a Lear jet and was so close that if we had something to play we would probably hit it with ease. “

Strangely, the object passed.

“We often had helicopters flying overhead, but it was as quiet as night and about seventeen floors above street level.”

The object flew, but came back later when she and Lennon set up a telescope through which they could see it in more detail.

“The light was so bright from the ship that no additional details could be seen. We took some pictures, but they were overexposed. “

They also called a local newspaper to report the John Lennon UFO Sighting and said that at least seven other people had seen the UFO as  well.

“We even called the police, that’s how we got excited, and they told us to stay calm that others had seen it too.”

For the rest of the night, John went on to say, “I don’t believe … I don’t believe … I saw a flying saucer !”

The Philip James Corso Story And Roswell

Philip James Corso (Pennsylvania, May 22, 1915 – Jupiter, July 16, 1998) was a lieutenant colonel in the United States Army. Corso received additional instruction at the Fort Riley Military Intelligence School, and held important positions of authority, both in the United States and abroad, achieving 19 decorations and working directly with President Eisenhower.
Philip James Corso
Throughout the world, but especially in the United States, a person who has served his country without blemish on the record and being an example to all his fellow citizens, his views have much more credibility than anyone else’s. And it was precisely this conjugation of data that caused such a stir in the 90s when Philip decided to publicly tell what he experienced in the first person in the most controversial case in the history of ufology: Roswell.

In 1947, Philip worked on the Roswell case at the Kansas base, where the military hoarded the remains of what was said to be a flying saucer. In fact, there were up to 5 trucks coming from Roswell with miscellaneous material, which Philip was assigned to do his technology research (and later reverse engineering). In fact, it was concluded that the ship itself was rather a temporary space device in which its occupants traveled from remote points of the universe, since it lacked known engines or propulsion systems.

From his studies, great results were obtained that allowed the existing technology to be promoted with inventions such as fiber optics, integrated circuits, night vision equipment, super resistant fibers such as Kevlar, etc. and many were deposited with different civil companies such as IBM, Hughes Aircraft, Bell Labs and Dow Corning.

Apart from all this technology, Philip had in his hands the remains of the occupants of said ship. Small humanoids, with features similar to what we call grays, which were lying in coffin-type boxes, completely inert.

The Day After Roswell

He is known for his book The day after Roswell, where he explained his version of the Roswell UFO Incident in 1947 and ensures that several current technologies had a powerful source of inspiration in the discovery of extraterrestrial technology, which through the use of reverse engineering by Scientists and the American military allowed the development of laser technology, fiber optics, integrated circuits, night vision goggles or Kevlar (the material from which bulletproof vests, tires and sails are built).
Corso’s testimony rocked the world that year and his book posted one of the highest sales rates, according to the New York Times. Philip J. Corso pursued a military career with assignments in military intelligence and as a special assignment in the Pentagon under the command of General Arthur Trudeau. Anything denounced by Philip became much more relevant just for this simple fact, more when it was not the first time that someone spoke of what happened in Roswell.
According to Corso, in 1947, a secret government group (probably Majestic 12) was created under the orders of the first CIA director, Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter. The mission of that group was to collect information on aliens. In parallel, the US government denied the extraterrestrial origin of UFOs. Philip James Corso believed that the Strategic Defense Initiative (or Star Wars), was created to control the electronic part of a potential enemy’s weapons, be it terrestrial or extraterrestrial.
Philip was one of the first to join the Disclosure Project and collaborate on what he said was the truth that had been kept hidden by the US government. What did Philip gain by recounting all this at his 82 years? Who thinks that he was only looking for fame or get rich with a book of such repercussion? Perhaps, and only perhaps, some people are honest and want to tell us a story that has been covered up for many years and someone had to say it loud and clear. Thanks to witnesses like Philip’s, the Disclosure Project started off on its feet and to this day is considered a testament to the Roswell case.

ufo crash retrievals

Here is a list of the UFO crash retrievals up to 1992:

July 4,1947 Roswell, New Mexico 4 Bodies
Feb 13,1948 Aztec, New Mexico 12 Bodies
July 7,1948 Mexico, so. of Laredo 1 Body
1949 Roswell, New Mexico 1 ET Living
1952 Spitzenbergen, Norway 2 Bodies
Aug 14,1952 Ely, Nevada 16 Bodies
Sept 10,1950 Albuquerque, New Mexico 3 Bodies
April 18,1953 S.W. Arizona No Bodies
May 20,1953 Kingman, Arizona 1 Body
June 19,1953 Laredo, Texas 4 Bodies
July 10,1953 Johofnisburg S. Africa 5 Bodies
Oct 13,1953 Dutton, Montana 4 Bodies
May 5,1955 Brighton, England 4 Bodies
July 18,1957 Carlsbad, New Mexico 4 Bodies
1961 Timmensdorfer, Germany 12 Bodies
June 12,1962 Holloman, AFB, New Mexico 2 Bodies
Nov 10,1964 Ft. Riley, Kansas 9 Bodies
Oct 27,1966 N.W. Arizona 1 Body
1966-1968 5 Crashes IN/KY/OH/ area 3 Bodies and Disc Intact
July 18,1972 Morroco Sahara Desert 3 Bodies
July 10,1973 NW Arizona 5 Bodies
Aug 25,1974 Chihuahua, Mexico Bodies and Disc intact
May 12,1976 Australian Desert 4 Bodies
June 22,1977 NW Arizona 5 Bodies
April 5,1977 SW Ohio 11 Bodies
Aug 17,1977 Tobasco, Mexico 2 Bodies
May 1978 Bolivia No Bodies
Nov 1988 Afghanistan 7 Bodies
May 1989 South Africa 2 ET Living
June 1989 South Africa 2 ET Living Disc Intact
July 1989 Siberia 9 ET Living
Sept 2,1990 Megas Platonos, Greece ?
Nov 1992 Long Island , New York ?

This is a brief synopsis of UFO Crash reports and military retrievals. Many of these reports have not been investigated and could be the subject of future research.

1. July 4, 1947 (Roswell, NM) Most famous of the UFO Crash cases and most thoroughly investigated. William (Mac) Brazel, a local rancher, reported hearing a loud explosion during the night of a thunderstorm. The next day Brazel found a debris field on his ranch. Word reached Major Jesse Marcel at the Roswell Army Air Field and he investigated. Marcel reported finding a debris field scattered over a mile. The material recovered from the debris included small beams with heiroglyphics on them; metal that was as light as balsa wood, but couldn’t be dented with a sledge hammer, although flexible. The material would not burn. The scrap material was flown to Carswell AFB in Fort Worth. Witnesses have described a second site where the main body of the craft was found along with the bodies of its crew.

2. Oct, 1947 (Cave Creek, AZ) Not much is known about this crash. There is still one living witness in Prescott, AZ.

3. Mar 25, 1948 (Aztec, NM) Though still considered a hoax by most researchers, others have left the door open on this one. A new first-hand witness has been found in Las Vegas. Story is that a large disc said to be 99 feet in diameter came down in Hart Canyon and that a military recovery team was dispatched from Durango, CO.

4. Mar 1948 (Socorro, NM) A second craft came down in this vicinity that was much like the Aztec craft according to an ex-army private.

5. Aug 14, 1952

April 17, 1897 – Aurora, Texas
A mysterious airship is said to have crashed in this town, exploding into many small fragments. Reportedly, the occupant was child-size and greenish, and the craft contained papers covered with heiroglyphics. The pilot’s body is supposed to be buried in the local cemetery. Although the case was widely regarded as a hoax, new investigation brought to light a peculiar alloy that was eventually analyzed by the McDonnell Aircraft Company.

Dec. 22, 1909 – Chicago

Six years after Kitty Hawk, newspapers from New York to Chicago were astounded by national reports of a huge airship flying across the nation and seen by thousands. It crashed west of Chicago, but was never found. The story was front-page news in the nation’s major newspapers.

1933 or 1934 – Ubatuba, Brazil Witnesses on a beach are said to have seen a disc dive and explode, showering the area with silvery fragments of highly pure magnesium.

May, 1947 – Spitzbergen, Norway

A report by journalist Dorothy Kilgallen stated that British scientists and airmen were excavating the wreckage of a mysterious flying ship. The Swedish military acknowledged its extraterrestrial origin and reported 17 bodies were found. The story appeared as a tiny blip for only one day in the U.S. news media before it was silenced by the military. I personally saw this news story years ago.

July 2, 1947 – Roswell, New Mexico

The most famous and thoroughly investigated by journalists, this is the crash that launched Majestic-12. It was the first and only time the U.S. government publicly admitted it had recovered a crashed flying saucer. Within hours, the craft was whisked off to Wright-Patterson AFB and a new cover story emerged, claiming it had been only a weather balloon. In recent years, the officer responsible for that cover story has recanted. Three or four humanoid bodies were recovered; one was alive for a short time.

February 13, 1948 – Aztec, New Mexico

Three radar units tracked a falling UFO. Secretary of State George C. Marshall requested a search party be dispatched from Camp Hale in Colorado. A helicopter team found a crashed 30-foot disc 12 miles northeast of Aztec and recovered 2-12 badly burned humanoids. The disc is stored in Hangar 18 at Wright-Patterson AFB near Dayton, Ohio.

August 1948 – Laredo, Texas

Four officers witnessed the crash of an object and the recovery of bodies 38 miles south of Laredo, Texas, in Mexico. The information came from an NBC affiliate in Chicago, who received it from a source in Army security.

August 19, 1949 – Death Valley, California,

Two prospectors named Mace Garney and Buck Fitzgerald claimed to have watched an object crash in the desert. It was a 24-foot disc. The story appeared on page 13 of the local Bakersfield newspaper the next day.

Before 1950 – Mexico

Roy L. Dimmick, sales manager for the Apache Powder Company of Los Angeles, spoke with a man from Mexico and another from Ecuador who had seen a disc crash near Mexico City.

April 1950 – Argentina

Mr. E.C. Bossa found a strange disc and four small dead pilots in a remote region of Argentina. He returned with a friend the next day and found only a pile of warm ashes. A cigar-shaped object was seen briefly as it flew overhead at a high altitude.

1953 – Brady, Montana

Mr. C.M. Tenney, returning from Great Falls to Conrad, saw an oval object that followed his car while balls of fire fell all over the road. Later that day he was phoned by a colonel from Malmstrom AFB who asked him to come to the base at 10 a.m. the next day. He was escorted to a windowless room inside a fenced-off compound and asked to sign a statement. While doing so, he says he saw two men carrying large laundry bags containing humanoid bodies.

May 21, 1953 – Kingman, Arizona

A USAF veteran claims to have participated in the recovery of a crashed aluminum-like disc impacted 20 inches into the earth. It was oval, 32 feet wide. Inside were two swivel chairs, an oval cabin and numerous instruments. One 4-foot-tall occupant was recovered, dead. It had a dark brown complexion and wore a silvery metal suit with no helmet. The witness’ affidavit was released by respected UFO researcher Ray Fowler in UFO Magazine, April 1976.

Mid-1950s – Birmingham, Alabama

When a disc crashed near Birmingham, the area was cordoned off and humanoid bodies were flown to Maxwell AFB, according to a man who claims to have flown the helicopter with the bodies to a waiting aircraft.

Spring 1954 – Mattydale, NY

In this suburb of Syracuse, at 3 a.m. on a Sunday, an information specialist and his wife saw a 20-foot-wide object being examined on the ground by several men who were taking pictures. The next day an officer told them the event was a military secret. Later, police denied the whole incident ever took place.

1959 – Frdynia, Poland

An object was reported to have fallen into the harbor. Divers recovered pieces of shiny metal, which was examined by the Polytechnic Institute and Polish Navy. Some material was reportedly lost. Several days later a small humanoid was found on a nearby beach; its remains were sent to the Soviet Union.

March 1960 – New Paltz, NY

Local law enforcement authorities captured a small humanoid outside his craft while two copilots escaped. The alien was turned over to the CIA and died 28 days later.

January 1967 – Southwest Missouri

A Mr. Loftin found a 40-inch disc and gave it to the U.S. Testing Company for analysis.

November 9, 1974 – Carbondale, NJ

A glowing object fell into a small lake outside town. Three teenagers saw it fall at 7:30 p.m. on a Saturday. They observed a yellow-white glow under the water that shifted to a point 25 feet offshore. The boys were kept in a police car for three hours while a number of vehicles with floodlights and cranes removed a disc-shaped object and put it into a van. The following Monday, a railroad lantern and battery were recovered from the lake and officials called the whole thing a hoax. Hoax? Or cover story?

May 17, 1974 – Chili, NM

An Air Force team allegedly removed a 60-foot-wide metallic object from an impact area and moved it to Kirtland AFB.

May 6, 1978 – Padcaya, Bolivia

A large luminous object crashed on a 13,000-foot mountain. An expedition of soldiers and scientists was dispatched to the site, but was delayed by bad weather. They found nothing.

1978 – Soviet Union

After a collision with a Soviet fighter plane, a disc-shaped object fell into the ocean off Finland, where it was recovered with humanoid bodies – by a Soviet salvage team.

UFO What Does It Stand For Today And In The Past

UFO What Does It Stand For?

Unidentified Flying Object (abbreviated: UFO or UFO) is the English name for unidentified flying object. A UFO is a light, phenomenon or object in the air that cannot be identified even after investigation. UFO what does it stand for? The term UFO was introduced by the United States Air Force in 1952 to refer to a separate class of sightings that remain chronically inexplicable.

The name UFO has been used as such since the late 1940s, especially after the Roswell incident, which was dismissed as an observation of a weather balloon in an official press release. Much later, in the 1990s, in response to a letter written by Steven H. Schiff and addressed to the GAO (Government accounting office), the United States Air Force released a new report in which it announced that the creatures found were actually anthropomorphic test dummies attached to weather balloons in the crash. However, these dummies were not developed until the 1950s, several years after the crash. The flying saucer concept came into vogue after the description by American pilot and businessman Kenneth Arnold of foreign objects he had seen on a flight on June 24, 1947.

Nevertheless, strange phenomena have always been mentioned in the atmosphere in history, which could now be interpreted as UFO what does it stand for retroactively. It cannot be said with certainty since when UFOs have already been observed. The phenomenon has been described since the development of writing. In earlier times, the appearance of a UFO was often attributed to a heavenly power. Examples are “wheels in wheels in heaven” mentioned by the prophet Ezekiel in the Bible, and the Egyptian mention from 1450 BC. of “circles of fire” during the reign of Pharaoh Tutmoses III. In 91 BC. Roman writer Julius Obsequiens mentioned that “a round object, like a sphere or a round shield, made its way into heaven”. In 1255, the Japanese general Yoritsume and his army saw balls of light dance over Kyoto. In 1561, many objects seemed to be fighting an air battle over Nuremberg. [3] Since the late nineteenth century, the emphasis has shifted to a materialistic explanation. German popular writer Erich von Däniken explained historical enigmatic messages by adopting the visit of spaceships of alien civilization (s), who presented themselves as UFOs. (read more section: Ufo in ancient times) Popularly, the term UFO is usually used to refer to alien spaceships that would visit Earth. There is no scientific evidence for the existence of spaceships manufactured outside Earth, despite the fact that many people claim to have been taken by the crew of such a spaceship. People like George Adamski and Howard Menger popularized the idea of ​​UFOs as manned spaceships in the 1950s. Another idea concerns the assumption that unknown flying objects are the product of secret technological developments by superpowers such as the United States and the former Soviet Union. These two powers would have taken the knowledge of experimenting with disc-shaped objects, delta planes and radio-controlled spheres (Kugelblitz (ball lightning)) from the then Third Reich at the end of World War II, and continued this. In his book Hitler’s Flying Saucers, author Henry Stevens provides several sources to support this view.

Still others believe that the phenomenon belongs to an intelligence from another reality that deliberately invades our time-space continuum for reasons that cannot yet be determined. String theorist Michio Kaku speculates about the possibility that an extraterrestrial civilization, which, for example, controls our entire Milky Way, may use our yet unknown knowledge (for example, magnetic monopoles) for propulsion. This could explain the strange and silent movements of UFOs. He also mentions the possibility that such a civilization can send out a robot-controlled spaceship – this scenario is similar to the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. Nanotechnology means that these spaceships do not have to be larger than a jet. Our Moon could be a good base for these robotic devices

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