George Hunt Williamson Venusian Manuscripts

Famous 1950s anthropologist / archaeologist Dr George Hunt Williamson published research describing how he studied ancient manuscripts hidden in a temple high in the South American Andes, detailing Venus landings, contact and intermingling with Earthlings in ancient times.

High in the Andean Cordillera lie the ruins of one of the oldest cities ever to be discovered, Tiahuanaco, with monolithic remains so amazingly constructed that archaeologists cannot explain how it was possible for the ancients to build them.

The inscriptions found there have been translated and indicate that at the dawn of civilization a golden vessel of Venus landed there. The occupants got out of the ship and a beautiful Venusian woman set out to teach the primitive Indians the basic skills of a civilization!

In Asian national libraries there are also many ancient stories, up to 4000 years in the past, which explain in detail the Venusian ships, their pilots, their missions on Earth, interventions in Earth affairs and the involvement in the ancient interplanetary wars whose combat continued on Earth. Some of these writings explain the method of propelling these alien vessels with a lot of technological detail, which seemed like legends until recent scientific discoveries that proved this science to be accurate.

Among these ancient writings there are: BOOK OF DZYAN, VAIMANIKA SASTRA, VYMANIKA SHAASTRA, MAOSOLA PURVA , etc.

How is it that the Mayans had a very precise Venusian calendar when the Spanish conquistadors invaded their lands …

A calendar that modern science could not prove and know the precision until the fifties! It was not until 1962, then more precisely in 1965, that the true period of rotation of the planet Venus was discovered thanks to radio astronomy which, with the help of radar echoes, determined a retrograde rotation in 243 days terrestrial hence a solar day (day / night cycle) on Venus of 117 terrestrial days].

The Incas spoke of a golden vessel that landed in the Andes and taught them about civilization.

Pizarro’s invading army reported this story to the King and Queen and it was censored because “it wasn’t in the Bible”.

George Hunt Williamson

In his book “The Secret Lions of the Lion,” Dr. George Hunt Williamson recounted how he found an old manuscript, in an ancient temple high in the Andes, which recounted the Venusian settlements and assistance to Earth in the ancient and prehistoric eras.

He also reported on how some of their ships rescued enlightened survivors from earthquakes, tidal waves, floods, and pole shifts. Belief in the Venusians was common and normal in ancient times before religious (Vatican) and government censorship.

So why don’t the Venusians land on the White House lawn?

According to the Venusians, during attempts to land in cities, there were Earthlings trying to kill or capture the Venusians, shooting their ship and trying to take it to acquire the technology. The “local” people of Earth are too often hostile, unfriendly and dangerous.

Would you land in a huge tribe of savage headhunters and cannibals in the Amazon, who would greet you with meal ideas and shrunken heads in mind, to help them out? They would fire their darts and ask questions later, as many dead missionaries have learned! Is it certain that the Venusians can retaliate and gain the upper hand with their ray cannons?

The Venusians, however, say they are completely nonviolent and prefer to observe and help from a distance rather than fight. Most of them have no karma on Earth and violence would give them one here!

They solve problems with love… not with war! When they become denser on this plane they lower their frequencies in order to materialize and by this fact they could really be killed by our weapons.

What Is The Draco Reptilian Empire

The Draco Reptilian empire arose from the alpha empire of the Dragon, made up of several reptilian species, including the winged DRACOs, the large reptilians that lead several groups of gray-reptilians reproduced by poly-embryonation, and hatching from eggs and by cloning. A class of particularly malicious, dark, iguana-faced sorcerer-priests. They often wear a hooded dress and those who are between 1.20m and 1.50m tall. Are reptilian-amphibians, with a lizard face. Often a Nordic type is seen in the company of these reptilians, especially during hybridization experiments on abducted humans.

Draco Reptilian

A so-called Agarthian tradition tells residents of Mt Shasta (part of the “Silver Fleet” alliance) saw the hidden history of Earth, in a secret library below the Himalayas. The holographic documents recorded on a Crystal, revealed the existence of an ancient race of pre-Scandinavians, allied to a race of giant humans who had a powerful civilization, whose center was in the middle of the Gobi Sea. (now Gobi Desert.) These blond, blue-eyed Nords and Nephilim fought against a race of Draco Reptilians based in Antarctica.

These creatures were apparently mutated from bipedal saurians. They could create the illusion of a human form and infiltrate the human race, like chameleons. They were recognized when they were made to pronounce the word, “Kiningin, which the Draco Reptilians could pronounce.”

Draco Reptilian

Legend has it that Russian scientists found some Draco Reptilian bodies in hibernation and these beings killed scientists with their faces hidden, and infiltrated the Soviet government. The Draco Reptilians say they sent colonizers to other solar systems in the Constellations of Epsilon Bootes, Altaïr, Aquila Cappella, Zeta of the Reticle, Rigel and Beatrix of Orion. (Where there would be a huge population of reptilian-gray hybrids). At this moment, the Bavarian forces allied with other reptilian imperialist species are fighting against peaceful inhabitants of Space. But Draco Reptilians hate to fight on their own. They prefer to send Terran slaves to fight them. Other systems have been conquered or infiltrated by the Draco.

But they sometimes rebel: they are Sirius, Acturus, Aldebaran, Procyon, Betelgeuse, Barnard’s star in the Centaur, the Ashtar collective, led by SIRIUS B, under the domination of the Reptilians, are people implanted and electronically manipulated by a sort of huge computer. The two groups: United Federation and the Draco Empire, were often at war, one against the other, cut off by truces.

At the moment, a war is raging with varying degrees of violence in the system of Arcturus, the Star of Bernard, Altaïr, Aquila, Aldebaran, but especially in the system of Sirius B, between the Draco Reptilian-Orion forces, and the Pleiadians.

The epicenter of this war is in our solar system, where Draco forces would use: “Nemesis is a dark star, behind the solar system on the road to Orion, very close to Alpha Centaur, protostar which is not yet a star and looks like an invisible frozen planet, the size of Jupiter. From Nemesis, started the planetoids, which served as a basis for the kidnappings of the grays, for the implantations and the programs of manipulation of the brain, mutilations, hybridizations in collaboration with the Bavarian secret societies.

These planetoids are the two huge spacecraft that were sighted near Earth in 1953, when they orbited the equator. It was at this time that contact was made with them (CIA) thanks to the 1954 Muroc / Edwars landing, followed by the Treaty of Greada. A staff member, from the AMES research center, confirms that the Clémentine probe, which was supposed to intercept it at the start, underwent at least twelve alterations in its path in a period of 6 months.

Comet Hale-Bopp

Speaking of which, examine Comet Hale-Bopp, which throws dust every seventeen days, while a true comet has a halo, does not produce solar winds that ricochet off its icy, stormy surface. Moreover, the photos of this alleged comet show that it has two cores and that it has already performed 4 course alterations, including a turn at 70 0. (see appendix: the Hale-Bopp comate).

In the 1940s, a conflict breaks out in the vast underground of Utah (Salt). Humans working with the Reptoids, had invaded territories in Dreamland. They were called the priests of the cult of the Black Sun. This underground group had taken over the ancient Atlantean anti-flood possessions.

It is also said that at the end of the 1940s, the reptilian forces based in their operational center in South America, started to settle in the base of Dulce, under Mt. Archuleta, built by humanoids, and occupied by grays.

UFO Underground Bases Around The World

Some of these UFO underground bases are networks of very old caves, which have been rehabilitated and developed. Pine Gap, Australia is one of the largest. Material heading for the base of the moon leaves from Pine Gap. In Australia there is another base, that of Snowy Mountains. Both are allied with the gray reptilians.

UFO Underground Base

In China there is an alien-Soviet-Chinese base in Xining Mongolia. On the other hand, a base of the Galactic Federation sits under Tibet . The Grays gave the Soviets anti-gravity technology at the base at Serov (Mt Ural). This base is very large and very dangerous. Another top secret UFO underground base exists north of Serov, as well as two other bases in Karagaj and Sakaueen.

In Iran, in the middle of the country, in the middle of the desert, there is a large base, the tunnels of which go to the Red Sea. The base of the Masurine Islands is underwater. In Africa: a Gray base is installed in Algeria, under Mount Tahat. In Sudan is the Kindu alien base, and in Botswana, the Kamahadi base.

UFO Underground Base

There is also a base in the South Sandwich Islands and in Egypt, on the border with Libya, an UFO underground base extends over an area as large as the state of Maryland. The one under the Giza plateau is no longer occupied by the Kamagol, present, but by NSA personnel.

In Europe, the SOLIS le Mont-Blanc base hosts 7 different races of ET from the Federation. In Scandinavia, there is also the base of Narvick and in the Gotland Islands, Alien material is stored. In South America, there is a base of benevolents, in the Andes, a base in Chile, north of Calama and in Brazil the base of aliens of Cuinva.

North America, holds the largest concentration of UFO underground bases, AIDS was developed by the Ultra group (inside the NSA), in several bases. The best known is Fort Meade ( Maryland) which has 19 entrances to underground caverns, with super-advanced technology devices and computers. I don’t know what the ET element was, which was used for its creation.

UFO Underground Base

Some of the scientists who work there have never seen the light of day. The base under Mt Hood, Oregon, controls and monitors all communications around the world. In this database, we clone humans.

Pentagon UFO Task Force To Investigate UAPs

The Pentagon is creating a Pentagon UFO task force to explore UFO sightings that have been seen on a few events by U.S. military personnel. The new Pentagon UFO task force is to explore what it calls “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” (UAPs) to screen announced sightings of what a great many people call UFOs.

The creation of the Pentagon UFO task force called the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, or UAPTF, proceeds with an exertion started as of late to research unexplained elevated occurrences experienced by the U.S. military.

pentagon ufo task force

The new team will be administered by the Department of the Navy. The U.S. Naval force has recently driven endeavors to investigate unidentified aerial phenomena since the administration branch has detailed a few experiences involving military aircraft.

The move is probably going to start wide enthusiasm for UFO researchers searching for signs that mankind aren’t the only civilization in the galaxy, despite the fact that the dry language of the Pentagon’s declaration of the new Pentagon UFO task force gave a false representation of its expectation as watchers of the sky for likely first contact.

“The Department of Defense built up the UAPTF to improve its comprehension of, and gain knowledge into, the nature and starting points of UAPs. The crucial pentagon UFO task force is to identify, dissect and list UAPs that might represent a danger to US national security,” the Pentagon said in an announcement.

The move is just the most recent from the Pentagon with regards to UFOs.

The Senate as of late required the head of national knowledge and secretary of protection, working with other insight and law implementation organizations, to set up an open report of government discoveries on the UAP issue.

In April the US additionally delivered three declassified recordings that give US naval force pilots experiencing what have all the earmarks of being unidentified flying items. The Pentagon said it delivered the recording to clear up any misguided judgments by the general population on whether the recording that has been coursing was genuine or whether there is something else entirely to the video.

President Donald Trump has recently depicted the U.S. Naval force film as “one serious video” and revealed to Reuters that he ponders “if it’s genuine.” In June, the Senate Intelligence Committee cast a ballot that the Pentagon ought to give an open examination of the UAP experiences.

Representative Defense Secretary David Norquist endorsed the foundation of the new team on August 4, 2020.

The US Senate intelligence committee group in June said it needed to manage a Pentagon UFO task force, affirming the presence of a casual working gathering which was uncovered by the New York Times in 2017.

In December 2017, the Pentagon recognized financing the mystery multi-million-dollar program to explore sightings of UFOs, despite the fact that it said it had finished in 2012.

Elon Musk Alien Tweet About Pyramids

Elon Musk Alien Tweet was posted on Twitter, and bluntly states… “The aliens built the pyramids, obv.” This tweet received over 555.4K likes and 89.3K retweets .

elon musk alien tweet

I have to say it is of course… correct. Located in Giza , Egypt, three enormous pyramids, almost untouched by time, are believed to have been built over 5,000 years ago.

Dr. Rania Al-Mashat (Egyptian Minister of International Cooperation) commented back to Elon Musk shortly after by saying “I follow your work with a lot of admiration. I invite you and Space X to explore the writings about how the Pyramids were built and also to check out the tombs of the pyramid-builders. Mr Musk, we are waiting for you.”

It’s an easy answer to find because Elon Musk Alien Tweet makes sense . Even today, with our advanced technology and inventions … Giza is too poor to be able to afford the equipment needed to create the great pyramid, let alone get the money to pay for it. workers for years of work that are clearly needed. Let me explain seven facts that prove that aliens built the pyramids .

elon musk alien tweet

  1. The stones weighed from 2 to 50 tons and the Egyptians had not heard of the wheel and the boats they used could not carry such a weight on the Nile. But aliens could.
  2. The three pyramids were all built directly facing true magnetic north.The compass has not yet been created, so this should be impossible. But aliens could do it.
  3. The three pyramids of the Giza pyramid complex are aligned exactly with the position of the three stars of Orion’s belt. Since the science of astronomy would not have been that developed thousands of years ago, aliens could.
  4. The perimeter of the Great Pyramid, divided by twice the height of the monument, gives a number exactly equal to pi, and it corresponds to the 15th decimal place. But aliens could do it.
  5. There are hieroglyphics present in the wall carvings of the temple of Seti I in Abydos which look exactly like the helicopter.There are also cravings for other modern vehicles on the same wall sculpture. The hieroglyphic sculpture includes a submarine and a spaceship. Aliens could predict the future because they have seen such an evolution on other worlds.
  6. Building a structure that has blocks weighing up to 50 tons on the sand, and not sink it in 5,000 years… is impossible for humans, even humans today.But aliens could do it.
  7. The Great Pyramid at the latitude of Giza, 29.9792458 ° N, perfectly matches the speed of light, which is 299,792,458 meters per second.

For any scientist to say that the Egyptians have the ability to make a great pyramid today… I say prove it. They don’t have the focus, unity, finances, equipment, or engineering skills to succeed in such a remarkable structure today. The Egyptians can speak, anyone can, but they cannot walk, no human can.

Donald Trump UFO Disclosure May Happen In Future

Donald Trump UFO Disclosure

A possible Donald Trump UFO Disclosure could be primed for the future. President of the United States Donald Trump spoke to his son Donald Trump Jr. in a special Father’s Day interview. During the 20-minute conversation, Donald Trump  Jr. discusses with the President if there will be a possible Donald Trump UFO disclosure before his term ends.

“That’s the only thing I really want to know,” Donald Trump Jr. said. “Could you open Roswell and tell us what’s really going on?”

As we have already commented, Roswell is considered to be one of the most significant UFO incidents in history. This happened in 1947, when a rancher discovered a mysterious accident on his farm in New Mexico. The US Air Force United States He said it was a weather balloon that crashed and then changed versions, admitting it was part of a secret nuclear test.

However, many have said that it was all a government cover-up and that the mysterious object was a flying saucer filled with alien bodies that were recovered and taken to Area 51. Previously, Trump had suggested revealing information to the American people about classified files, including the Roswell incident.

“A lot of people ask me that question, it sounds like a nice question,” Trump replied to his son. “There are millions and millions of people who want to go there, who want to see it. I’m not going to tell you what I know about it, but it’s very interesting.”

And Trump added that he “will have to think about” whether or not to declassify more top secret files. But this is not the first time that US President He said last year that he does not particularly believe in aliens, but admitted to having held meetings on UFO sightings by the Navy.

“They say, and I saw, and I read, and I listened, and I had a very brief meeting about this,” Trump said last year in an interview with Fox. News. “But people say they see UFOs. I believe so? Not particularly.”

He also commented on the release of Pentagon videos in early April, calling it “video hell”. The Department of Defense has decided to declassify the three videos of US Navy pilots interacting with UFOs. The footage showed three separate incidents related to “unidentified aerial phenomena”, one in November 2004 and two in January 2015. The Pentagon established a top secret program to investigate UFOs called the “Identification Program 10 years ago. air threats “Advanced (AATIP)”.

Finally, Trump introduced the new US Space Force. Subject matter experts have said President Trump’s plans for the Space Force reflect the need to protect Earth from hostile aliens. While there may not be an extraterrestrial connection, what is clear is that President Trump surely knows all of America’s extraterrestrial secrets. And perhaps, in order to be re-elected, you may decide to reveal the truth in which we live to the threats we face.

What do you think of Trump’s statements? Do you think their intention is to reveal the truth about aliens?

Allen J Hynek Professor Of UFO Phenomenon

Allen J Hynek

Allen J Hynek (Dr. Josef Allen Hynek , May 1, 1910-April 27, 1986) was an American astronomer and ufologist. He is famous all over the world for his research on UFOs. Hynek worked in three private UFO research projects led by the US Air Force : Project Sign (1947-1949), Project Grudg (1949-1952), and the Blue Book Project (1952-1969). Afterwards, he concluded that his research on UFOs proposed different degrees of contact between humans and aliens , so he is considered to be the founder of scientific research on UFOs.

Hynek was born in Chicago, and his parents are Czech Americans . Hynek received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago in 1931, and a doctorate from the Yekes Observatory in 1935 . In 1936, he entered the Ohio State University Department of Physics and Astronomy as a teacher. His main research was stellar evolution and the confirmation of spectral binary stars.

During the Second World War , Hynek entered the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory to conduct research on proximity signal management for the US Navy .

After World War II, Hynek returned to teach at Ohio State University and was promoted to full professor in 1950.

In 1956 he went to Harvard College Observatory and was already merged Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory added Fred Lawrence Whipple ‘s research team. Hynek’s mission was to track American satellites during and after the International Geophysical Year in 1956 . In addition to more than 200 amateur scientists have joined the world’s satellite surveillance operations (Operation Moonwatch), there are 12 sets of Baker – Nunn camera star instrument in the observation. A special camera was built for testing and as a prototype camera, and was disassembled on October 4, 1957; at this time the Soviet Union’s first artificial satellite, Sputnik 1, was launched.

After the satellite tracking project was completed, Hynek joined the Astronomy Department of Northwestern University in 1960 and served as the head of the department.

Because of the increasing number of sighting reports of UFOs such as “flying saucers”, the US Air Force established the Signals Program in 1948 to start related research, and then changed it to the Resentment Project in 1949 and the Blue Book Project in 1952. Hynek approached the people of the Signal Project and became a scientific advisor for investigating UFOs. His task at that time was to confirm whether the so-called UFO was misidentified by known celestial bodies.

When the Signal Project hired Hynek, he was initially skeptical of UFO sighting reports. Hynek suspects that most UFO sighting reports are unreliable witnesses or man-made or natural things are misidentified. In 1948, Hynek said that “the whole subject seems completely absurd”, and believed that this craze would soon subside [3] .

In the first few years when Allen J Hynek studied UFOs, he could steadily reveal the truth. He believes that most UFO sighting reports can be explained by misidentification of general phenomena. But in cases that could not be explained by common sense, Hynek tried to explain the many sightings with his insufficient logic, and as close as possible to the breakthrough point. In his book published in 1977, he stated that he liked the role of the U.S. Air Force in revealing the truth, and also expressed the U.S. Air Force’s expectations of him.

Later, Hynek’s view of UFOs changed slowly and gradually. After reviewing hundreds of sighting reports (including some credible witnesses, such as astronomers, pilots, police, and soldiers), Hynek concluded that some reports are credible.

After Allen J Hynek’s views on UFOs turned, his astronomer colleagues conducted an informal survey in the early 1950s, and one of the investigators was Clyde Tombaugh, the discoverer of Pluto .Five of the 44 astronomers surveyed (more than 11%) have seen objects in the sky that cannot be explained by mainstream science. Most astronomers have not publicly stated that they have seen such a situation because they are afraid of being considered absurd or damaging their reputation and career (Tombo is an exception, who has publicly stated that he has seen UFOs). Hynek also pointed out that this 11% ratio is higher than the proportion of ordinary people who claim to have seen UFOs.[Source request] . In addition, astronomers have more knowledge about observing and understanding celestial bodies than ordinary people, so their sightings are more impressive. Hynek is distressed by mainstream scientists’ disdain or arrogance about UFO sightings and witnesses.

In 1953, early UFO-related evidence gradually changed Hynek’s concept of UFOs. His article “Unusual Aerial Phenomena” published in the Journal of the Optical Society of America in April 1953 contained Hynek’s most famous A passage:

Laughing is not part of the scientific method, and people should not be taught that way. Witness reports made mainly by trusted witnesses are still increasing steadily, thus increasing the issue of scientific responsibility and obligation. Are there any residues worthy of scientific attention? Or if not, there is no obligation to speak in public-not to ridicule publicly, but to be serious in order to maintain the public’s faith and trust in science and scientists?

The wording of this article is quite careful: Allen J Hynek never considered UFOs to be extraordinary phenomena. But apparently no matter what he thinks, Hynek is quite worried about the superficial view of UFOs by most scientists. In 1953, Hynek became an affiliated member of the Robertson investigation team , and the team believed that UFOs were nothing special, and the public relations campaign must be able to expose the truth about the issue and reduce the public interest. Hynek later lamented that the Robertson investigation team had overshadowed the UFO research.

When the number of sighting reports of UFOs gradually increased, Hynek devoted part of the time to studying sighting reports, and pointed out that some reports were still puzzling after many studies. Hynek once said: “As a scientist, we must keep in mind that events that have great scientific value but are often overlooked in the past. Because new phenomena cannot meet the scientifically recognized viewpoints at the time”

In an interview in 1985, the reporter asked what caused the change in his attitude. Hynek replied, “Because of two things, really. The total denial and unyielding attitude towards the U.S. Air Force. They will not admit it. The existence of UFOs, even when UFOs take off and land on the street in broad daylight. All reports must have an explanation. I start to hate it, although basically I feel the same because I still think Their approach is not correct. You can’t assume that everything is black for granted. Second, the quality of the witnesses makes me quite troublesome. For example, it is reported by military pilots in rare cases, and I know they are well-trained. Yes, so when I first thought about this, maybe it was all this.”

Regardless of his personal opinion,In general Heinicke always reply with Project Blue Book in Edward J. Ruppelt comments period after (Edward J. Ruppelt): no UFO, most sightings are misidentification[Source request] .

Hynek maintained the relationship after the signal plan was changed to the resentment plan, although the level of investment was far less than in the signal plan era. The Resentment Project was replaced by the Blue Book Project in early 1952 , and Hynek still serves as a scientific consultant in the Blue Book Project. The first host of the Blue Book Project, U.S. Air Force Captain Edward Rupert, once spoke highly of Hynek: “Dr. Hynek is one of the many scientists I encountered while studying UFOs that impressed me the most. He was. There are no two things that some people will do: give you the answer before he knows the question; or immediately tell you his achievements in science.”

Although Allen J Hynek believed that Rupert was a competent host and led the Blue Book Project in the right direction, he only served as the host of the plan for several years. Hynek believes that Rupert’s Blue Book project after his departure focused more on public relations, with little or no scientific research on UFOs.

Hynek himself admits that his soft-spokenness is due to his cautious and conservative personality. He speculated that his personality was due to the factor of serving as a scientific consultant in the US Air Force for more than two decades.

Several UFO experts believe that Allen J Hynek’s turn represents his hypocrisy and even double-sidedness. For example , in a passage written by the physicist James Edward McDonald in 1970, he rebuked Hynek and said that he had misunderstood the person, and implied that everything would be evaluated by future generations. MacDonald believes that the retired U.S. Marine Corps Major Donald E. Keyhoe (Donald E. Keyhoe) is a more objective, honest and scientific view of UFOs.

In the late 1960s of the Blue Book Project, Allen J Hynek began to talk publicly about his differences and disappointments with the US Air Force. He publicly publicized the UFO chase in Portage County (a UFO was chased by several police for half an hour) while blatantly disagreeing with the U.S. Air Force , and claimed to have witnessed a metal appearance near Socorro , New Mexico Meet with police officer Lonnie Zamora of the egg-shaped flying object . Zamora witnessed two humanoid lifeforms in the egg-shaped flying object, and the object left immediately, leaving physical evidence that it had landed. As of 2007, there was still not enough explanation to conflict with Zamora’s claims. In fact, in a secret memo from the CIA, Major Quintanilla, the host of the Blue Book at the time, was confused about Zamora’s sightings. Hynek said that the case may be the ” Rosetta Stone ” that solved the mystery of the UFO .

On April 27, 1986, Hynek died of a brain tumor in a hospital in Scottsdale, Arizona .

Close encounters with Ray Stanford

Ray Stanford is a unique character in international ufology. He was the first to develop an instrumental and technological investigation of the UFO phenomenon. In four decades he has obtained more than 40 films or series of photographs of unidentified flying objects. He is currently a notable discoverer of traces of new dinosaur species.

Back then, naturally, I was already familiar with Ray Stanford’s ufological history, his publications, books and activities. Born in 1938 and a native of the state of Texas, he has been an early ufologist since his most extreme youth. He has a wife named Sheila. In his teens he was fascinated by George Adamski’s contact stories and became an enthusiastic believer, until he soon realized that all of Adamski’s claims were false and his photographs were crude montages. Despite the discovery of the frauds that contained the teachings of Adamski, his narratives of space travel, contacts with beings from the planet Venus and his photographs, his interest in UFOs did not decline, on the contrary.

Stanford is quite a character. Without higher academic training, only basic high school education and a couple of college level physics courses, he is a true self-taught, an avid reader and has acquired extraordinary knowledge in technical subjects such as photography or physics, being a renowned expert in meteorites, paleontology and paleo-ichthyology. Ray and his twin brother Rex , an award-winning college graduate and professor of psychology, are highly intelligent people. Ray ratio reaches 155 in test intelligence Stanford-Benet(it is not a joke). This probably explains why he has spent a lifetime exploring new currents of research, many of them markedly unorthodox, and ranging from the most controversial (psychic exploration, channeling ) to the purely scientific. At present he maintains a skeptical position in many matters in which common ufologists believe at face value, such as the Roswell myth or the sensational photographs of Gulf Breeze, McMinnville, etc.

Ray Stanford maintains a long history of UFO observations, most recorded with a camera and in the presence of other witnesses. As for the UFO photographic record, in the form of a series of photographs or color films, Ray has photographed or filmed, between 1954 and 1969, seven such incidents. He could only explain one of those observations, when it came to the aborted launch of a rocket launched at the Vandenberg base (California) and that Ray photographed from Arizona. By the way, the late atmospheric physicist James McDonald , who studied the case in depth, told him that his two photos of the light ring were the most beautiful of all those taken from that phenomenon.

Detection and monitoring instruments from Project Starlight International , Austin, Texas (1974).
In fact, after his initial and misguided youth experiences, Ray’s interest in UFOs endured, moving toward a technological and instrumental approach to unidentified flying objects. (This article is not intended in any way to be a biography of Stanford, therefore I will not review many aspects of his life and activities, including the rich variety of UFO sightings he has experienced over the years.) From 1972 to 1974, Stanford was fortunate to find some wealthy patrons who allowed him to finance the instrumental equipment of the Project Starlight International.(International Starlight Project), originally founded in 1964. Stanford spent the not inconsiderable sum of more than two million dollars on equipment and facilities, including electronic, optical, magnetic and gravitational material, which was installed in a field laboratory. near Austin, Texas. All this set had mobile capacity, with the exception of the radar unit. Its objective was the detection of any signal emitted by a UFO phenomenon.

The most sensational claim that Stanford maintains is that the PSI managed to detect and record not only optical images of UFOs but also spectra of their light, sounds, magnetic and gravitational effects and other phenomena associated with the UFO presence captured from their observatory. The Project, which grew to have six full-time salaried employees and more than twenty volunteers available on a phone call, was active in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona until 1985, producing a bountiful harvest in the form of various daytime movies, one movie nocturnal and ten different series of photographs of strange flying objects, obtained by Ray or by other members of the PSI team, both in its permanent location and in other locations.

In February 1986, due to a concatenation of complex circumstances, Ray privatized the Project and moved to Maryland, in the vicinity of the Washington, DC belt, where his wife has an important job at the Goddard Space Flight Center of the POT. Since the PSI ended its activities, in the last eighteen years it has been gifted by numerous opportunities to observe and film UFOs in broad daylight and to achieve series of high-resolution photographs, episodes occurred in different settings and never alone. These events have yielded no less than a total of thirty films and series of photos, to add to its not inconsiderable past heritage!

All of the above puts Ray Stanford in a perspective that I partially admit. My role in this essay is not to judge or analyze experiences or the evidence provided by him. But the surprising thing is that all this material has not yet been subjected to any independent scientific scrutiny (at the moment it has just started), hence no one can currently offer a diagnostic comment about his photos and films that is considered a definitive scientific verdict.

Certainly Ray Stanford has developed a body of theory whereby unidentified aerial objects with structural details that he has observed and filmed show evidence of exotic physics, generating electromagnetic and gravitational phenomena. He has expressed his willingness to cooperate with independent investigators and, in my view, he should be allowed the opportunity to express his findings, in a manner and manner that others can carry out the necessary verifications to draw independent conclusions about the nature and meaning of images recorded on film. This is a challenge that cannot be ignored.

That Stanford has a natural eye ability for recognition that scratches the extraordinary, no one can deny. Inspecting ancient stream beds in Prince George’s County, Maryland, he discovered the earliest known dinosaur footprints from the Mesozoic (Lower Cretaceous) period. He is also a discoverer of dinosaur footprints, pterodactyls, mammals, crocodiles, chelonians, and anurans that date back a whopping 112 million years.

Ray Stanford in his peculiar domestic museum.
Scientific journals such as Ichnos have published works where Stanford signs the description of his discoveries in the company of distinguished scientific personalities, such as Dr. Robert Weems of the US Geological Survey and Professor of Geology Dr. Martín Lockley, from the University of Colorado. In fact, following one of their findings, a new footprint classification has been created, the new genus Hypsiloichnus ( hypsilofodontide footprint) and the new species marylandicus (from Maryland). It is a new family of footsteps, front and rear, of a type of dinosaur unknown until now

Among many others, Ray has also found “antediluvian” impressions of the passage of sauropods, the first found east of the Mississippi River and, like the others, exhaustively photographed. Specifically, these are hand and foot prints of a pre-adolescent sauropod brachiosaurus of just 36 centimeters in length called Astrodon johnstoni by experts. Many of these rocks imprinted with prehistoric footprints accumulate in the living room of the Stanford house – a 115-year-old mansion that thus resembles a true museum – so many that the hundreds of kilos of fossil weight has made it advisable to review the foundations of the building.

All this adds even more uniqueness to the figure of Ray Stanford, who, on November 6, 2004, was one of the invited speakers at the annual conference of the German group MUFON-CES, which was held in the German city of Frankfurt. . In the course of it, he developed the theme “Magneto-metric, gravito-metric and optical phenomena in daytime UFO encounters”. On the occasion of his trip to Europe, we agreed to meet at a hotel in the Bavarian countryside, near Feldkirchen-Westerham, where Ray was to stay the day after his talk for a meeting with several members of the organizing organization. Set in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by soft grassy hills and groves with autumn-tinged leaves, the setting seemed very suitable for a quiet gathering.

The final summary of this swift examination of part of his vast graphic material indicates that the evidence in images of alleged UFO phenomenology provided by Ray Stanford shows apparently fascinating anomalies that cry out for a thorough analysis and independent study by the most qualified staff. Apparently, some aerospace engineers who have examined the Stanford footage have stated that they contain – nothing less – than “propulsion diagnostic elements.”

Upper Nasal Cavity Mystery Implant Recovered

Without doubt one of the most strangest physical things we ever came across was a mysterious implant recovered from the upper nasal cavity of Mrs Elaine Waite, from the London area, and later examined under the Electron Microscope, revealing some stunning images.

The fact, that Elaine has a background of numerous UFO / Paranormal experiences going back many years, does not reinforce any view that what was recovered owes its origin to any Alien’ Implant’- we feel that such considerations would not be proper under the circumstances, taking into consideration the hype attached to the subject.

The hope that such ‘implants’ when first discovered would offer irrefutable evidence of an interaction between an Alien species, and the human subject, (confirming the Abduction Process itself) has sadly not come up to expectations.

Prior to, relating the circumstances in which the subject herself recovered the ‘object’, it is of much value to outline briefly the catalogue of unexplained events, which took place prior to the discovery made by Mrs Elaine Waite (who is to be commended for her courage in revealing her identity).

It began for her in 1969,when she was living with her parents in Greenford, West London, during an early morning visit to the bathroom, when she noticed an ‘Orange Ball of Light’ hovering over the house some twenty five feet off the ground which at first she thought to be a reflection, but on closer examination realised that this Orange Ball seemed in some way to be Alive.

She admits she was so frightened she wet herself. The  following morning she told her parents what had happened, they dismissed it as a dream, but couldn’t understand why there was a wet patch on the carpet floor?

Over the following   years Elaine experienced various medical problems, including a blood disorder, which the Doctors were unable to diagnose together with the appearance of a number of strange bruises and lumps in her pelvic region.

upper nasal cavity implant

During the mid 90’s she began to experience vivid dreams, including the stereo typed ‘Abduction scenarios, and the discovery of small watery blisters in a triangular pattern on her chest.

upper nasal cavity implant

On the 14th of May 1997, after experiencing considerable discomfort in her upper nasal cavity, Elaine blew her nose into a tissue and noticed what looked like a tiny piece of metal.

Realising that this was something highly unusual she placed the object into a sealed container where it was eventually hand delivered to a University in the UK, where it was examined under the Electron Microscope.

–Subsequent Energy Dispersive X-Ray (EDX) analysis could only detect hydrocarbon (plastic) with no presence of hydrogen or chlorine.

What astounded us was the size of the ‘fragment’ and its most peculiar shape, convex at its one end with a ‘hook’ at the other, illustrating that tiny objects like this hardly perceptible to the human eye exist. Obviously we cannot say with any conviction that the recovery of such an object could be deemed as evidence of any Alien implant, but remain fascinated as to its origin and the circumstances surrounding its recovery!

Trindade Island UFO Photo Report

Title: Trindade Island UFO

trindade island ufo

Date of Information: 21-27 Feb 1958

Serial No: 39-58

Date of Report: 11 March 1958

From: U.S. Naval Attaché, Rio de Janeiro

Evaluation 303


BRAZIL-Navy-Flying Saucer Photographed from ALMIRANTE SALDANHA
Encl: (1) Set of 4 Brazilian Navy photographs of subject.

1. Announcement. On 21 February, two of the leading newspapers in Rio de Janeiro printed photographs showing an alleged Trindade Island UFO photographed from Brazilian naval ship, ALMIRANTE SALDANHA, at approximately midday on 16 January 1958 while the ship was anchored off Trindade Island some 600 miles east of Rio de Janeiro. The ship at the time was engaged in research as part of Brazilian Navy participation in the International Geophysical Year.2. Photographer. The Trindade Island UFO photographs themselves were taken by a freelance (?) photographer, Almiro Baruna, using his Rolleiflex camera set at speed 125., lens opening 8, and were developed in a laboratory in ALMIRANTE SALDANHA. This gentleman has a long history of photographic trick shots and is well known for such items as false pictures of treasure on the ocean floor. Another time he prepared a purposely humorous article, published in a magazine, entitled “A Flying Saucer Hunted Me at Home,” using trick photography. Baruna, after the release of his latest “flying saucer” photographs, told the press that the Navy secret service had interrogated him for four hours concerning his photos. “The negatives were projected in large size on a screen. If there were any trick, the gigantic projection would have revealed it. After questioning by officers of the Estado-Maior, the Chief of the secret Service, the senior officer present said to me, ‘I am going to ask you a few questions. Don’t be offended because I don’t doubt the authenticity of your photos but I need to hear from you. If you were going to make a flying saucer appear on a negative, how would you proceed?’ ‘Commandante, I am an able photographer specialized in trick photography but not one would withstand close and accurate examination.'”3. Brazilian Navy Stand. Immediately after the photographs of the flying saucer were publicized, the Brazilian Navy refused to make any official statement confirming or denying the incident. However, proofs from the original negatives were sent to the other armed forces and the President via an officer-messenger who related the complete story. According to the press, the narration so impressed Mr. Kubichek that he became convinced of the veracity of the happening.On 24 February, three days after the photos were first publicized in the press, the Navy Ministry finally made an official statement: “With reference to the reports appearing in the press that the Navy is opposed to divulge the facts concerning the appearance of a strange object over Trindade Island, this Cabinet declares that such information has no basis. The Ministry has no motive to impede the release of photographs of the referred to object taken by _______ who was at Trindade Island at the invitation of the Navy, and in the presence of a large number of the crew of ALMIRANTE SALDANHA from whose deck the photographs were taken. Clearly, this Ministry will not be able to make any pronouncement concerning the object seen because the photographs do not constitute sufficient proof for such purpose.”4. Statements of SALDANHA Personnel. On the morning after the photos of the flying saucer were published in the press (February 22), the ALMIRANTE SALDANHA departed Rio to continue its mission in connection with the IGY. Two days later, however, the ship docked at Santos (February 24) for voyage repairs and this was the first chance that newspapermen had an opportunity to interview officers and men aboard. The Assistant Naval Attaché was in Santos at this time in connection with the visit of USCGS WESTWIND (Aluena Rio IR 36-58 of 10 March) and and had an opportunity to visit aboard. The commanding officer, Capitao-de-Mar-e-Guerra (CAPT) Jose Santos Saldanha de Gama, had not seen the object and was noncommittal. The executive officer also had not seen it but, arriving shortly thereafter, had formed the opinion that those on deck had seen it. The captain had reported that his secretary, a LCDR, had seen it but this officer when personally questioned avoided discussing the matter. Later, it was learned that the photographer was accompanied to the darkroom by an officer who waited outside the door while Baruna developed the negative alone.At the time of the official visit of the commanding officer of WESTWIND to ALMIRANTE SALDANHA, Capt. Saldanha de Gama freely discussed the flying saucer and showed the original proofs to the callers but again did not commit himself.5. Publicity. The press reports after the publication of the photographs covered a great deal of newspaper space for about a week, tending to prove or disprove the authenticity of Baruna’s photographs. DIARIO CARICCA reported that personnel of SALDANHA were under rigid orders of silence. O GLOBO published a story with photographs by photographer _________ of flying saucers (China) taken at Cabo Frio.Federal Deputy Sergio Magalhaws sent a note to the Navy Ministry on 27 February protesting the Navy’s failure to secure sworn statements of witness. “For the first time in flying saucer history, the phenomenon was attended by large numbers of persons belonging to a military force which give these latest photographs an official stamp. Threats to national security require official attention and action,” said the Deputy. In the middle of all the publicity, other “flying saucer” sighting reports came out including a naval officer who saw a flying saucer a month before sighting from SALDANHA off the coast of Espirito Santo. CO and crew of ATA TRIDENTE said flying saucer several days before SALDANHA sighting but kept information secret.

Preparing Officer’s Comments:

1. Most flying saucer stories are not worth wasting much time or effort, but this story apparently substantiated by official Navy photographs taken in the presence of large number of Navy personnel under closely controlled and almost ideal circumstances should have absolutely proved the existence of an unidentified flying object. Unfortunately, further investigation provided only frustration at every turning. A number of Brazilian Navy officers profess to believe the story implicitly but whether they have more information than we is unknown.2. There appear to be only two explanations for this peculiar incident:a) Some overwhelming power has told the Brazilian Navy not to officially verify Trindade Island UFO (which they should easily be able to do, if it occurred) nor to deny it (which they should easily be able to do, if it is a fake). I personally do not believe that anyone has told the Brazilian Navy to keep quiet about it because there has been no hint of such suppression in either Brazilian or U.S. circles; and also because I doubt their control of the individual officers and men is good enough to hold the line.b) The whole thing is a fake publicity stunt put on by a crooked photographer and the Brazilian Navy fell for it. This seems like the most likely considering Brazilians’ love from sensationalism and gossip, their well-known propensity for never letting the truth stand in the way of a good story, and general bureaucratic inefficiency.3. In addition, the photographs furnished by the Brazilian Navy are unconvincing. Details of the land are extremely sharp but the disc is hazy and has little contrast and shows no shadow effect. It also appears that the object was inverted in photograph 2 compared to 1 and 3. Also the papers have mentioned extremely high velocities and there appears to be no lateral blurring as would occur with any reasonable shutter speed.4. It is the reporting officer’s private opinion that a flying saucer sighting would be unlikely at the very barren island of Trindade, as everyone knows Martians are extremely comfort-loving creatures.

Prepared and forwarded:
S/M. Sunderland
Capt, USN.

The Blue Book files on this case also contain a dispatch from Rio de Janeiro of February 25, 1958, which stated that the Brazilian Navy Ministry confirmed the UFO sighting and photos as real. The dispatch stated:

The Brazilian Navy Ministry vouched today for the authenticity of the trindade island ufo photographs of a “flying saucer” taken recently aboard the Navy survey ship, Almirante Saldanha. Navy Minister Adm. _____ said after meeting with President Kubichek in the summer presidential palace at Petropolis, that he also vouched personally for the authenticity of the pictures.The Navy has a great secret which it cannot divulge because it cannot be explained,” the minister said.

“One would think that our own government would have enough diplomatic contacts in Brazil to confirm or deny officially the authenticity of the photographs. In any case, the Brazilian UFO photos remain in the Blue Book files under the listing of “Hoax.” Perhaps only the Brazilian government will ever know for sure.”

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