10 Unsolved Ancient Mysteries of the World

I have listed here 10 unsolved ancient mysteries of the world. Some of them you may know but others are very mysterious… I plan on releasing a blog post for each to go into more detail.

10. The mysterious stones from Lake Winnipesaukee

mysterious stones from Lake Winnipesaukee

Although the stone was found next to a lake in 1872, it is still not known what it is. It’s an egg-shaped and smooth object with some seemingly random symbols on it. In addition, the holes found on the bottom and at the top of this ice could only have been made with advanced tools, which did not yet exist on the presumed date of manufacture.


9. Dogu

Dogu Artifact

Over the past few years, 18,000 of these tiny Dogu sculptures have been found across Japan. They are between two and ten thousand years old and they differ only minimally from one another. One knows neither their use nor their object of representation. If you’d like to see more sculptures in abundance that can be found in different locations, then check out number 6. 


8. The Quimbaya Planes

The Quimbaya Planes

The Quimbaya artefacts are probably the most famous finds ever found in Colombia. They are made up of dozens of small gold objects. These were left behind by the Quimbaya peoples, but what is most interesting about it is that they are shaped like small planes. Many people believe that these little figures are evidence that the tribe could fly, or at least knew how to do it.

7. The Rongorongo Tablets

The Rongorongo Tablets

While Easter Island is known for its large sculptures, these finds here are probably even more mysterious than these. Explorers have found these tablets but have not been able to decipher them. It could be the last evidence of the Rongorongo language in history, but nobody knows. In case you think this is crazy, see number 3 for another example of inexplicable blackboards.

6. The Lizard Men

The Lizard Men

Few unsolved ancient mysteries of the world are as mysterious as this one in the Middle East. These figures appear to show various reptile-like creatures and are approximately 7,000 years old. Each figure is shown in a different position. All of the lizard men were found in Iraq. Historians have absolutely no idea what these represent or mean. Certainly, however, they look like strange alien creatures.

5. The Piri Reis Map

The Piri Reis Map

In the late 1920s, a group of historians made a landmark discovery. They discovered an ingenious map that was written in 1513 by the famous admiral of the Turkish Navy, Piri Reis. However, not only is the discovery itself worth mentioning, but it also became mysterious. The self-drawn map showed almost every continent on earth, even Antarctica. However, this had not yet been discovered during his lifetime.

4. The Antikythera Mechanism

The Antikythera Mechanism

These are believed to be the world’s first remains of a mechanical computer. The item comes from ancient Greece and was found 45 meters below the surface of the water. This technical progress exceeds much that was attributed to the ancient Greeks at that time. This contradicts all previous assumptions.

3. Sumerian King List

Sumerian King List
In the 20th century a stone tablet was found on which the information of each king of the Sumerian Empire was listed. The stone tells about their names, their reigns and the place. It is very strange that in addition to historically proven rulers, some rulers from myths are named and some even had reigns for thousands of years. Why are these listed?

2. Roman Dodecahedron

Unsolved Ancient Mysteries of the World
These small dodecahedron-shaped hollow objects are made of either stone or bronze. They date back to the 2nd or 3rd century and about 100 pieces have been found across Europe. Despite their long history, nobody really has any idea what they are used for. Some believe it was intended as a dice or a distance measurement tool, but none of this has yet been proven.

1. The Voynich Manuscript

There are many ancient and mysterious books in world history. But none like this one. Supposedly it was written in northern Italy in the 14th century, but that’s all you know about it. The book is written left to right and it also bears some illustrations and diagrams. Despite the hundreds of experts trying to decipher the content of the book, the writing system is still unknown today and has not yet been deciphered.

Sergeant Clifford Stone Aliens Investigator

Sergeant Clifford Stone Aliens Investigator is a unique case among UFO witnesses and investigators. For 22 years, he was part of an elite, top-secret US military group that was rushed to crash sites to recover alien ships and their occupants. Since retiring from the Army, he has spent his time filing FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests to investigate government records. which intelligent life forms visit our planet, in vessels that are able to travel very quickly distances of several light years, breaking free from commonly accepted physical limitations. Moreover, he argues that the recovery of these ET vesselsand various artefacts, has enabled our government to make significant advances in science, which have enormous potential for improving our living conditions.

Like so many others, he reveals that this knowledge is buried deep in secret programs that escape Constitutional controls and guarantees, and that despite the end of the Cold War, those who master these ‘confidential projects’ ( black projects) made sure to confiscate these major discoveries in their own interests and for reasons known only to them.

Sergeant Clifford Stone Aliens Investigator testifies today to encourage citizens and our elected representatives to launch the necessary investigations, to put an end to these circumventions of the Constitution, and to succeed in exposing this powerful and camouflaged organization which acts under our noses and in our heavens.

Clifford Stone was born in Portsmouth, Ohio. He has very early memories of contact with ETs, and this connection continues today. At the age of eight, an Air Force captain befriended him, and this relationship continued until he entered adulthood. During the Vietnam War, he felt a need to enlist in the Air Force, but was dismissed due to a skin condition which earned him a 4F classification. It was his friend, the captain, who advised him to join the Army, and following a ‘benevolent’ medical examination, he was admitted to a job as a stenographer, 

On their arrival, they benefited from this friend’s accreditations to break into Pentagon basements, then they boarded a tram, and shortly after, arriving in a room, he had to know of circumstances which challenge the imagination. Her career has never been linear, and for a young recruit it was a sudden and unexpected dive into the deepest secrets of the country, namely that ETs are a reality, and that we manage to recover a lot of ships intact, as well as hundreds of ET artifacts around the world. Better still, we are able to understand most of their technologies and we have even retro-designed some ET devices After 22 years of working with ET machines, and ETs who remained alive, injured, or dead,

“Stone emphasizes that this practice of secrecy is unconstitutional and that it escapes the control of our elected representatives who are kept apart. In fact, we are dealing with a secret government, installed in the heart of our society, which has considerable assets, resources, and knowledge.
This illegal government operates out of all control, and without the approval of the Executive or Legislative bodies.
Mr. Stone’s courageous attitude, despite the resistance of the dark forces, is to bear witness in mainly claiming:

  • that those who are in the know recognize that the UFO (s) which have been observed by millions of people around the world are on the one hand alien craft, and on the other hand retro-designed vessels of terrestrial origin,
  • the dissemination of a mass of information and materials which demonstrate that intelligent life visits our planet, in collusion with several successive governments for decades,
  • that the information be published which will allow our Constitutional government to regain control of these strictly compartmentalized programs, in order to restore confidence in our system of government and military organizations,
  • finally, that pressure be exerted on our government so that it is brought to share, with its citizens and with the world, the truth about the existence of ETs and their technologies.

With this information, we can begin to envision our place in the universe and the kind of relationship we can have with another intelligent life. Sergeant Stone is the person who can provide us with the extraordinary proof that this extraordinary assumption calls for, and stimulate all those who are in a position to claim the share of the inheritance which is due to all mankind. 

Most Important Alien Species In Interaction With Humanity

There are a large number of alien species that currently interact with Earth and the human population. In a 1998 interview, Clifford Stone, a retired U.S. Army sergeant who had served in the U.S. Army for 22 years and participated in covert operations aimed at recovering alien ships and extraterrestrial biological entities (EBE ), revealed that there were a total of 57 extraterrestrial races known to the U.S. military. Among this group of extraterrestrial races, a number are more active than others and it can be argued that they have the most importance for human evolution and sovereignty.

The report distinguishes between these extraterrestrial races on the basis of their belonging to one or the other of two distinct groups. The first group includes extraterrestrial races with whom the “shadow governments” responsible for extraterrestrial affairs have made agreements and even collaborated on several joint projects. The vast body of interlocking agreements between these races and the “shadow government” in the United States and elsewhere suggests the existence of a complex of military-industrial-extraterrestrial interests. There is also a second group of extraterrestrial races that are not part of this network of clandestine agreements between extraterrestrial races and “shadow governments” / national security agencies. Most “contactees” declare that these races are “friendly” with human interests,

This report will first describe the group of extraterrestrials that are part of a military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex that, although primarily associated with the United States, has global reach. The report will then describe the second group of extraterrestrials who have refused to be associated with the military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex. This distinction between extraterrestrial groups helps to highlight the complex ethical, legal and political dimensions to understanding how different extraterrestrial races choose whether or not to cooperate with the military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex. Understanding the motivations and activities of the most important extraterrestrial races will go a long way in answering questions about the appropriate policies to be adopted;
Extraterrestrial Races Motivations and Activities Report – A Typology of the Most Important Extraterrestrial Races Interacting with Humanity

The most compelling accounts of the various extraterrestrial races come from “whistleblowers”, such as Sergeant Stone, who served for extended periods in the military and / or companies participating in “black projects”; as well as “contactees” who have had direct physical contact with and communicated with extraterrestrials. This includes both “contactees” in the classic sense of those who have willingly interacted with extraterrestrial races and “abductees” who have been unwittingly incorporated into extraterrestrial programs. I will first cite some of the main sources of information on the various alien races typically operating on Earth,

While the accuracy of the information provided by the whistleblowers and contactees presented in this report may give rise to much debate, I have already argued that “whistleblowers” ​​and “contacts” provide the information. strongest sources of evidence for the extraterrestrial phenomenon. What further contributes to reinforcing the reliability of the information provided by these “whistleblowers” and “contacted” is the consistency of the testimonies and evidence they provide, as well as the credibility of the people involved. Therefore, this report will mainly focus on the testimonies of a small number of “whistleblowers” and “contactees” whose consistency,

Here is the list of Alien Species:

  • Anunnaki
  • Sirians from Sirius B
  • Draconians
  • Reptilians
  • Large Gray / White
  • Little Gray
  • Pleiadians
  • Vegalians
  • Lyriens
  • Telosians

Alien species outside the military-industrial-complex

On February 20, 1954, a delegation of human-like extraterrestrial races met with the Eisenhower administration in an unsuccessful effort to reach agreement on the United States’ thermonuclear nuclear weapons program. The apparent obstacle was that these alien races were unwilling to provide technology that could be used by the military-industrial interests that dominated the Eisenhower administration and “gave the LA” to subsequent human / alien dialogue.

This second category of extraterrestrial races are essentially human and can easily fit into human society in the manner described by Dean and others, where they can be indistinguishable from the rest of humanity. These races are described as belonging to star systems such as the Lyre, Vega, Pleiades, Sirius, Procyon, Tau Ceti, Ummo, Andromeda and Arcturus, which provided some of the genetic material necessary for the seeding of humanity on Earth. According to Alex Collier, a total of 22 alien races provided genetic material for the “human experiment.” These include the Reptilian, Gray and Anunnaki alien species described above, as well as the races of this second group that Collier describes as “benevolent”:

As a product of alien genetic manipulation, we have a large gene pool made up of numerous racial memory banks, also including at least 22 different races. Because of our genetic makeup, and because we are a spiritual spirit, benevolent extraterrestrial races actually consider us “kings.”

Due to this genetic connection, the aliens in this group outside of IMCS apparently view humanity in the same way that a protective parent might perceive a teenage son / daughter in a dangerous environment. The vital interests of the races in this category are to ensure that global humanity evolves responsibly without endangering both itself and the great galactic community of which it is a part.

This group of extraterrestrials has two parts. The former are “aliens” who have historically inhabited the underground dwellings of Earth and are described as remnants of ancient human civilization which followed a separate evolutionary path from humanity on the surface. The latter are extraterrestrials who have origins “outside the world”, but which present humanoid characteristics to the point that some of them can easily mingle with the rest of humanity without being easily identified.

Here is the list of Alien Species:

  • Arcturians
  • Alpha Centaurians
  • Ummites
  • Sirians from Sirius A
  • Andromedans
  • Tau Cetianens
  • Pleiadians
  • Vegalians
  • Lyriens
  • Telosians

Charles Hall Tall Whites Alien Disclosure

Charles Hall tall whites aliens were first discovered in 1965. On August 2010, information technology expert Charles Hall (who was a first-class soldier in the US Air Force) published a book in which he disclosed to the public that he had contact with the same kind of human and alien creatures. This alien creature is clearly different from the Nordic alien (in terms of human attitudes), and Hall named it the “tall white alien.” The various contact cases occurred in 1965 and 1967, when Hall was serving at Nellis Air Force Base. Nellis Air Force Base was built in the desert zone of Vada, where the natural scenery is like Mars. At that time, Hall’s task was to observe the weather. He was mainly responsible for releasing and tracking the balloon to measure the wind speed and then report it to the base commander. However, during his mission, he encountered a group of aliens one after another. It was a group of tall, white-skinned aliens, long in human form, but different from any race on earth. This group of aliens came to Hall’s weather observation cabin many times, and they could use some kind of “instrument” to rain.

Hall did not report the situation to the higher-level officers. In fact, the commander of the base knew it well, because the soldiers who had been engaged in observation missions had been attacked by such aliens, and many soldiers were warning them. I had to give up his job. In the past seven years, the number of meteorological observers on the Nellis Mountains has changed as many as 41. Many of them suffered from “death threats” from aliens and had mental breakdowns and had to be hospitalized. What is less known is that many more people were killed by tall white aliens. One of the soldiers chose to defect from the army in order to survive. His friend provided him with a shelter until the US Air Force officially dismissed him. Recently, this soldier also signed the sighting report submitted by Hall.

Once, the Charles Hall Tall Whites alien attacked Hall’s observation post without warning, wounded his neck, and abandoned the bleeding Hall in the desert. In this desperate situation (lonely and in no man’s land), Hall actually stopped the blood with sand and saved his life. Regarding this point, some UFO researchers did not understand. They said that the Charles Hall tall whites aliens must have hypnotized Hall when he hurt him, so why do the memories of the hurt remain in Hall’s memory? What? Do these aliens want to use this to intimidate humans on Earth?

20 years after Hall left the army, he began to write drafts of his sightings. For example, he disclosed that tall white aliens had built a large flying saucer base deep in the desert, and he also took several precious photos. In addition, through long-term encounters and contacts, Hall also learned many secrets of the tall white aliens.

Hall said that these tall white aliens are 1.8 meters to 2.2 meters tall and look very thin. The color of the skin is pale, and from the appearance, there are several obvious differences between them and humans on Earth. The lifespan of tall white aliens is 10 times longer than that of humans. They don’t have the concept of “years” on the earth. When converted to earth standards, 400 years are regarded as a middle line of life by them. They will be around 800 years old. Died from organ failure. In many ways, the body structure of tall white aliens is similar to that of humans, that is, they are vertebrates that walk upright on two feet, have human faces, and so on. If you wear the right clothes, tall white aliens can mix into the Las Vegas crowd.

The Charles Hall Tall Whites aliens have a strong ability to imitate, but some of them sound like voices. In other words, we can’t hear what they are saying. Generally speaking, they sound like a dog barking or a meadow pipit singing. However, some tall white aliens can imitate human speech, and in fact can talk to humans normally. Tall white aliens can imitate humans making phone calls mischievously without being noticed. They also have a special device that can quickly translate various languages ​​spoken by humans into their heads. Sometimes, Hall actually heard English conversations between tall white aliens.

In terms of action, Charles Hall Tall Whites aliens are much more agile than humans. They can quickly respond to human statements. If they think that someone on Earth poses a threat to them, they will cut off without warning. Drop this person’s throat and let him bleed to death. Every tall white alien carries a pencil-like weapon that can stun, kill or hypnotize humans. In addition, this weapon can also cause severe pain in humans. When tall white aliens feel angry, frightened, or threatened, they often use this weapon to punish humans.

Although tall white aliens sometimes behave friendly, they always have an attitude of arrogance and prejudice towards humans. They seem to know the social structure of humans well. Hall once saw a senior US military officer talking with a tall white alien, but the tall white alien was full of contempt for lower-level officers and soldiers. Hall believes that the tall white alien plays with him many times because he is regarded as a “pet”.

The tall white aliens operating near Nellis Air Force Base have family organizations, but they are quite different from human families. They seem to love their children very much, and their children grow up in the bushes and receive education. Tall white aliens think control is very important, and they think it is necessary to control their pets. For example, this group of aliens has been monitoring Nellis Air Force Base. In everyone’s minds, perhaps it is impossible to imagine that the appearance and behavior style of aliens are so similar to humans. Some analysts believe that the establishment of a base deep in the Nellis Desert by tall white aliens is similar to the establishment of colonial strongholds in the New World after Columbus discovered the American continent. According to this speculation, tall white aliens are not very advanced species in the universe. Their technology may only be hundreds of years advanced than humans, so their souls and ways of thinking are not much higher than humans. Maybe by 2300, humans will have the same technological level as the tall white aliens.

While talking to the tall white alien, when Hall mentioned the Arcturus in the constellation of Boves (36 light-years from Earth), an elderly female tall white alien exclaimed in surprise: ” Does Charles (referring to Hall) know where we are from?” Hall tried to ask the tall white aliens from which planet they came from many times, but they all pretended that even if they said which planet it was, the earthlings could not distinguish clearly. But in fact, humans have already observed many planets in the universe, and tall white aliens are just trying to cover up their parent stars. However, through telepathy, Hall realized that Arcturus or planets close to Arcturus were very important to tall white aliens. From a human point of view, Arcturus is unlikely to give birth to intelligent life. Arcturus is 36 light-years away from the earth, 21 times the diameter of the sun, twice the mass of the sun, and 215 times the brightness of the sun (98 times). The effective surface temperature reaches several thousand degrees Celsius.

The real home of the tall white alien may be elsewhere. In an E-mail sent in early August 2010, Hall pointed out: “I cannot be sure where the home planet of the tall white aliens is, but I guess their planet is about 105 light-years away from the Earth.” Yes Statistics show that the tall white aliens had already arrived on Earth during the Madison period (James Madison was in. 1809 and 1813 as the president of the United States). Hall believes that tall white aliens use the Earth’s base as an intermediate station for long-distance interstellar travel. They may have larger colonies in farther places, and must pass through the solar system when returning to their home star. According to the sky map, if the parent star of the tall white aliens is Arcturus, they may return to their homeland through other galaxies; and if their parent star is about 105 light-years away from the earth, they will travel to galaxies farther away. It is necessary to establish a transit station on the earth.

It is worth noting that tall white aliens chose the desert of Nevada, USA as their base, which probably means that the environment of their home planet is similar to that there. UFO researcher Michael Sarah analyzed the purpose of tall white aliens coming to the earth. He believes that these aliens are conducting “intelligence activities” on the earth in order to formulate the next action plan.

Although the gap between the two sides may be only a few hundred years, the current technological level of tall white aliens is significantly higher than that of humans. Their deep spacecraft are used for interstellar navigation, and the reconnaissance spacecraft are dedicated to exploring the earth. The specific data parameters of these two types of aircraft are as follows:

The deep spaceship is 500 meters long, 300 meters wide, and 70 meters high. The color is black (black titanium). The cab has two windows in the center and four portholes on each side.

The reconnaissance spacecraft is the size of a bus, and it is white in color. There are no windows in the driver’s cab. There are one or two portholes on each side.

Hall said that deep spacecraft can travel faster than light, and it will take two to three months for the tall white aliens to return to their home planet from the earth. Surprisingly, the reconnaissance spacecraft are all assembled on the earth to adapt to the earth’s environment.

So, where is the earth base of the tall white aliens located? Hall claimed that their base was built between the Pintwater Mountains and the Nevada desert, where the tall white aliens were divided into four regions , Including: the main base is in the northwest of the dog bone lake, with deep spacecraft parked; after entering the tunnel population, there are alien underground residential areas; in the desert wadi north of the dry lake bed, there are tall white aliens favorite In the Indian Spring Canyon, there are two warehouses for the spacecraft. Hall recalled that he had seen a heavily damaged deep spacecraft flying from outer space. Hall believed that the tall white aliens might have been in conflict with an alien race, and the spacecraft was injured by the opponent. Later the earth base was repaired.

Hall tried to please the children of tall white aliens. The tall white aliens said: “We love our children more than you (humans).” Charles Hall Tall Whites discovery had been found that in the mid-1960s, the US military once provided clothing to the children of tall white aliens, the U.S. Air Force spent nearly 600,000 U.S. dollars for this. This funding was funded by the U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff John P. Special approval by General McConnell. Admiral McConnell also ordered the purchase of children’s clothing in big cities such as New York. At that time, there were more than 200 alien children in the tall white alien base. However, there are many signs that tall white aliens do love their children, but it is a different matter to humans. Their cooperation with the top U.S. Air Force is just mutual use.

Five Unexplained Ancient Artifacts

Regarding this world, one thing is beyond doubt, there are still many unexplained ancient artifacts waiting to be discovered on the earth. Every discovery seems to indicate that we are unraveling the mystery of earth’s unexplained ancient artifacts. On the other hand, there are many discoveries that have been excavated, but they are also bothering human beings. We are going to introduce to you 5 unexplained ancient artifacts that scientists have not yet been able to explain.

1. The London Hammer of 400 million years

unexplained ancient artifacts

The London hammer is a hammer made of iron and wood found in the area called London in Texas, USA in 1936. Part of the hammer is embedded in the nodules of limestone, which makes it regarded by some as an abnormal artifact. People cannot help but ask how an obviously man-made tool was wrapped in a 400 million-year-old rock. .

This metal hammer is about 15.24 cm long and 2.5 cm in diameter. This makes some people think that this hammer is not used for large-scale projects, but for delicate work or soft metals. According to the study of the Columbia Institute of Metallurgy, the handle inside has undergone a carbonization process, and the head of the hammer is constructed with iron purity that only modern technology can achieve. According to analysis, the head of the hammer consists of 97 pure iron, 2% chlorine and 1% sulfur. This makes it difficult to explain how it appeared in the 400 million-year-old rock. In 1983, after Karl Borg, who advocated creationism, bought the hammer, it began to attract wider attention. Karl Borg claimed that this hammer was “a landmark’pre-Flood’ discovery.” He used this as the basis for speculating on how the Earth’s atmospheric quality before the Flood promoted the growth of giant organisms. This hammer is now on display in the Museum of Evidence of His Creation, which sells copies of the hammer to visitors.


2. The Hungry Saqqara

The Hungry Saqqara

The Hungry Saqqara is the name of an ancient Egyptian sculpture whose history is believed to date back to the pre-dynastic period. Little is known about the origin and origin of this statue. It is now in the collection of Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. It is a sculpture that is 67 cm long and weighs about 80 kg. This statue is carved from limestone and depicts a pair of figures sitting naked. One of them is a male, while the other is usually considered a female holding a child. These figures are famous for their slender heads and slender limbs. The paint traces on the statue indicate that it has been painted. In addition, there are some ancient inscriptions on the base of the statue, but the language has not been recognized for many years


3. Ancient Copper Scroll

Ancient Copper Scroll

In 1947, a Bedouin shepherd made an amazing discovery in a small cave in a mountain above the Dead Sea. There he found the first batch of 800 ancient manuscripts dating back to at least 70 AD. These works were named “Dead Sea Scrolls”, which provided an opportunity for biblical scholars to understand the religious thinking of that critical period.

Between 1952 and 1956, archaeologists searched for other manuscripts in caves near Qumran Valley. Fragments of the scroll were found in 11 caves. Some files are as small as thumbnail fragments, while others are intact with little damage. Many are written on paper or leather.

However, the reel labeled 3Q15 is an anomaly. It is different from its group of manuscripts in almost all aspects. It is written in different Hebrew languages. It is not made of leather or papyrus, but a piece of almost pure copper paper. It was found alone in the back of a cave. The nature of the content is not literature or doctrine. This is just a list of 64 items describing where to find unique and incredible treasures of inestimable value. It describes not only knowledge wealth, but wealth composed of gold and silver. As Professor Richard Freund said, among the Dead Sea Scrolls, the bronze scrolls “may be the most unique, the most important, and the most incomprehensible.”

No one really knows the true location of these so-called treasures, and some people think that the treasures are not real.


4. Sanxingdui Cultural Relics

Sanxingdui Cultural Relics

In Guanghan, Sichuan, there was an amazing discovery in the once quiet Sanxingdui village, where two huge sacrificial pits were unearthed. The unexplained ancient artifacts inside are very rare. They are not the same as any cultural relics discovered in China. These objects include animal face sculptures and masks with dragon ears, open mouths and grinning teeth, human heads with gold foil masks, huge magic wands, and huge altars. , 4-meter-high copper trees and hundreds of other unique cultural relics. However, most of the cultural relics seem to have been damaged and dumped in huge pits. Further research found that their casting time can be traced back to about 1200 BC. However, people believed that there was no such technology to create these artifacts. No one is sure how they were made.


5. The mysterious stone of Indonesia

The mysterious stone of Indonesia

Bada Valley is a megalithic site located in the Lorrindu National Park in the Poso Region of Sulawesi Island in central Indonesia. Although these boulders have not been formally classified and recorded, several hundred of them have been placed in and around the national park. Most of these boulders are carved, 30 of which depict human figures. The Bada Valley boulder was first discovered in 1908. Although more than 100 years have passed since they were first discovered, our understanding of these objects still seems very limited. For example, when these boulders were made is still uncertain. For this reason, there have been controversies for many years. Some people think that it was carved 5000 years ago, and some people think it was 1000 years ago. In addition to not knowing the year of its manufacture, the creator of the boulder is also a mystery.


Akhenaten the Venusian Alien Pharaoh

Robert Charroux, a great French prehistorian, who spent decades all over the world studying the subject of the Venusian alien species, ancient writings, and recounted the ancient Venusian Aliens on Earth and their intervention with human evolution here below, in six literary volumes that are in fact so repressed that they are not available in the United States, in bookstores, or by order.

In Asian national libraries there are also many ancient stories, up to 4000 years in the past, which explain in detail the Venusian Alien ships, their pilots, their missions on Earth, interventions in Earth affairs and the involvement in ancient interplanetary wars, the fighting of which continued on Earth. Some of these writings explain the method of propelling these alien vessels with a lot of technological detail, which seemed like legends until recent scientific discoveries that proved this science to be accurate.

Among these ancient writings there are: BOOK OF DZYAN, VAIMANIKA SASTRA, VYMANIKA SHAASTRA, MAOSOLA PURVA, etc.

Additionally, famous 1950s anthropologist / archaeologist Dr George Hunt Williamson published research describing how he studied ancient manuscripts hidden in a temple high in the South American Andes, detailing Venusian alien landings, contact and intermingling with Earthlings in ancient times.

High in the Andean Cordillera lie the ruins of one of the oldest cities ever to be discovered, Tiahuanaco, with monolithic remains so amazingly constructed that archaeologists cannot explain how it was possible for the ancients to build them.

The inscriptions found there have been translated and indicate that at the dawn of civilization a golden vessel of Venus landed there. The occupants got out of the ship and a beautiful Venusian alien woman set out to teach the primitive Indians the basic skills of a civilization!

Why are there so many “gods” with human appearances reported in ancient cultures and believed to come from Venus? Why is a Venusian alien usually described as Nordic type, beautiful, blue eyed, blonde and tall?

How is it that the Mayans had a completely precise Venusian alien calendar when the Spanish conquistadors invaded their lands. A calendar that modern science could not prove and know the precision until the fifties! It was not until 1962, then more precisely in 1965, that the true period of rotation of the planet Venus was discovered thanks to radio astronomy which, with the help of radar echoes, determined a retrograde rotation in 243 days terrestrial hence a solar day (day / night cycle) on Venus of 117 terrestrial days].

The Incas spoke of a golden vessel that landed in the Andes and taught them about civilization. Pizarro’s invading army reported this story to the King and Queen and it was censored because “it wasn’t in the Bible”. In his book “The secret lodgings of the lion” Dr. George Hunt Williamson recounted how he found an old manuscript, in an ancient temple high in the Andes, which recounted the Venusian settlements and assistance to Earth in ancient and prehistoric times. He also reported on how some of their ships rescued enlightened survivors of earthquakes, tidal waves, floods, and pole shifts. Belief in the Venusians was common and normal in ancient times before religious (Vatican) and government censorship.

So why don’t the Venusian aliens land on the White House lawn?

According to the Venusians, during attempts to land in cities, there were Earthlings trying to kill or capture the Venusians, shooting their ship and trying to take it to acquire the technology. The “local” people of Earth are too often hostile, unfriendly and dangerous. Would you land in a huge tribe of savage headhunters and cannibals in the Amazon, who would greet you with meal ideas and shrunken heads in mind, to help them out? They would fire their darts and ask questions later, as many dead missionaries have learned! Is it certain that the Venusians can retaliate and gain the upper hand with their ray cannons?

The Venusians, however, say they are completely nonviolent and prefer to observe and help from a distance rather than fight. Most of them don’t have karma on Earth and violence would give them one here!

They solve problems with love… not with war! When they become denser on this plane they lower their frequencies in order to materialize and by this fact they could really be killed by our weapons.

The Mayan calendar is a dual calendar, Earth and Venus. The Mayans used the calendar of Venus to date their sacred events in connection with the gods.

What happened with the Mayans?

We know they are all gone, just before the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors. To go where? Kidnapped by whom and how? We have our little idea above….


Venusian Alien

Pharaoh Akhenaten was one of the greatest archaeological mysteries of our time.

Venerated by some “illuminated” and nicknamed “heretic” by his successors; this Egyptian king who made so much effort to erase all traces of his passage through the land of Egypt left behind more questions than answers… moreover, his tomb still remains to be discovered.

His name means: “the one who is beneficial”.

This great mystic came to earth at the request of the Spiritual Hierarchy and Shamballah to establish the bases of a monotheism so that man does not forget his origins. It must be understood that at this period of our history, the world was sinking more and more into density and that an intervention on the part of the Hierarchy became inevitable for the survival of humanity.

By imposing on the people of Egypt the sun god (sun disk) as their only deity for more than 19 years, he succeeded in changing the course of our history.

This profound change in Egyptian spirituality was an intense shock both for the people but also for the almighty clergy of the god Amun. He forbids priests of other gods to take part in public and political demonstrations. Pharaoh did not deny any Temple, nor did he ask these priests to stop believing in their god. All these priests were put away from life in Egypt… day after day these priests saw their power diminished in favor of a new caste of priests and a single god.

Gradually, Akhenaten associated Queen Nefertiti with this change and for the first time the queen was Pharaoh’s equal in rituals towards the God Aten, which obviously displeased the clergy of Amun and their followers. Soon this clergy became a bigger and bigger threat to Pharaoh and he never did anything against them.

During his reign, Akhenaten did not come to the aid of any of the allied nations when they were attacked and captured by the enemy. The Almighty Egypt was weakening in the eyes of all… it put the military in all their states… how could Egypt not react? Month after month, the territory and the influence of Egypt were diminishing… all the generals were raging…

Also, Akhenaten is at the origin of a secret and occult group which was to be the depositary of all the Wisdom which was in the hands of Pharaoh and of the priests less and less numerous in the House of Pharaoh .

From generation to generation, Wisdom is transmitted in the greatest secrecy so that one day, when humanity is ready, this knowledge would be revealed to all for the greater good of man.

Akhenaten was a great mystic and knew that his days as those of knowledge were numbered. Only one solution could allow the light to survive a “dark” period and it was the creation of a secret group that allowed the transmission of this Wisdom beyond the Egyptian borders and to reach our days.

Where does this wisdom come from?

Egypt is first and foremost a colony of the kingdom of Atlantis.

When the Atlanteans disappeared, Egypt took in several refugees and, of course, part of the Atlantean knowledge. This also explains why the royal house and relatives were not only white but why marriages between them were so popular …

Akhenaten was an Venusian alien
He is one of the 30 children of Sanat Kumara who came with his father to save the Earth from an unprecedented disaster. Shamballah was built to welcome Sanat Kumara by his children and volunteers from the planet Venus.

According to legend, Akhenaten was adopted by his father the Pharaoh at the request of the emissaries of Shamballah. Egypt was always ruled by men and women having knowledge… since Pharaoh was the equivalent of the Pope and moreover, he was of Atlantean descent until Tutankhamun… last Pharaoh; thereafter, there were only kings bearing the name the title of Pharaoh. Note that Akhenaten was the very first ruler of Egypt to bear the name of PHARAOH (“that of the greatest of houses”).

Towards the end of his reign, tensions and plots grew more serious. One day, according to legend, Akhenaten was poisoned. As he is a “Kumara”, an Ascended Master, he simply fell unconscious. His body was locked in a sarcophagus which the priests (of Amun?) Sealed with incantations so that he would be imprisoned forever in his envelope and the sarccophagus. This stratagem worked for a while. Akhenaten freed himself and took the road to Shamballah.

The succession of Akhenaton was very eventful and the clergy of Amon gradually resumed their place and their former power. It is claimed that Nefertiti was the next Pharaoh. The last real pharaoh was Tutankhaton, he changed his name to Tutankhamun.

Horemheb, general of Tutakhamun’s armies, became Pharaoh and decided to erase all traces of the “heirs”. It is therefore thanks to his intervention that it is difficult to find some works of the House of Pharaoh under the god Aton… The sculptures were destroyed, the Temples erased the names of heretical Pharaohs, etc. This king resumed the conquests and restored Egypt’s military power. His successor was Ramses I.

Ancient alien cave discovered between China and Tibet

Chinese researchers find ancient alien cave on China-Tibet border

A group of Chinese researchers identified and explored an ancient cave so unusual that an extraterrestrial hypothesis was quickly taken into consideration.

The fascinating ruins were discovered in the remote wilderness area that makes up most of the intersection between China’s Qinghai Province and the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.

Throughout history, humans have rarely settled in this hostile and inhospitable region.
Sometimes herds of migrants cross the mountainous regions to the north.

In the region there are no industrial factories, nor the remains of civilizations with advanced metal processing capabilities.

Despite this, atop a rocky ridge called Mount Baigong is a pyramid-shaped ruin with three triangular entrances.

Two of them have collapsed, but the rest lead to an artificially dug cave that penetrates the heart of the mountain.

Hundreds of ancient metal pipes, incorporated into the cave’s walls and floors, are arranged in what appears to have been a sophisticated network for unknown purposes and origins.

The rusty tubes range from the diameter of a toothpick to 1.5 meters in diameter and connect the cave to the nearby Toson Hu, a saltwater lake 300 feet away.

On the north shore of Lake Toson, erosion has exposed hundreds of these archaic canals.

This detail led researchers to believe that whoever built the pipes was using it as a drainage system or as a system for pumping salt water from the lake.

Baffled by the complexity of the pipeline network, the researchers took samples of strange metal tubes for analysis at the Beijing Institute of Geology.

After the analyzes, the researchers had their biggest surprise.

Using a process called thermoluminescence dating, scientists were able to analyze the crystal structure of the tubes and determined that they were subjected to extreme heat around 140-150,000 years ago.

In other words, the tubes had been melted long before humans started buffering in metallurgy.

An advanced civilization that built complex structures 145,000 years before us?

The only answer would be that these structures could be foreign.

The chemical analysis also revealed more bizarre details.

The tubes had been melted using a strange alloy composed of 92% common metals and minerals such as iron oxide, silicon dioxide, and calcium oxide, but also contained 8% unknown materials.

This intriguing aspect paved the way for the extraterrestrial hypothesis.

Unable to identify the exotic 8%, the researchers turned to the remaining constituents and found another baffling aspect: the tubes contained a specific percentage of silica from Mars.

The news fell like a bomb, the story quickly went viral, and people began to flirt on Mount Baigong to see the anomalous artifacts.

They also erected a monument with a satellite dish above, a direct reference to efforts to contact extraterrestrial civilizations.

As a result, the Chinese government closed the area and sent guards to the entrance to the cave.

This attitude is very suspicious, to say the least.

Skeptics say the Baigong pipes are nothing more than the roots of fossilized trees that have settled in the sediment, hardening over the years and ultimately becoming unusual structures that have undermined everyone.

If so, why should the authorities intervene and have the site monitored by the military?

Why do the tests confirm the opposite, that it is only foreign matter and not tree bark or roots?

This situation has led conspiracy theorists to believe that Mount Baigong was once visited by an advanced alien race, possibly originating from Mars.

For some reason, they built an artificial pyramid on top of the mountain, housing what appears to have been a laboratory .

This theory is intriguing for a number of reasons.

The entire area surrounding the mountain consists of large expanses of flat land that would have been an ideal landing site for large spacecraft.

The top of the mountain is a perfect vantage point that could be used to monitor landings and takeoffs.

Recently, mining explorations have shown that the area contains various mineral deposits.

Any industrious civilization, no matter how advanced, could see the utility of extracting and managing these resources.

To do this they would need some type of power source and this is where the purpose of the tubes might become evident.

Chinese scientists wondered why the pipes entered the salt water when another freshwater lake was even closer to the pyramid.

Why the need for water containing a higher percentage of sodium chloride?

Let’s look at some of our activities and maybe we can find an answer.

Modern chemistry and production use a process called electrolysis, which essentially requires an electric current to pass through a solution or molten substance. This sets off a chemical reaction that allows the materials to separate.
When water is electrolyzed, it breaks down into hydrogen and oxygen, but only works when salt water is used.

It should be noted that a mixture of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen is commonly used as rocket fuel.

Whatever the truth behind this bewildering discovery, one thing is certain: It doesn’t seem to match any of our traditional textbooks.

The First Sighting Of UFO In Spain

The first sighting of UFO in Spain was reported by the first Ufologist of whom we have news at the national level. A Galician named Oscar Rey Brea, who became interested in the subject as a result of a  first sighting of UFO his parents had, who sighted a strange luminous object in the city of La Coruña, on October 15, 1945.

first sighting of ufo

The sixties in Spain represent some of the first sighting of UFO, and the first steps of  Ufology, at a clear popular level, since there were already some researchers on these topics.

Street people did not know much about the first sighing of UFOs, and Ufology, a word that became fashionable rather in the 70s. It was Spain that was beginning to awaken to the world, after a long post-war period.

There was talk (yes, jokingly) of green Martians and flying saucers, sporadically, but “the subject was not in fashion.” Fans of this were not very well regarded. There was no known ufological movement of the general public, except in closed circles.

A typical example of these closed circle meetings, were held in a basement of the Café de Lyon, in Madrid, called that basement “La Ballena Alegre” where, at the hands of the pioneer of contactism Fernando Sesma Manzano, some ufological gatherings were held, mainly aimed at establishing that “expected contact”, and where the Ummo affair developed in a very important way, since Fernando Sesma was one of the first recipients of the letters of the supposed ummitas beings.

Those were the times when those who cared about these issues were small university circles, although more than Ufology thought about political activities, and the Men in Black were actually in the background, alongside the men of the General Directorate of Security, they were a very real danger. Many supposedly ufological meetings actually concealed other more revolutionary activities.

Heroic times of our pioneers such as Antonio Ribera, Manuel Osuna, Ignacio Darnaude, Julio Marvizón, Manuel Filpo, Ballester Olmos, Pepe Ruesga, Calderón, Antonio José Alés, (this more than ufologist was a radio popularizer of Mystery topics, in his “Midnight” program). The list is very long.

This program, together with those of other radio and television professionals (Jiménez del Oso), made these themes fashionable, little by little, and in the 70s, and especially in the 80s, a explosion that was easing from the late 90’s.

As Manuel Osuna himself once commented to me, Ufology is like a thermometer that rises and falls at every moment, referring to the variable interest it aroused in people.

The proliferation of groups, conferences and congresses were the order of the day, and new generations of researchers burst into this ufological world ready for great things, although very little progress has been made, the truth be told.

It was, by the description made, equal to an object sighted on the Russian front by his colleagues from the Blue Division, (1943), who assumed that it was a secret weapon of the Nazis.

Was it a German UFO that III REICH is said to have produced in the closing moments of World War II? I am not going to insist on this topic at the moment so as not to hurt susceptibilities, as always happens when I refer to these alleged Nazi UFOs.

Be that as it may, that incident pushed Oscar to try to find explanations that could clarify the origin and nature of the UFO phenomenon. He was very serious and rational in his investigations, managing to unravel many of the cases investigated, attributing them a natural origin, such as unconventional meteorological phenomena, lenticular clouds, thermal inversions, hallucinations and a long etc. which served as reference material for researchers in subsequent years.

He worked alone for a long time, compiling a tremendously extensive UFO casuistry, both nationally and internationally, until he came into contact with Antonio Ribera and Eduardo Buelta, establishing a mutual collaboration between them.

Oscar Rey Brea believed to find a relationship between the sightings of unidentified flying objects and the periods of closest approach of Mars to Earth, a hypothesis that was later assumed by Antonio Ribera.
For those years, (1958), the CEI (Center for Interplanetary Studies) was created, with Antonio Ribera, Eduardo Buelta and Marius Lleguet, (the latter abandoned ufology as a result of the case of the Tarrasa suicide bombers, but we will come to that).

The first two, Ribera and Buelta considered that the origin of the UFOs, was Mars, while Marius Lleguet considered that they came from outside our Solar System.

Ribera published, in 1961, a book entitled “Unknown objects in the sky”, which became the first betseller of ufology in Spain.

The investigations of the “pioneers” were not such. In reality they accepted as good and recorded without further ado what came into their hands and their critical spirit was not very marked. Their stance was not impartial, and they always tried to “put the ember close to their sardines”, so that the publications of that time were full of errors, misinterpretations and inaccuracies.

During the year of 1954, Fernando Sesma read his articles in the newspaper “MADRID”, about flying saucers. This brought him into contact with many people interested in the subject, founding the Society of Friends of Space Visitors, an association of clear contact inclinations. Fernando Sesma Manzano is considered the first Spanish contacted, somewhat like Adamski in Celtiberian version.

In a place called Café Lyon, in the basement of the aforementioned café, (a basement that received the name of “La Ballena Alegre”), they established what could be called their headquarters, or meeting place, where they talked long and hard about the first sighting of UFOs, having as a public eminently university students and intellectuals, where characters such as Buero Vallejo and Alfonso Paso could be found.

There were, of course, phone calls, originated by supposed extraterrestrial beings, from planets with exotic names, which were taken as real, creating an environment of total contactism.

One of these aliens was called “Saliano”, a native of a planet called “Auco”, which was the subject of discussion for a time.

These supposed contacts made him very popular, being called to radio and television programs, which made the number of people attending the “La Ballena Alegre” gatherings increase, although obviously the pranksters also increased.

I will never understand why, for a long time, Fernando Sesma, a very eccentric character, had so much credibility and was not as attacked as the rest of the contactees that have been in the world have been.
Meanwhile, a male nurse named Alberto Sanmartín, strolling through a forest, meets an alien who gives him a “stone” with strange symbols.

The stone was dismembered and analyzed in different places, without knowing anything else about it and its whereabouts.

And suddenly, in San José de Valderas, an event came to add more fuel to the fire.

It was a suffocating heat, typical of that time of year, so the tree-covered area near the Castillo de San José de Valderas was full of people who used the place daily to walk, snack and play, escaping from the heat.
Suddenly it appeared, just like the first sighting of UFO, almost touching the tops of the trees, what people identify with the word flying saucer, that is, an apparatus whose shape was like two plates inverted one on top of the other and joined by their edges. There was no doubt.

It was between 15 and 20 meters in size, and in its belly it exhibited something like a letter, an “H”, but with the two vertical arms curved outwards, and the central arm crossed by another vertically, “) + (“. If we compare it with the ummitas messages, that was the symbol of UMMO, without a doubt.
The saucer flew silently, giving off a slight glow that made it appear orange.

After leaving the witnesses stunned, he took the direction of the Carretera de Extremadura and disappeared from everyone’s view.

With these ingredients, Ufology was coming to the knowledge of the general public, seasoned with some more or less surprising cases of first sighting of UFO in Spain. Those involved (the serious and the hallucinated) frequently appeared on radio and television programs, and magazines and publications on the UFO subject were gaining adherents. And ufological groups began to proliferate, many of which lasted for a very short time, but others stabilized and many survive today.

At that time, what has been called the “Case of Tivissa”, which takes its name from that locality, existing in the province of Tarragona, had become known.

It all started from news published in the press, specifically from a letter received in the editorial office of the Barcelona newscast “Tele Express”, in which an alleged witness (unlike the first sighting of UFO in Spain where only a UFO was seen) recounted an actual landing of a UFO in the Tivissa area, a UFO which, supposedly, a being morphologically resembling an octopus descended, but with four tentacles, instead of eight.

Many investigators became interested in this matter, among them Vicente Juan Ballester Olmos, who was interested in the first sighting of UFO in Spain.

Ballester is the one who keeps the complete reports of the case, copies of them, since the original information mysteriously disappeared from the CEI files, by someone who was interested in silencing the matter.

Another investigator, Julio Roca Muntañola, was also interested in the case, but he was excessively reserved, remaining silent, following the instructions of someone who could never be known. This investigator was almost totally convinced of the reality of the events in Tivissa.

In this area, just like the first sighting of UFO in Spain, sightings of unidentified objects were very common, to the point that the inhabitants of the area considered them to be normal.

The already named Vicente Juan Ballester Olmos, Félix Ares de Blas, David Gustavo López, Luis R. González, José Ruesga Montiel, and others. Who were joined by the new generations of ufologists that were aware of the first sighting of UFO in Spain.

In the Traditional part, (to call the show Ufology somewhat uncritical), was Antonio José Alex, with his program “Midnight”, which was all the rage, and filled the nights of millions of Spaniards with fantasy. The pseudo-researcher Juan José Benítez, who was widely answered, highly criticized by his fellow ufologists, for his way of understanding the subject and his almost zero credibility, and on Television Dr. Jiménez del Oso, who was a very controversial character.

The Conil Case is good proof of this, and constitutes one of the most controversial cases in the history of Ufology in Spain, which still continues to create confrontations today, without forgetting the Case of the Rodadas Bajo el Mar, with the participation of members of the CESID in collaboration with GEIFO and the alleged landing of a UFO in the town of Las Medianas, in Huelva.

The third generation of ufologists was formed from the second half of the 70s, and among them were people such as Ignacio Cabria, Joan Plana Crivillén, (who formed a team with Ballester in the Process of Declassification of Files of the Air Operative Command on the UFO phenomenon, which Benítez and his followers consider a farce, a deception), Manuel Borraz, Luis Alfonso Gámez, Jordi Ardanuy, Juan Antonio Fernández, Luis R. González, Juan Marcos Gascón and others.

Conferences and Congresses became more and more frequent, and there was a small “alien fever”.

In the eighties the ufological drought became very strong, having a very sharp downward curve, until the nineties. This demotivated many people, and some specialized magazines disappeared.
In 1996, within the Collective Notebooks of Ufology, which brought together a significant number of third-generation ufologists, and with the participation of private entities such as the CEI of Barcelona, ​​the CIOVE of Santander, GEIFO of Cádiz, and others , FUNDACION ANOMALIA, based in Santander, emerged.
Today it is an unavoidable reference for Critical Ufology in the Spanish language.

The fourth generation of Spanish ufologists is made up of very young people, among which we highlight Moisés Garrido, Fernando García Rodriguez, Marcos Benítez Campillo, Francisco del Toro, Rafael Cabello, José Manuel García Bautista, Iker Jiménez, Javier Sierra, Josep Guijarro, Manuel Carballal, Marisol Roldán and Jose A. Roldán, Jordi Jiménez, Pedro Cantó, Raúl Núñez and many others. The list of Ufologists is very long and would be boring with the relationship of any of the generations.

Why Did The Anunnaki People Leave Earth

The greatest mystery about the Anunnaki people: Why did the Anunnaki people leave Earth? What happened after the fall of Babylon?

Anunnaki People

According to research, this exodus was due to a civil war (nuclear?) Between the clans of Enki and Enlil (for political ambitions). Marduk and Ishtar have started the conflict. Marduk recaptures Babylon from Cyrus the Great of Persia in 539 BC.

The answers to these unknown questions can be found in the book The End of Ages by Zecharia Sitchin. According to this work, it all started when a Second Pyramid War took place, between the two different clans.

Anunnaki People

Anunnaki People Civil War: Enki Clans vs. Enlil clans

It was the civil war caused by Inanna / Ishtar, who wanted to control Africa and Egypt. Inanna also wanted to further develop her governorate in India.

Marduk is at a disadvantage and decides to build the city of Babylon and the Tower of Babel in order to reach the heavens (a spaceport to launch planes towards Nibiru, the planet Anunnaki).

However, Enlil causes constructors to “confuse ” the language. It was then that the Second Pyramid War broke out, with nuclear weapons destroying Sumer and the Sinai Peninsula spaceport (which Marduk wanted to control).

Babylon was able to escape the bomb attacks. With this rulership, all the kings of Babylon were obliged to worship Marduk.

The Enlil clan retreated in defeat, abandoning important temples. Later, the cult of Marduk was moved by that of the god Sin, due to the machinations of the high priestess of sin, who brought her son Nabonidus to the throne of Babylon (in 556 BC).

Anunnaki People

Taking of Babylon in honor of Marduk

Despite this, Marduk made a pact with Cyrus the Great of Persia to conquer Babylon in honor of the god. This conquest took place on October 12, 539 BC. C. and appears in the Cyrus cylinder. It was the fall of Babylon.

According to Zecharia Sitchin, the Anunnaki left Earth in two distinct groups. The Enlil clan came out first, after Marduk’s defeat in the Second Pyramid War. The second exodus was more complete, the two clans of Enki and Enlil having left after the capture of Babylon.

Anunnaki People

The End Times states that all gods left in ships from space ports in America (such as Nazca and Teotihuacán). According to the official story, this account of Sitchin is not true, neither Nazca nor Teotihuacán were spaceports of ancient aliens. Yet archaeologists have discovered very little about the fate of the Sumerian gods after Babylon and Assyria.

Crucial related information can be found in the writings of the Hurrian and Hittite civilizations (back to Turkey). They said the Anunnaki people had been banished to the Underworld by “newer ” gods , such as Tarhun, Arinnitti, and A’as (Enki himself).

Anunnaki People

This alternate story of Sitchin is therefore controversial, but the researcher provides many logical connections of important points between historical sites, historical events (such as the conquest of Babylon) and mythology, so these are matters of personal reflection.

The Tunguska Explosion: A Possible UFO Crash In 1908

The Tunguska Explosion, June 30, 1908, at 07 hours and 15 minutes, was going to be the protagonist of one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century.

In fact, and the 21st century has already begun, and despite notable efforts to unravel what the hell happened on that day in that remote area, the mystery continues, although yes, with many hypotheses around the event, each of which it is as valid or as useless as any other.

Nobody, absolutely nobody, neither scientists nor researchers of any kind, have been able to unravel the mystery. It is the same or worse than at the beginning.

A meteor?

Witnesses report the sighting of a cylindrical object, in a vertical position, enveloped in bluish flames, of an extraordinary brightness, almost as intense as the brightness of the Sun, which after performing some strange maneuvers exploded and was destroyed, affecting to a large area of ​​about 2,200 square km of forest, which was completely destroyed. Some inhabitants of the area died, or were affected by the radioactive effects caused by the event.

It was the fall of the most destructive space object in the entire historical period of Humanity.
This object was observed, in its last moments, by more than a thousand specialists belonging to the Irkutsk Observatory, each of whom would put their hand on the fire by affirming that the object, (whatever it was), carried out maneuvers that clearly indicated that it was being “piloted”. Piloted? A meteor?

Many years have passed, and even today, after so long, the devastating effects of that event are clearly visible and represent an impressive challenge for anyone investigating the facts.

It was a very busy time, socially speaking, in Russia at that time, which contributed to the fact that the event was not given the real importance it had. The First World War, which began in 1914, the Russian Civil War, which lasted until 1922, in which the idiot Stalin was the main protagonist, and all the events that convulsed the society of those days, caused the event to be forget it soon and not give it the importance it really had. The Tunguska was too far away and too isolated from the world to deserve anyone’s attention.
The existing problem would not be such, if a crater had been found, a clear indication of the fall of a meteorite object, but it is that, no matter how much it has been searched, it is nowhere to be found.

You can see all the effects that the fall of an object of these characteristics would actually cause, the devastation it would have caused, etc., etc., but the main thing is missing, the corpus delicti is missing, the crater and the remains of that supposed body are missing.

An Italian scientific expedition believes to have found the aforementioned crater, which they say is in Czech Lake, located about 8 kilometers from the epicenter of the aforementioned explosion. They believe that this lake fills the crater supposedly produced by the fall of a fragment of the extraterrestrial rock.
But other scientists deny that possibility, arguing that the vegetation around that crater, mainly trees, of an age equal to or greater than one hundred years, deny that possibility.

What fell in the Siberian Tunguska?

There is talk of a meteorite, a tiny black hole, a body of ice, a piece of comet, a portion of antimatter, a spaceship. Trees were felled by the thousands as if they were mere stalks of straw, and large herds of reindeer were charred. Smoke from burning trees flooded everything. A dense and terrifying column of gases and dust, as if it were the body of a demon, rose up to 30 kilometres high.

There is talk of a mysterious black rain, which reminds us, except for the color, of radioactive fallout. Radioactivity increased significantly in the area, and the deaths and physical mutations in the descendants of the inhabitants leave no room for doubt.

Up to 600 km from the point of the explosion, the effects of violence were noted: Animals and people rolling on the ground, people falling from their boats into the water, tremors, broken glass and crockery.

If the event had taken place over a large city, or in the vicinity of several cities, the dead would have been counted by the thousands. But the situation of the epicenter was determined at 62º lN and 101º LE, which is an almost unpopulated area, near the Tunguska river, (hence the name).

It seems, according to studies carried out by experts, that the explosion occurred at an altitude of about 6,000 meters, and that what fell to the ground for several days were strange black particles, the result of that destruction. But destruction of what? The strange black rain that fell after the Tunguska explosion might not be so strange if it was a meteorite composed of carbonaceous chondrite that exploded. Those particles tend to fall in those cases.

For about ten days before, curious and unprecedented things had been observed for their intensity and their way of manifesting. They were strange optical phenomena in the atmosphere, and they could be observed from Europe, Russia and Western Siberia. They were silvery clouds, long solar halos, and very intense bright twilights. All a mysterious and beautiful celestial show.

They increased in intensity as the day of the disaster approached and were seen during the two days after the aforementioned explosion.

And the day came when the strange visitor crossed the sky heading northwest, amidst detonations or thunder.

It did not have the typical wake of the iron composition meteorites, but instead there were a kind of rings of very intense colors, like a rainbow. And after a flash, it exploded. And there were several consecutive thunders.

Minutes after the explosion, the Irkutsk Observatory detected an electromagnetic storm, which lasted about four hours, very similar to the disturbances that occur after nuclear explosions.
The most curious are the statements of a fisherman, who describes the “body of the object”, in a very strange way for a space body of natural origin. Says the witness:

This testimony confirms, when speaking of the elongated shape, (apparently cylindrical) of the mysterious space body, the numerous statements that other witnesses make about that cylindrical shape .
the most curious are the two eyes (windows?) and fire “behind”.

He says he was going faster than airplanes today. The calculations carried out indicate a speed of about 2,500 kilometers per hour, which leads scholars of the subject to suppose that it could not be a meteorite, since it was in the process of braking, apart from the maneuvers it was carrying out before exploding.

The hypothesis of an “alien ship” involved in the Tunguska Explosion, seems to be born in the year 1946, and many characters adhered to it, including Alexander Petrovich Kazantsev, a science fiction writer, and quite a few ufologists, although it aroused a strong answer among those who are radically skeptical in everything that refers to the possibility of the visit of supposed extraterrestrial beings.

Some venture to say that there was not one but several ships, and that they were engaged in a battle, which would explain the different directions that the witnesses declare, and the maneuvers, as well as the different explosions, until everything ended in an atomic deflagration.

There really are versions of the event for all tastes, but none conclusive so far.
Each statement of the witnesses is more enlightening than those of the scientists and other expedition members who approached the area. At least they allow us to know what the object was like and how the events happened, which officially, however, has not been clarified at all.
Another of those statements is the one that follows:

“We peasants saw a blue-white celestial body pass by towards the northwest, quite high above the horizon and very bright, so much so that it was impossible to look at it directly. It looked like a vertical tube, a kind of cylinder. The sky was clear and lonely. a small cloud was visible towards the object.

The weather was hot and dry.

As the object got closer to the ground in the forest, it began to blur and blur to become a gigantic column of black smoke. Then a horrendous sound was heard It struck as if great stones were falling. The buildings shook. At the same time the cloud emitted flames of fire as the villagers gave signs of panic and ran through the streets. The women shouted, thinking that the end of the world had come.

The thing is not very clear.

At that time 2P / ENCKE, which has a cycle of only 3.3 years, was close to Earth. This comet has a bad habit of disintegrating, (it has been doing so for about 25,000 to 30,000 years), and a piece of that comet could be the object of the Tunguska Explosion. It is yet another hypothesis.

To further confuse things, the representatives of the State Foundation “Tunguska Space Phenomenon” claim that they have found remains of an alien technological artifact, I do not know what they are based on to affirm that, but in a conference on the matter they gave in Krasnoyarsk, in 1998, they have shown two bars of a metal that say that it is a material from outside our planet, and that they found in the area of ​​the explosion.

As is always the case when talking about extraterrestrial tests, they are not presented clearly, fully certified, in view of anyone who wishes to carry out any verification or study on them. Yuri Labvin is the President of the Foundation and the Director of the last expedition carried out by that society. This man has always been a staunch supporter of the hypothesis that the object that exploded in Tunguska was a UFO.

Yuri says that the occupants of this spaceship would have carried out an operation to intercept a space body that was heading in a collision course with our planet, and that it was possibly going to cause a catastrophe with incalculable consequences and during that operation they suffered some kind of mishap that forced them to attempt a forced landing, resulting in the explosion that occurred in the Tunguska area with the consequent destruction of the ship and its crew.

Tunguska Explosion

The Tunguska explosion, the largest in historical times in our world, may happen again. It could even be a space body of gigantic proportions, much larger than that of 1908, of whose existence we have no idea, but which at any time can appear and end the history of our world. Maybe someone knows the truth of what happened. It is very possible that state agencies know about it and do not want to make it known, which would only be logical if the aforementioned explosion did not have a natural origin.

The mystery continues. Maybe its better this way.

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