Most Important Alien Species In Interaction With Humanity

There are a large number of alien species that currently interact with Earth and the human population. In a 1998 interview, Clifford Stone, a retired U.S. Army sergeant who had served in the U.S. Army for 22 years and participated in covert operations aimed at recovering alien ships and extraterrestrial biological entities (EBE ), revealed that there were a total of 57 extraterrestrial races known to the U.S. military. Among this group of extraterrestrial races, a number are more active than others and it can be argued that they have the most importance for human evolution and sovereignty.

The report distinguishes between these extraterrestrial races on the basis of their belonging to one or the other of two distinct groups. The first group includes extraterrestrial races with whom the “shadow governments” responsible for extraterrestrial affairs have made agreements and even collaborated on several joint projects. The vast body of interlocking agreements between these races and the “shadow government” in the United States and elsewhere suggests the existence of a complex of military-industrial-extraterrestrial interests. There is also a second group of extraterrestrial races that are not part of this network of clandestine agreements between extraterrestrial races and “shadow governments” / national security agencies. Most “contactees” declare that these races are “friendly” with human interests,

This report will first describe the group of extraterrestrials that are part of a military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex that, although primarily associated with the United States, has global reach. The report will then describe the second group of extraterrestrials who have refused to be associated with the military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex. This distinction between extraterrestrial groups helps to highlight the complex ethical, legal and political dimensions to understanding how different extraterrestrial races choose whether or not to cooperate with the military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex. Understanding the motivations and activities of the most important extraterrestrial races will go a long way in answering questions about the appropriate policies to be adopted;
Extraterrestrial Races Motivations and Activities Report – A Typology of the Most Important Extraterrestrial Races Interacting with Humanity

The most compelling accounts of the various extraterrestrial races come from “whistleblowers”, such as Sergeant Stone, who served for extended periods in the military and / or companies participating in “black projects”; as well as “contactees” who have had direct physical contact with and communicated with extraterrestrials. This includes both “contactees” in the classic sense of those who have willingly interacted with extraterrestrial races and “abductees” who have been unwittingly incorporated into extraterrestrial programs. I will first cite some of the main sources of information on the various alien races typically operating on Earth,

While the accuracy of the information provided by the whistleblowers and contactees presented in this report may give rise to much debate, I have already argued that “whistleblowers” ​​and “contacts” provide the information. strongest sources of evidence for the extraterrestrial phenomenon. What further contributes to reinforcing the reliability of the information provided by these “whistleblowers” and “contacted” is the consistency of the testimonies and evidence they provide, as well as the credibility of the people involved. Therefore, this report will mainly focus on the testimonies of a small number of “whistleblowers” and “contactees” whose consistency,

Here is the list of Alien Species:

  • Anunnaki
  • Sirians from Sirius B
  • Draconians
  • Reptilians
  • Large Gray / White
  • Little Gray
  • Pleiadians
  • Vegalians
  • Lyriens
  • Telosians

Alien species outside the military-industrial-complex

On February 20, 1954, a delegation of human-like extraterrestrial races met with the Eisenhower administration in an unsuccessful effort to reach agreement on the United States’ thermonuclear nuclear weapons program. The apparent obstacle was that these alien races were unwilling to provide technology that could be used by the military-industrial interests that dominated the Eisenhower administration and “gave the LA” to subsequent human / alien dialogue.

This second category of extraterrestrial races are essentially human and can easily fit into human society in the manner described by Dean and others, where they can be indistinguishable from the rest of humanity. These races are described as belonging to star systems such as the Lyre, Vega, Pleiades, Sirius, Procyon, Tau Ceti, Ummo, Andromeda and Arcturus, which provided some of the genetic material necessary for the seeding of humanity on Earth. According to Alex Collier, a total of 22 alien races provided genetic material for the “human experiment.” These include the Reptilian, Gray and Anunnaki alien species described above, as well as the races of this second group that Collier describes as “benevolent”:

As a product of alien genetic manipulation, we have a large gene pool made up of numerous racial memory banks, also including at least 22 different races. Because of our genetic makeup, and because we are a spiritual spirit, benevolent extraterrestrial races actually consider us “kings.”

Due to this genetic connection, the aliens in this group outside of IMCS apparently view humanity in the same way that a protective parent might perceive a teenage son / daughter in a dangerous environment. The vital interests of the races in this category are to ensure that global humanity evolves responsibly without endangering both itself and the great galactic community of which it is a part.

This group of extraterrestrials has two parts. The former are “aliens” who have historically inhabited the underground dwellings of Earth and are described as remnants of ancient human civilization which followed a separate evolutionary path from humanity on the surface. The latter are extraterrestrials who have origins “outside the world”, but which present humanoid characteristics to the point that some of them can easily mingle with the rest of humanity without being easily identified.

Here is the list of Alien Species:

  • Arcturians
  • Alpha Centaurians
  • Ummites
  • Sirians from Sirius A
  • Andromedans
  • Tau Cetianens
  • Pleiadians
  • Vegalians
  • Lyriens
  • Telosians

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