Lost Subterranean City Of Derinkuyu

Have you ever been told stories of the lost subterranean city Of Derinkuyu? From mysterious passageways that lead to portals to other worlds?

lost subterranean city of derinkuyu

In this article you will get to know the lost subterranean city of Derinkuyu, the underground city located in Turkey. This place has complex structures that have confused more than one, since it seems built by beings from another world.

Millions of people say that aliens have visited us in the past . If so, did the aliens create Derinkuyu? Was it a dwelling place for ancient civilizations?

In the center of Turkey we find the Cappadocia region, a city of architectural wonders , with strange figures sculpted from earth and rock dwellings that inhabited ancient settlers.

This place borders on the north with the Black Sea and on the south with the Taurus mountain range. In 1963, a passageway was discovered that led to a very ancient underground city , over 85m deep, with 13 levels (each with ventilation) and 15,000 channels created for deeper spaces. We present to you Derinkuyu.

For being a civilization of years ago, the number of rooms it has is fascinating , it was able to easily house approximately 25 thousand people.

Also, numerous warehouses, religious centers, stables to store animals and even presses to make wine were found.

But the center of attention of this city is its facade based on earth and rocks. However, the rock was weak and did not properly support the constructions, so it was necessary to reinforce with piles.

This indicates intelligence traits from a very ancient time and this could be due to the help of superior beings (Aliens?)

Who came up with the idea of ​​creating an underground city? Why would they want to live underground? There is no clear answer for these unknowns. However, experts believe that it was built to temporarily protect its inhabitants from possible invaders.

The truth is that there are many hypotheses and theories that revolve around this strange place.

One of them indicates that it was built in 800 BC and that its inhabitants were the civilization of the Phrygians, relatives of the Trojans.

Others point to the Itites, a race of warriors quoted in the Bible and who inhabited our planet centuries before. In order for this hypothesis to make sense, they explained that Derinkuyu could be much older, following the theory of ancient astronauts.

The Cappadocia region is part of the Zoroastrian empire, one of the oldest religions, focused on the encounter between good and evil, as well as the spiritual and human nature of man. His God and savior is Ahura Mazda and according to the sacred texts , this God will save humanity from a global cataclysm called “global ice age”

One of his prophets, named Yima, explains that Ahura Mazda had a multi-story underground city built to protect a specific group of animals and people during the global ice age.

In response to this prophecy, various climatologists objected that the last recorded ice age was 18,000 years ago and culminated 10,000 years BC.

It is believed that Ahura Mazda was actually an alien who was guiding the inhabitants of this land. A reptilian being who gave his followers technology to build their homes, that is, Derinyuku.

The holy books indicate that Ahura Mazda moved through the sky thanks to fire chariots (possible UFOs). Therefore, this leads us to conclude that the enigmatic city was built by beings from another planet to protect their human followers from some future catastrophe.

Perhaps these underground cities are the key to obtaining information on these specimens.

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