John Lennon UFO Sighting In New York City

John Lennon UFO Sighting happened on August 23, 1974, John Lennon reported  seeing a UFO in New York City.

John Lennon UFO Sighting

Lennon’s sighting occurred when he was with his personal secretary, May Pang in New York at the time when he and Yoko Ono were not together.

He refers to the experience on the cover of his album “Walls And Bridges”, released in 1974, saying that he saw a UFO. May Pang reports in his book, “Loving John”…. 

“We just ordered some pizzas and, as it was such a hot night, we decided to go out on the terrace,” recalled Pang.

“There were no windows directly across the street, so John just walked outside with nothing to catch a cool breeze from the East River. I remember being in the room getting dressed when John started yelling for me to go out on the terrace.

John Lennon UFO Sighting

I shouted back that I would be there, but he kept shouting for me to join him in that instant. When I went out onto the terrace, my eyes found this large circular object coming towards us. It was shaped like a flattened cone and, at the top, a big, bright red light, not pulsing like any aircraft we would see going for a landing at Newark airport.

When it got a little closer we could see a row or circle of white lights that ran along the entire edge of the ship, they were also blinking. There were so many of those lights that were dazzling to the mind.

It is estimated that it was the size of a Lear jet and was so close that if we had something to play we would probably hit it with ease. “

Strangely, the object passed.

“We often had helicopters flying overhead, but it was as quiet as night and about seventeen floors above street level.”

The object flew, but came back later when she and Lennon set up a telescope through which they could see it in more detail.

“The light was so bright from the ship that no additional details could be seen. We took some pictures, but they were overexposed. “

They also called a local newspaper to report the John Lennon UFO Sighting and said that at least seven other people had seen the UFO as  well.

“We even called the police, that’s how we got excited, and they told us to stay calm that others had seen it too.”

For the rest of the night, John went on to say, “I don’t believe … I don’t believe … I saw a flying saucer !”

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