Is the USSPACECOM to protect us?

US Space Command (USSPACECOM) is the most up to date of the eleven brought together orders in the Department of Defense (DoD). It expands the capacity of the Joint Force to extend force and impact, decreases choice courses of events for space tasks, and carries centered regard for protecting U.S. interests in space. Setting up USSPACECOM is a basic advance in quickening the capacity of the Joint Force to guard indispensable national interests and discourage enemies.


But is the purpose of the United States Space Command truly to protect us from other nations or is it’s true purpose to protect us from aliens?

USSPACECOM is incidentally headquartered at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, with extra faculty and capacities at Schriever AFB, Colorado, Offutt AFB, Nebraska, and Vandenberg AFB, California.

General John “Jay” Raymond, is the administrator, USSPACECOM just as Chief of Space Operations for the United States Space Force, filling in as the senior leader of all space bound together military powers.

USSPACECOM is unmistakable from and correlative to the proposed U.S. Space Force. As an Armed Force, the U.S. Space Force will sort out, train, and prepare space powers. As a Combatant Command, USSPACECOM effectively utilizes allocated powers from every one of the military administrations to achieve coordinated missions in the space area.

The USSPACECOM has four main purposes:

  • Debilitate Aggression/Conflict: USSPACECOM strengthens our national avoidance through the game plan of room warfighting decisions that ensure U.S. besides, related advantage, advance security and dauntlessness.
  • Gatekeeper U.S./Allied Interests: If demoralization crashes and burns, USSPACECOM, as a group with related and joint force specialists and between office accessories, will lead the protection and obstruction of our solidified focal points in the space region.
  • Pass on Space Combat Power: Centered around sparing and stretching out space fight ability to engage joint and combined force accomplishment.
  • Make Ready and Lethal Joint Warfighters: will improve the progression of joint space assignments forces and capacities to redesign space warfighting arrangement and lethality while reviving the compromise of room limits into other warfighting powers.

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