Hawksnest, NSW Easter 1995 UFO Sighting

It was a grey sort of day, the type that looks like rain, smells like it but doesn’t. A few of the guys, for no reason, except because maybe we are male, decided to go for a walk, to run amuck in reality. The girls stayed behind to be girls. We crossed over to the field and we all seem to notice these things darting about like spring time swallows.
We all stood there, watching and realising that they were not birds. They were bigger than swallows – how much bigger is hard to say. I guess they were as big as a car, some of the others thought they were more like cottage size – who knows.
I went back and got my old Ricoh 35 EFL camera – and the girls; who thought at first that we were just playing with them, to get them out of the holiday house that we had rented out over Easter, 1995. I didn’t hang around to try and convince them, so I guess that that was what told them that I was for real. I ran back with the girls in tow and snapped these three photographs before they took off.
This event is often brought up when we are altogether. It’s weird looking back on it now, but at the time we didn’t know what to think. We all thought that as it was Easter, in a holiday town full of tourist just like us, that heaps of others would have seen grey, metallic looking discs darting about. However we asked a few people, and besides the strange looks we received, no-body else it seems witness it. This is what we all find hard to believe.

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