George Adamski Photos Of Venusian UFOs

George Adamski Photos

More than 50 years ago, some of the greatest images were taken of UFOs in George Adamski Photos. The greatest contact George Adamski was aware of many adventures that humanity will have to go through before the advent of the new Golden Age.

george adamski photos

“The first man in space”: this is the nickname that was given during his lifetime contacted by American George Adamski. While most journalists struggled to portray him as a smart trickster, his first book “Flying Saucers Landed”, co-authored in 1953 with Desmond Leslie, enjoyed a tremendous success after his release. In recent years, it has been translated into most languages ​​on our planet and has sold millions of copies.

George Adamski remains a figure in post-war ufology now considered by many commentators as a kind of cosmic messenger of modern times. Born in Poland April 17, 1891, he experienced a childhood and youth for the less agitated. His parents emigrated to the United States with him when he was over a year and a half. A few years later, his mother, who was a medium, was inside a strange message from his guide: he was invited to bring the child to a monastery in Tibet there, she is in education. Adamski spent more than ten years at the monastery, before returning to the United States and fulfilling his military obligations.

george adamski photos

This long stay in Tibet was for young George the opportunity to experience the spirituality of the East and the practice of meditation, while preparing, under the guidance of an Initiate, his future mission witnessed the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. He became professor of metaphysical philosophy and he founded the “Royal Order of Tibet” in California in 1936, which aims to promote Eastern spirituality to the West and to organize a broad reflection on the theme of the spiritual structure of the universe in the light of the teaching of the Masters of Tibetan wisdom.

In 1944, he moved on the slopes of Mount Palomar, California, a place he said is conducive to the study of astronomy and the observation of stars and the planet. In 1946, after a fleet of flying saucers was seen in the sky through its powerful reflector, he decided to dedicate himself to the study of the UFO phenomenon. And that is Thursday, November 20, 1952, at 12:30 am, whom he met for the first time, not far from Palomar Gardens, a man from another world, a Venusian.

Know Orthon:

During that initial contact, Orthon – this is the name he always used to designate this George Adamski to be with whom he later formed a wonderful relationship, but said it was not his real name but the name that matched his “energy” in terms of earthly language – Orthon, so he explained that the circular saucer and silver flight on which he had just landed in the California desert was a kind of Outstanding recognition, usually based on a huge cigar-shaped ship!

Orthon had the appearance of a human being. But the beauty of this man above anything George Adamski had known and even imagined before. He later described it as a majestic figure on the highly developed forehead and long blond hair evoking a cascade of gold shine. During this initial contact, he perceived himself as a male being, but later he said that he might as well take her to a very beautiful woman, if he had been dressed differently, as his androgynous side was pronounced.

He also claimed Orthon lived on another plane of consciousness than ours, a plane that could be described as a spiritual octave or fifth dimensional frequency and which we now call the fifth quantum reality, but he had the opportunity to materialize in our third space-time dimension of physical frequency.

Here’s how Adamski recalled the start of that first meeting with Orthon “So, for the first time, I really realized that I was in the presence of a spaceman – a human from another world! The beauty of his appearance was beyond anything that I had already seen it. And the extraordinary appearance of his face freed me from any personal thought. I felt like a child in the presence of a being with great intelligence and a lot of love, and I was very humble about myself. From him emanated a feeling of understanding and infinite kindness with absolute humility.

He made me understand telepathically that he and the other saucer occupants had come in peace and for the peacekeeping mission. He said they were concerned about the radiation leaving Earth. I asked him if this concern was due to the radioactivity in our nuclear test? I felt that he understood my thoughts even before I finished expressing it, and he nodded in the affirmative. ”

After his extraordinary encounter with the etheric Orthon and an overview of various planets in our solar system, George Adamski began to give lectures and visit VIPs from around the world to convey his message of peace, Brothers and Sisters from space. Among these personalities were presented Pope John XXIII, Queen Juliana of the Netherlands and, especially, President John F. Kennedy.

Many people are surprised by his death, in 1965, George Adamski was buried in the Arlington cemetery, theoretically reserved for American heroes, and moreover not far from the grave of John F. Kennedy, murdered three years earlier. One of the most recent revelations by intelligence officer Milton W. Cooper, shortly before his safe elimination in 2001 (see our page: Revelations Milton W. Cooper), Adamski is shared with President Kennedy an extraordinary secret. They were, he said, both very concerned with the secret activities of gray and the United States and our planet (see our page: The Ashtar mission). Kennedy secretly did a cult George Adamski; consider him a national hero and he asked that his death, his remains were among those of the greatest figures in American history, in the glorious Arlington cemetery. Milton Cooper also reported that when Kennedy also revealed some members of his government that he was aware of the harmful activities of certain “non-human” foreigners on American soil, he considered it his duty to speak to Congress and the nation and would him in a big televised message, he stopped for murder in (see Ashtar mission) Dallas.
But back to George Adamski and his encounter with Orthon: made by several times on a spaceship to Mars built and executed by Venusian masters, he had a meeting with him a shocking conversation about the advent of the Golden Age of our humanity and the contents revealed to her friend Charlotte Blodget. An excerpt from the incredible and, oh, so prescient conversation aboard the Venusian ship:

Dialogue with Otho:
Orthon: “It may interest you to know that the tilt of the Earth on its axis is getting ready (see our page: The pole imbalance). If it were total, to complete the cycle, most of the submerged soil would emerge. For a long time , the saturation of the soil water would evaporate and cause a constant cloud formation around your Earth. In case of full tilt, the conditions are reunited for a longer period of your life expectancy; If the inhabitants of your planet are learning to live according to the laws of the Creator, you could easily live more than 1,000 years in the same body.

This tilt of the axis of your Earth is one of the reasons why we are watching, because its relationship with the other planets in the galaxy is very close. Complete reversal would affect all other planets and alter the ways in which they move through space.

– George Adamski: “The sharp reversal that would not cause a global catastrophe?”
– Orthon: “This is probably what will happen, although you have not yet understood the laws that govern the relationship of your humanity to this planet you live in. I mean erratic ways that human beings have chosen to follow is the real reason for their ignorance of the instability of your planet. Throughout the ages, there have been many signs and omens that have refused to consider. Most have been reported in their scriptures as prophecies. But their people have not paid attention. Although some have already been completed, the lesson has not it was profitable. It’s not wise to want to become independent from the Creator of the Universe.

If man wants to live without catastrophe, he must consider his neighbor as himself, one of them reflecting the other. The Creator’s desire is to see humanity destroying itself. ”
– George Adamski: “I think that knowing that we are about to enter a new cycle. Some of my earthly brothers call it the” Golden Age “, others” Aquarius “. Can you enlighten me on this subject?”
– Orthon: “On our planet, we do not call changes that way, because we know progress. But, to answer your question, for your understanding, we say that we approach the Cosmic Age, as long as you can understand it. You are already in your “golden age”, as most of you love more gold than God. And you are already in your “Age of Aquarius” (water spout), since the Earth has already started to afflict you due to excess or lack of water. The name of their periods of change in itself helps to block their understanding. Earthlings must learn to live and to follow these natural changes, instead of worrying about names to be given to them. ”

– George Adamski: “How would you define the Cosmic Age?  “
– Orthon: “In fact, we see it as a time of” cosmic understanding “.  This is the first time that it is in its broadest sense, becoming aware of the probability of others than its own inhabited worlds.  Appearing in our Spaceships, as we have often done, have that even those who do not believe in our existence now have little choice.  For the first time in human history, there is overwhelming evidence that life did not come about by chance on your planet, as some of its greatest astronomers said,  humanity manifests itself in its world, because this planet is only a small part of a vast and infinite Creation ordered by the original and that the Earth is subject, like all other planets, to the Divine Laws.
Our ships are engaged in their skies for performance without a ground plan they could perform. All over the world, drivers saw their plans and were amazed. Thousands of people have contemplated it and we were surprised. Thousands more watching the skies in the hope we see.
All of this has been predicted by men before. They wrote in the prophecies that the world would be disturbed and the signs are that the Son of God would come from Heaven to Earth to deliver the people. The conditions of your world today have placed you, as was your will, under the shadow of death. Your world is troubled. And since the word we use to describe space is “heaven”, and since we are also sons and daughters of God, could it not be done now, specifically, is the ancient oracle fulfilled?
It was also predicted that, when the time came, the black race would rise up and ask for the right to respect and status of free men so long denied by you, men with fair skin. Isn’t this prophecy that she is alive today on earth?
You see, we know the history of your world. The idea that we are your brothers and the Guardians of your planet is right. He is filling this role that comes to you and I say: let the Creator of the Universe to be the one who will guide your world that your problems disappear like darkness before the light.
What would become of man without the breath of life? And who gives? Didn’t he find you anywhere for the benefit of everyone? So … what Terran discovers is that his God is not a distant place, but always close, in all its manifestations and in the man himself. “
Orthon stopped talking and, for a while, George Adamski sat with his head down, imbued with the power of his words. Gradually, he became aware of a heat that seemed to enter his mind. Looking up, he saw, looking at the faces of the people around him, he felt that the heat was a blessing that flowed through them.
Then the Venusian Master who was aboard the ship and who had witnessed this exchange between Orthon and George stood up and approached him, casting his gaze deeply into his eyes. And he said to her:
“My son, which our brother has just said seems to contradict what his people have learned to regard as true.  This, in itself, is of little importance, since everything we are taught as the days are ultimately serves as a stepping stone to greater truths and accessible only afterwards.  This is the law of progress.  Once on the right path, it cannot be otherwise.  It is essential that men work and fight together with an open mind, knowing that everything will never if you know.
There is an infallible guide for determining whether the path is right or not. It’s very simple. If the results of your thoughts and actions are bad, then following the trail takes you away from the light. If good things mark the path you take, then your life, the lives of your children and your children will be happy. Blessings that will break or not illness or discord will be your eternal inheritance. “
The Master touched George’s hand in farewell and left the room in a vibrant silence of words that he had just been inexpressible.
George then looked at the faces of his friends in order to print them in his memory. There was no word of farewell, but each raised his hand and he raised his hand. Then he let Orthon lead him across the ship to the small bus that would take him back to Earth.
Written in 1955 by C. Blodget from the words of George Adamski, then collected in the book “Inside the Spaceships”
George Adamski was widely criticized during his lifetime. Any excuse is good for trying to ridicule. But his critics’ arguments finally collapsed, one after another. Then, when he explained during a conference that during his “ride” on a flying saucer, a witness on the cockpit’s instrument panel indicated the lines of the magnetic field that cross very powerfully, the scientists present in the audience laughed. However, this magnetic belt was in fact discovered a few years later, during the space missions of the first American astronauts before being called “Van Hallen’s belt”! George Adamski How could he have known of the existence of such an electromagnetic belt in the Earth’s ionosphere, if he had not really witnessed what he reported in his books?
Likewise, George Adamski said that he could see thousands of types of “light fireflies” through the windows of the disc on which he found himself. However, this phenomenon, which at the time also smiled its critics, was also verified and authenticated a few years later by the pilot of the Apollo missions. Although after 1955 the first astronauts and cosmonauts who traveled around the Earth, in fact, it signaled the presence of all these particles of light when crossing the ionosphere layer. And everyone claimed to have thousands of visas flying in all directions! According to Orthon these “fireflies” are actually natural particles of matter and energy that travel through the universe and are later called to be incorporated to give rise to new planets.
The reality is that George Adamski was not only a living witness to all the facts that he later reported in his lectures and described in his books, namely, the existence and superiority of some extraterrestrial technological civilizations in our own country, but he was also a of their great spiritual advance of terrestrial humanity.
On Venus, there is no animosity, no wars, no internal fights. Prehension of children from an early age is a very important place in society, and the elderly continue to participate in the life of the community, until their last breath. Refusing, for obvious reasons, to reveal certain scientific and technological aspects of their   knowledge  , these foreigners sent George Adamski spiritual teachings that changed their conception of the universe.
On several occasions, he was able to verify the high level of his level of development. He met the brothers and sisters of the Cosmos, whose sole purpose is to share their knowledge with us as quickly as possible and contribute to the happiness of genuine humanity. At the time of George Adamski, they were just a handful coming peacefully on Earth scouts.
His concern is now to explain his mission to rescue a planet whose inhabitants still refuse to accept that the universe is infinite, is home to many civilizations and is governed by a Unique and all-powerful Act, that of love and brotherhood between the peoples.
As they appear on the verge of returning to the Earth’s surface, and this time not to demonstrate en masse. That is why we must be prepared to receive and welcome dignity.
– Olivier Rouvroy – December 2004 –
Appendix: Benjamin Adams’ views of George Adamski.
Like many visionaries, Benjamin Creme is supported by a group of loyal fans, but he also faces the vicious attacks of his many detractors. Without taking sides with one or the other, it is interesting to know the answer to a question about George Adamski, who was recently asked by a reader of the magazine “Share International”:
Question: “I recently read a fascinating book by George Adamski, entitled” Inside the spaceship. ” His description of love, wisdom and intelligence, the higher brothers of space makes us aware of our own inability;  his ability to live in harmony with the universal principles, with the sensation of the Divine in all beings and all life is extraordinary.  But I ask myself this question: Is part of the information given by G. Adamski (perhaps just a few details) imaginary?  “

Answer by Benjamin Creme: “No, everything he says is the direct result of his experience on one of these vessels.  The one thing he didn’t mention (probably because he didn’t notice) is that he had this experience outside his body. .  These spacecraft and their crews are mainly composed not of dense physical matter, but the physical etheric matter.  crews can lower your vibration to enter our field of vision, but only temporarily. The mothership is talking about George Adamski was a Venusian spacecraft, headed by Masters of Venus, but built on Mars. ”

George Adamski was the author of two excellent books translated “flying saucers landed” and “Inside spaceships.
NOTE: Those interested in etymology should note that the name “Adamski” includes the words “Adam” (man) and “Sky” (Heaven).

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