Facts About The Bosnian Pyramids

The “Bosnian Indiana Jones” is called Semir Osmanagić (also called “Sam”) and discovered something like the Holy Grail in his homeland and has many facts about The Bosnian Pyramids.


Facts About The Bosnian Pyramids

This name hides a pyramid complex in Visoko, around 30 kilometers southwest of Sarajevo.

The largest of the five “structures” is 220 meters higher than the Great Pyramid and was given the picturesque name “Pyramid of the Sun” by Osmanagić. Allegedly it was built by the Illyrians over 12,000 years ago .

Osmanagić is convinced that the Bosnian pyramids have a number of special features that make them a real mystery.

For example, the impressively regular shape of the pyramids – especially that of the sun pyramid – makes a natural formation appear impossible. In addition, the tips of the three great pyramids formed an exact equilateral triangle.

In addition, Osmanagić’s excavations in 2006 uncovered a kind of “super concrete”, harder than any concrete that is used today.

The American of Bosnian origin is also interested in unusual research approaches. Strange energetic effects can be measured in the vicinity of the five “Bosnian pyramids”, such as a very strong energy beam emerging from the solar pyramid:

“It seems that the pyramid builders created a perpetual motion machine a long time ago and that this energy machine is still working.”

The puzzles surrounding the controversial “Valley of the Bosnian Pyramids” are getting bigger and bigger: An independent research team from the University of Trieste will soon present a report according to which a very strong “energy beam” emerges from the so-called “sun pyramid”. The new scientific findings suggest that the gigantic pyramid hill near the Bosnian city of Visoko may have served as a kind of power station in prehistoric times.

Based on the current ultrasound examinations, the head of research, the anthropologist Prof. Paolo Debertolis, comes to the conclusion that the “energy beam” emerges at a depth of 2,440 meters below the pyramid hill. The researchers also confirm previous measurements that the diameter of the mysterious beam is 4.5 meters.

The source is a large metallic, parabolic plate around 800 meters in diameter. According to Debertolis, this enigmatic object generates electromagnetic waves of exactly 28,300 Hertz. These waves would then produce longitudinal electromagnetic waves that are concentrated around 15 meters above the top of the pyramid.

Other scientists like the Croatian physicist Dr. Slobodan Mizdrak, who had specifically studied the electromagnetic properties of the beam, came to the same conclusion as Debertolis.

World’s largest pyramid

The mysterious processes inside the supposedly largest pyramid structure in the world – with its height of more than 220 meters, it would be much higher than the Great Pyramid in Giza (147 meters) – leave the researchers somewhat at a loss. “The research results,” says Debertolis, “are as astonishing as they are depressing, because we simply cannot explain them.” Debertolis even speculates that a prehistoric civilization could have created the inexplicable energy machine under the mountain. Finds from the tunnel system in the hill would also suggest that the builders of the corridors knew a lot about how pyramids worked.

For the discoverer of the “Valley of the Bosnian Pyramids”, the archaeologist Dr. Semir Osmanagic, the startling energy phenomenon is “the first evidence of non-Hertzian technology on the planet. It seems that the pyramid builders created a perpetual motion machine a long time ago and that this ´energy machine´ is still working ”. The millions of tons of super-hard ancient concrete blocks that cover the pyramid would have served, among other things, to focus the energy generated.  

All of this may sound like science fiction, but the results of other researchers also clearly show that the solar pyramid has a significantly stronger electromagnetic field than the surrounding hills. It pulsates like a living being. The well-known English physicist Dr. Harry Oldfield with a special camera fascinating energy photos that clearly show that the pyramid builds up energy inside, amplifies it further and finally releases it vertically upwards. Images of the neighboring hills, on the other hand, show a horizontal, consistently homogeneous energy radiation.

Osmanagic sees the sun pyramid as a sophisticated energy generator – built by a high-ranking primal civilization. “The generation of free energy is probably the best-kept secret of the elites on the globe. We want to reveal this secret so that our previous destructive way of producing energy will soon come to an end and we can produce clean electricity. “

Erich von Däniken

No wonder that the messenger of the gods Erich von Däniken also paid a visit to the Bosnian pyramids in April and then announced:

“I am very impressed by this discovery here. ”

At the SkepKon ​​in Munich , the archaeologist and historian Mirko Gutjahr explained what experts think of the “Bosnian Pyramids” .

In his lecture “Pyramids, Pleiades and Fantastics”, Der Buddler decoupled the supposedly “oldest and largest pyramids in the world” as scientific construct.

Semir Osmanagić did indeed have a doctorate, in sociology, and his professorship at the “American University of Bosnia” was characterized by the fact that, according to himself, he was too busy to give archaeological seminars.

“Sam” has so far emerged with popular books such as “The World of the Maya”, in which he postulates an extraterrestrial origin of the indigenous people, or “Alternative history – traces of Atlantis”.

Osmanagić’s findings on the “Bosnian Pyramids” are correspondingly rich.

The conspicuous structure of the large sun pyramid is only recognizable on one side, namely the north side, as a pyramid “,

Gutjahr said at SkepKon:

The “discoverer” of the “Bosnian pyramids” is a new type of scientist. We hope you enjoyed these facts about The Bosnian Pyramids, check out our other articles.

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