Elizabeth Klarer UFO Abductee Experience

It is an interesting story of Elizabeth Klarer UFO life. Elizabeth Klarer (1910-1994) who authored an autobiography that gave a lot to talk about in the ufological world. In this she relates her experiences with a supposed extraterrestrial whom she called Akon with whom she would have also fathered a son. According to this character, humans and their own species (strictly speaking, humans) come from the remote and habitable past of the planet Venus. The original civilization would have migrated in the face of changing planetary conditions (including very unpleasant sulfuric acid showers beyond the impossible temperature). It leaves for Earth and Mars and leaves for “Meton”, a planet like ours with the difference that there are no continents but an enormous number of islands spread across its vast oceans. But the story begins with two children watching a frisbee. Elizabeth and her brother had already narrated seeing this in their childhood but it was not until 1956 that the first contact occurred. Klarer, meanwhile, had studied meteorology in Cambridge, England. He married and had three children and (always according to his claims) investigated the UFO phenomenon for the South African government in the troubled years of World War II. That first contact occurred on a hill near her family’s house, where she had come after her brother’s death. Summarizing the facts, she spotted an object descending, so she decided to get closer, at which point she meets Akon, her future cosmic lover. There she learned about the history of Venus and how its original inhabitants had decided to “sow life” in several nearby points of the galaxy, also that “Meton” meant to its natives more an “energy signature” than a proper name.


It’s not a well-known theory, but Venus is supposed to have been habitable a very long time ago, as much as 700 million years ago. NASA actually states:  “A team of researchers from NASA, Uppsala University, Columbia University and the Planetary Science Institute have created a series of simulations of Venus conditions over billions of years using climate models of the Earth  and has found some points that suggest that the planet may have been capable of harboring life . The team found that a simulation resulted in a planet with temperatures low enough to support life with water and clouds, even occasional snowfalls, which persisted until 715 million years ago, when life was already present on Earth. ” In this regard Elizabeth “fails” to say that this would have happened 65 million years ago in the past, but all the correlations between the theories and findings and the book of a lady that, we must say, passed without penalty are interesting. glory among many others published in his time.


Discussed, scrutinized, discarded and approved, Klarer’s photos of one of Akon’s flying objects appear to be quite genuine. Many wondered (rightly) why she had not taken photographs inside the ship but the answer was in the limbo of time. The material remains, which we see below:

elizabeth klarer ufo


Elizabeth Klarer’s UFO life has several points of interest. According to what they say, in 1983 she presented a work on the “secrets of light” to the House of Lords of England and there are those who assure that said the writing reached the United Nations. However, what is remarkable is that this story, one of thousands related to “interstellar love affairs”, comes to its full force thanks to the discovery of a planet possibly inhabitable in the same system from which Akon claimed to have arrived. If you wonder what happened to the boy, Klarer narrates that he was persecuted during her pregnancy by various intelligence services, so Akon decided to take her to Meton for four months in which she gave birth and met her space son, Ayling. ” Because the vibrations in the magnetic field are different in Meton, her heart was unable to adapt to the new pressures, and she was forced to return to Earth.”  However, the alleged contact would remain until her death in 1994, using holographic images. Whether you think it is true or not, Klarer kept her story to the last of her days; long before astronomy confirmed the existence of a nearby rock that looks palatably habitable.

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