Dark Knight Orbiting Earth Satellite

A foreign dark knight orbiting earth satellite has orbited the earth; Some say for fifty years, some say less. The object, called the Black Knight, is believed by some to have extraterrestrial origins and to be over thirteen thousand years old. However, most academics believe it is just a conspiracy theory.

Dark Knight Orbiting Earth



















Nikola Tesla first reported hearing sounds from space in 1899, thinking they were signs of intelligent life. In 1968, astronomers discovered that he actually heard radio signals, but they were from pulsars in space.

In 1960, during the Cold War, Time Magazine also claimed that the US Navy was aware of a dark knight orbiting earth satellite with an unusual orbit with a height of 1,728 km and a danger of only 216 km. At first, they claimed it was a Soviet spy satellite, but later claimed it was just a US satellite that had broken orbit.

Black Knight Satellite reports resulted from unconfirmed stories, exaggerated reporters and exaggerated photographs. According to NASA astronaut Jerry Ross, the object is simply the result of an error.

In December 1998, the space shuttle Discovery was sent on a mission to make some adjustments to the International Space Station. The mission was to acquire the Russian ‘FGB’ module already in low orbit, attach it to the United States ‘Node 1’ in the payload compartment and carry out space tours to install the necessary equipment. Colonel Ross and Dr. James Newman were trying to install thermal blankets on the trunnion pins connected to the space station to reduce heat loss and save energy. The blankets were tied to Colonel Ross’s space vest, but when he tried to retrieve the second blanket, he accidentally lost it. Once he found out he was gone, he was too far away for astronauts to be able to retrieve him.

According to NASA, “during spacewalks, debris, small and large, is often thrown out of the station for convenience, although sometimes tools inadvertently slip off.” Such was the case in December 1998, when a slidewire wearer and a workplace interface were lost by the STS-88 crew while conducting an extravehicular activity for the ISS. These objects were large enough to be tracked by the SSN [Space Surveillance Network] and have been cataloged (US satellite numbers 25564 and 25565). Three other objects were also launched by the STS-88 spacewalkers, one inadvertently (an insulation blanket) and two by design (antenna spools), although only the first was officially cataloged.

In an interview conducted by James Oberg on October 15, 2014, Colonel Ross stated: “If we see something up there, we will be the first to ask questions and tell people that we have seen something we do not understand. Conspiracy theories are fun for those who work with them, but a waste of valuable brain power. “

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