Charles Hall Tall Whites Alien Disclosure

Charles Hall tall whites aliens were first discovered in 1965. On August 2010, information technology expert Charles Hall (who was a first-class soldier in the US Air Force) published a book in which he disclosed to the public that he had contact with the same kind of human and alien creatures. This alien creature is clearly different from the Nordic alien (in terms of human attitudes), and Hall named it the “tall white alien.” The various contact cases occurred in 1965 and 1967, when Hall was serving at Nellis Air Force Base. Nellis Air Force Base was built in the desert zone of Vada, where the natural scenery is like Mars. At that time, Hall’s task was to observe the weather. He was mainly responsible for releasing and tracking the balloon to measure the wind speed and then report it to the base commander. However, during his mission, he encountered a group of aliens one after another. It was a group of tall, white-skinned aliens, long in human form, but different from any race on earth. This group of aliens came to Hall’s weather observation cabin many times, and they could use some kind of “instrument” to rain.

Hall did not report the situation to the higher-level officers. In fact, the commander of the base knew it well, because the soldiers who had been engaged in observation missions had been attacked by such aliens, and many soldiers were warning them. I had to give up his job. In the past seven years, the number of meteorological observers on the Nellis Mountains has changed as many as 41. Many of them suffered from “death threats” from aliens and had mental breakdowns and had to be hospitalized. What is less known is that many more people were killed by tall white aliens. One of the soldiers chose to defect from the army in order to survive. His friend provided him with a shelter until the US Air Force officially dismissed him. Recently, this soldier also signed the sighting report submitted by Hall.

Once, the Charles Hall Tall Whites alien attacked Hall’s observation post without warning, wounded his neck, and abandoned the bleeding Hall in the desert. In this desperate situation (lonely and in no man’s land), Hall actually stopped the blood with sand and saved his life. Regarding this point, some UFO researchers did not understand. They said that the Charles Hall tall whites aliens must have hypnotized Hall when he hurt him, so why do the memories of the hurt remain in Hall’s memory? What? Do these aliens want to use this to intimidate humans on Earth?

20 years after Hall left the army, he began to write drafts of his sightings. For example, he disclosed that tall white aliens had built a large flying saucer base deep in the desert, and he also took several precious photos. In addition, through long-term encounters and contacts, Hall also learned many secrets of the tall white aliens.

Hall said that these tall white aliens are 1.8 meters to 2.2 meters tall and look very thin. The color of the skin is pale, and from the appearance, there are several obvious differences between them and humans on Earth. The lifespan of tall white aliens is 10 times longer than that of humans. They don’t have the concept of “years” on the earth. When converted to earth standards, 400 years are regarded as a middle line of life by them. They will be around 800 years old. Died from organ failure. In many ways, the body structure of tall white aliens is similar to that of humans, that is, they are vertebrates that walk upright on two feet, have human faces, and so on. If you wear the right clothes, tall white aliens can mix into the Las Vegas crowd.

The Charles Hall Tall Whites aliens have a strong ability to imitate, but some of them sound like voices. In other words, we can’t hear what they are saying. Generally speaking, they sound like a dog barking or a meadow pipit singing. However, some tall white aliens can imitate human speech, and in fact can talk to humans normally. Tall white aliens can imitate humans making phone calls mischievously without being noticed. They also have a special device that can quickly translate various languages ​​spoken by humans into their heads. Sometimes, Hall actually heard English conversations between tall white aliens.

In terms of action, Charles Hall Tall Whites aliens are much more agile than humans. They can quickly respond to human statements. If they think that someone on Earth poses a threat to them, they will cut off without warning. Drop this person’s throat and let him bleed to death. Every tall white alien carries a pencil-like weapon that can stun, kill or hypnotize humans. In addition, this weapon can also cause severe pain in humans. When tall white aliens feel angry, frightened, or threatened, they often use this weapon to punish humans.

Although tall white aliens sometimes behave friendly, they always have an attitude of arrogance and prejudice towards humans. They seem to know the social structure of humans well. Hall once saw a senior US military officer talking with a tall white alien, but the tall white alien was full of contempt for lower-level officers and soldiers. Hall believes that the tall white alien plays with him many times because he is regarded as a “pet”.

The tall white aliens operating near Nellis Air Force Base have family organizations, but they are quite different from human families. They seem to love their children very much, and their children grow up in the bushes and receive education. Tall white aliens think control is very important, and they think it is necessary to control their pets. For example, this group of aliens has been monitoring Nellis Air Force Base. In everyone’s minds, perhaps it is impossible to imagine that the appearance and behavior style of aliens are so similar to humans. Some analysts believe that the establishment of a base deep in the Nellis Desert by tall white aliens is similar to the establishment of colonial strongholds in the New World after Columbus discovered the American continent. According to this speculation, tall white aliens are not very advanced species in the universe. Their technology may only be hundreds of years advanced than humans, so their souls and ways of thinking are not much higher than humans. Maybe by 2300, humans will have the same technological level as the tall white aliens.

While talking to the tall white alien, when Hall mentioned the Arcturus in the constellation of Boves (36 light-years from Earth), an elderly female tall white alien exclaimed in surprise: ” Does Charles (referring to Hall) know where we are from?” Hall tried to ask the tall white aliens from which planet they came from many times, but they all pretended that even if they said which planet it was, the earthlings could not distinguish clearly. But in fact, humans have already observed many planets in the universe, and tall white aliens are just trying to cover up their parent stars. However, through telepathy, Hall realized that Arcturus or planets close to Arcturus were very important to tall white aliens. From a human point of view, Arcturus is unlikely to give birth to intelligent life. Arcturus is 36 light-years away from the earth, 21 times the diameter of the sun, twice the mass of the sun, and 215 times the brightness of the sun (98 times). The effective surface temperature reaches several thousand degrees Celsius.

The real home of the tall white alien may be elsewhere. In an E-mail sent in early August 2010, Hall pointed out: “I cannot be sure where the home planet of the tall white aliens is, but I guess their planet is about 105 light-years away from the Earth.” Yes Statistics show that the tall white aliens had already arrived on Earth during the Madison period (James Madison was in. 1809 and 1813 as the president of the United States). Hall believes that tall white aliens use the Earth’s base as an intermediate station for long-distance interstellar travel. They may have larger colonies in farther places, and must pass through the solar system when returning to their home star. According to the sky map, if the parent star of the tall white aliens is Arcturus, they may return to their homeland through other galaxies; and if their parent star is about 105 light-years away from the earth, they will travel to galaxies farther away. It is necessary to establish a transit station on the earth.

It is worth noting that tall white aliens chose the desert of Nevada, USA as their base, which probably means that the environment of their home planet is similar to that there. UFO researcher Michael Sarah analyzed the purpose of tall white aliens coming to the earth. He believes that these aliens are conducting “intelligence activities” on the earth in order to formulate the next action plan.

Although the gap between the two sides may be only a few hundred years, the current technological level of tall white aliens is significantly higher than that of humans. Their deep spacecraft are used for interstellar navigation, and the reconnaissance spacecraft are dedicated to exploring the earth. The specific data parameters of these two types of aircraft are as follows:

The deep spaceship is 500 meters long, 300 meters wide, and 70 meters high. The color is black (black titanium). The cab has two windows in the center and four portholes on each side.

The reconnaissance spacecraft is the size of a bus, and it is white in color. There are no windows in the driver’s cab. There are one or two portholes on each side.

Hall said that deep spacecraft can travel faster than light, and it will take two to three months for the tall white aliens to return to their home planet from the earth. Surprisingly, the reconnaissance spacecraft are all assembled on the earth to adapt to the earth’s environment.

So, where is the earth base of the tall white aliens located? Hall claimed that their base was built between the Pintwater Mountains and the Nevada desert, where the tall white aliens were divided into four regions , Including: the main base is in the northwest of the dog bone lake, with deep spacecraft parked; after entering the tunnel population, there are alien underground residential areas; in the desert wadi north of the dry lake bed, there are tall white aliens favorite In the Indian Spring Canyon, there are two warehouses for the spacecraft. Hall recalled that he had seen a heavily damaged deep spacecraft flying from outer space. Hall believed that the tall white aliens might have been in conflict with an alien race, and the spacecraft was injured by the opponent. Later the earth base was repaired.

Hall tried to please the children of tall white aliens. The tall white aliens said: “We love our children more than you (humans).” Charles Hall Tall Whites discovery had been found that in the mid-1960s, the US military once provided clothing to the children of tall white aliens, the U.S. Air Force spent nearly 600,000 U.S. dollars for this. This funding was funded by the U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff John P. Special approval by General McConnell. Admiral McConnell also ordered the purchase of children’s clothing in big cities such as New York. At that time, there were more than 200 alien children in the tall white alien base. However, there are many signs that tall white aliens do love their children, but it is a different matter to humans. Their cooperation with the top U.S. Air Force is just mutual use.

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