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Moscovium On The Periodic Table (Element 115)

Note that they are adjacent in the column they share This might be very significant. Could moscovium on the periodic table (Element 115) possess the mysterious gravity affecting properties which late GE engineer Henry Wallace used in his patented experimental devices?

The Nibiruan Council Of Twelve Members

the nibiruan council of twelve

The Nibiruan Council Of Twelve Members * Emperor Anu & Empress Antu Crown-Prince Enlil & Crown-Princess Ninlil Prince Enki & Princess Ninki Prince Nannar & Princess Ningal Prince Utu & Princess-Royal Inanna Prince Ishkur & Queen Ninkhursag *** Commander and Crown-Prince Anu, along with his two sons Enki and Enlil and daughter Ninkhursag, are part …

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ʻOumuamua A Mysterious Interstellar Object


ʻOumuamua ‘Oumuamua is an interstellar object which plagued scientists in October 2017, because ʻoumuamua blew past Earth at an unusually high speed. ‘Oumuamua is the first interstellar object known to have originated from somewhere else in the solar system. ʻOumuamua has a high speed and whipped around the sun Scientists are confident ‘Oumuamua originated beyond …

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The Kecksburg UFO Incident of 1969

Kecksburg UFO Incident

Kecksburg UFO Incident Analysts consider the Kecksburg UFO incident as one of the most incredible unsolved secrets, and individuals in the modest town of Kecksburg are still discussing about it. Witnesses who saw it — before individuals from the military plunged in and removed it — state it was anything but a meteor. It came …

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Ahuna Mons on Dwarf Planet Ceres

Ahuna Mons

Ahuna Mons Pictures taken by NASA’s Dawn Spaceship in March 2015, have caught an odd, pyramid-formed pinnacle named Ahuna Mons. The smooth stretch of the pyramid, evaluated to be around 5km (3 miles) tall, and can be seen jutting from the level surface of Ceres. Despite the fact that there are yet to be any …

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Mary Rodwell

Mary Rodwell

Mary Rodwell is the founder and principal of Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN). Born in the United Kingdom (UK) and eventually migrating to Western Australia in 1991, she currently resides in Queensland.

Roswell Incident 1947 UFO Crash Debris

On May 28th, 1996, a package of odd artifacts was received by popular radio talkshow host Art Bell. It contained what might turn out to be a piece of an alien spacecraft from the Roswell Incident 1947. The anonymous sender claims that his grandfather was on the crash recovery team at Roswell, and kept these …

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Nibiru In The Bible And History Of The Planet

Nibiru In The Bible

Nibiru in the Bible is mentioned several times, and given many different names. One of these names was Olam, and the other the New Jerusalem. After the discovery of the Planet Pluto in 1930CE, astronomers soon noted that earlier theories regarding the hypothetical influences of such a planet on the orbits of Planets Uranus and …

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Roswell Alien Crash 1947

Roswell Alien Crash A Corona, New Mexico-area rancher named W.W. “Mac” Brazel heard a mighty explosion during a thunderstorm sometime between July 2nd and 4th, 1947. Thinking it was different than a normal clasp of thunder, he ventured out the next day to check on the ranch and his sheep. While moving the sheep to …

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ufo sightings 2019 Karekare Beach, Auckland

Last weekend on Sunday the 31/3 around 12:00AM 2019 I had the craziest experience at Karekare beach. I am here looking for answers, but to also see if anyone else has seen these strange lights in the sky. ​ We were on the beach, my boyfriend and I, and saw two bright orange/red lights far …

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