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Recent Pyramids Found In Antarctica

A YouTube video titled “Ancient Aliens: A Pyramid In Antarctica” offers an interesting tour of the Pyramids found in Antarctica. It gives idea to the viewers that human civilization started in Antarctica. The most interesting part for most UFO or extra-terrestrial enthusiasts could be towards the end of the video wherein pyramid at the Shackleton …

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Area51Aliens: Aliens And UFOs At Area 51

Area51Aliens Area51Aliens can be found Eighty-three miles north-northwest of Las Vegas in southern Nevada in the highly secretive Area 51. The area is a facility located within the Nevada Test and Training Range and an isolated facility of Edwards Air Force Base. While the purpose of the area is a super-secret, it is believed that …

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Trappist 1g Possible Habitable Planet

Trappist 1g

With much hype, the United States Space Agency, better known as NASA, gave a press conference where they presented their latest and most relevant findings Trappist 1g: a planet very similar to ours just 40 light years away . Although this discovery, according to NASA researchers, indicates that there could be water and oxygen on these seven …

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Real Tutankhamun’s Knife Is Just Space?

real tutankhamun

Real Tutankhamun’s Knife When archaeologists found the tomb of  the real Tutankhamun, and recovered ancient artifacts, their attention was especially attracted by a knife. It was different from the weapons and metal objects of that era that were found earlier. Superficial analysis showed that the knife used materials that are extremely rare on Earth. Further …

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Dark Knight Orbiting Earth Satellite

Dark Knight Orbiting Earth

A foreign dark knight orbiting earth satellite has orbited the earth; Some say for fifty years, some say less. The object, called the Black Knight, is believed by some to have extraterrestrial origins and to be over thirteen thousand years old. However, most academics believe it is just a conspiracy theory.         …

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Brazil Ovni Sightings History From 1955 to 2012

brazil ovni

Brazil Ovni Sightings History The Brazil Ovni phenomenon is nothing new, since ancient times our planet has had contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. Direct contact was lost because we were in a prison planet, enclosed in a dimension of illusory space and time, where we fight for our survival in a hostile environment, compatible with our …

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Lost Subterranean City Of Derinkuyu

lost subterranean city of derinkuyu

Have you ever been told stories of the lost subterranean city Of Derinkuyu? From mysterious passageways that lead to portals to other worlds? In this article you will get to know the lost subterranean city of Derinkuyu, the underground city located in Turkey. This place has complex structures that have confused more than one, since …

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UFOs Come From An Alternate Parallel Universe

UFO From Alternate Parallel Universe

If you think the government has more information about UFOs from alternate parallel universe, you are not alone. In fact, you are part of the majority. Recent surveys reveal that 68 percent of people are convinced that governments are hiding the truth about the alien issue and 33 percent of all respondents said that UFOs …

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The c2019 q4 Comet From Another Star System

c2019 q4

The first known comet c2019 q4 which came to visit us from another star system has unusual makeup, according to new research. This mysterious c2019 q4 comet from the depths of space provided an unprecedented opportunity for astronomers to compare him to the comets that formed around the Sun. New data suggests that it contains large …

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UFO Over Russia Discovered By Russian Astrophysicist

UFO over Russia

An alleged Russian astrophysicist said in 1979 that he had detected the remains of an alien UFO over Russia. Controversial case: Impressive statements by the alleged Soviet astrophysicist Sergei Boshich in 1979 say that a broken extraterrestrial ship would be found floating in our Earth orbit (it would have identified 10 large pieces). Boshich concluded …

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