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UFOs Come From An Alternate Parallel Universe

UFO From Alternate Parallel Universe

If you think the government has more information about UFOs from alternate parallel universe, you are not alone. In fact, you are part of the majority. Recent surveys reveal that 68 percent of people are convinced that governments are hiding the truth about the alien issue and 33 percent of all respondents said that UFOs …

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The c2019 q4 Comet From Another Star System

c2019 q4

The first known comet c2019 q4 which came to visit us from another star system has unusual makeup, according to new research. This mysterious c2019 q4 comet from the depths of space provided an unprecedented opportunity for astronomers to compare him to the comets that formed around the Sun. New data suggests that it contains large …

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UFO Over Russia Discovered By Russian Astrophysicist

UFO over Russia

An alleged Russian astrophysicist said in 1979 that he had detected the remains of an alien UFO over Russia. Controversial case: Impressive statements by the alleged Soviet astrophysicist Sergei Boshich in 1979 say that a broken extraterrestrial ship would be found floating in our Earth orbit (it would have identified 10 large pieces). Boshich concluded …

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Is the USSPACECOM to protect us?


US Space Command (USSPACECOM) is the most up to date of the eleven brought together orders in the Department of Defense (DoD). It expands the capacity of the Joint Force to extend force and impact, decreases choice courses of events for space tasks, and carries centered regard for protecting U.S. interests in space. Setting up …

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What would intelligent aliens look like

what would intelligent aliens look like something out

What would intelligent aliens look like? That is the question that is circling in my mind right now. After the people realized that there might be something out there different depictions of aliens started coming out. Long legged creatures with long arms and about 8 feet tall, creatures with 8 or more legs and tiny …

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George Adamski Photos Of Venusian UFOs

george adamski photos

George Adamski Photos More than 50 years ago, some of the greatest images were taken of UFOs in George Adamski Photos. The greatest contact George Adamski was aware of many adventures that humanity will have to go through before the advent of the new Golden Age. “The first man in space”: this is the nickname …

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Anna Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull Finding

anna mitchell hedges

This is the skull found by Anna Mitchell Hedges in 1924. In 1924, on an expedition made by British archaeologists (Anna Mitchell Hedges and Frederick Mitchell Hedges) to the Mayan ruins in Belize, Central America, in a pyramid without doors and with only a small crack in its top that allowed someone to enter, a …

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Pyramids Of Giza Aliens – Artifact (Looks Like A Gray)

Pyramids Of Giza Aliens

In a shock statement, head of the Department of Archeology at Cairo University, Dr. Ala Shaheen told an audience that there may be true the theory that Pyramids Of Giza Aliens helped the ancient Egyptians build the oldest of the pyramids, the Pyramids of Giza. When asked by Marek Novak, a delegate from Poland whether …

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UFO Sightings Finland – Near Imjarvi Forest UFO Incident

UFO Sightings Finland

On January 7, 1970, one of the the major UFO Sightings Finland occured involving two skiers Aarno Heihonen and Esko Viljo in the forest near Imjarvi Finland. It was almost 5:00 pm when the two skiers were training in a forest and decided to take a break, stopping to rest and catch a glimpse of …

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Cygnus The Swan Constellation Facts

Cygnus The Swan Constellation

Even at a ways off of 30,000 light years, cygnus the swan constellation is so distant for what reason would it be advisable for us to travel there? For the fascination of the Cygnus group of stars, most notably the star Cygnus X-3. in 2000 German archaeoastronomer Dr. Michael Rappenglück of Munich University distinguished the …

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