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The First Sighting Of UFO In Spain

first sighting of ufo

The first sighting of UFO in Spain was reported by the first Ufologist of whom we have news at the national level. A Galician named Oscar Rey Brea, who became interested in the subject as a result of a  first sighting of UFO his parents had, who sighted a strange luminous object in the city …

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50th Anniversary Apollo 11 Moon Landing

50th Anniversary Apollo 11

On July 20th we will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary Apollo 11 Moon Landing. This is an epic event in human history when the first humans landed on the moon in 1969, of these were: Commander Neil Armstrong, and Buzz Aldrin both from the USA. Being the first to land on the moon, the pilots …

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Hawksnest, NSW Easter 1995 UFO Sighting

It was a grey sort of day, the type that looks like rain, smells like it but doesn’t. A few of the guys, for no reason, except because maybe we are male, decided to go for a walk, to run amuck in reality. The girls stayed behind to be girls. We crossed over to the …

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First UFO Sightings 1967-1980

1967 Picacho Peak, New Mexico, USA: At about 2:00pm on March 12th, 1967, a New Mexico State University student was hiking in a desert area near Picacho Peak, New Mexico, when he spotted a big round silvery object hovering in the air just above a rocky hill about 500 yards away. He prepared his 4″ …

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First UFO Sightings 1963-1967

1963 Peralta, New Mexico, USA: Paul Villa was in an area south of Albuquerque near the town of Peralta when he found a landed silver circular craft about 70ft in diameter. Nine human-like beings came out of the ship through a sealed door. They spoke to Villa in English and Spanish and could communicate telepathically. …

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First UFO Sightings 1910-1958

1910 France A rare first ufo sighting photograph of entry number 5 in the Catalan Cup Race at a track in France. This picture also included a strange unidentified flying object seen over the tree tops beyond the line of spectators watching this race. There is no indication whether the photographer saw this object and …

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