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10 Unsolved Ancient Mysteries of the World

I have listed here 10 unsolved ancient mysteries of the world. Some of them you may know but others are very mysterious… I plan on releasing a blog post for each to go into more detail. 10. The mysterious stones from Lake Winnipesaukee Although the stone was found next to a lake in 1872, it …

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Five Unexplained Ancient Artifacts

The mysterious stone of Indonesia

Regarding this world, one thing is beyond doubt, there are still many unexplained ancient artifacts waiting to be discovered on the earth. Every discovery seems to indicate that we are unraveling the mystery of earth’s unexplained ancient artifacts. On the other hand, there are many discoveries that have been excavated, but they are also bothering …

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Ancient alien cave discovered between China and Tibet

Chinese researchers find ancient alien cave on China-Tibet border A group of Chinese researchers identified and explored an ancient cave so unusual that an extraterrestrial hypothesis was quickly taken into consideration. The fascinating ruins were discovered in the remote wilderness area that makes up most of the intersection between China’s Qinghai Province and the Tibetan …

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