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The Antonio Villas Boas UFO Abduction

Antonio Villas Boas UFO

The case of the Villas Boas UFO abduction is one of the most famous among Brazilian ufologists and everyone else for the wealth of details of what happened. Antonio Villas Boas lived a peaceful farmer’s routine in São Francisco de Sales, Minas Gerais . His family was all formed by farmers, while the other relatives …

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Sergeant Clifford Stone Aliens Investigator

Sergeant Clifford Stone Aliens

Sergeant Clifford Stone Aliens Investigator is a unique case among UFO witnesses and investigators. For 22 years, he was part of an elite, top-secret US military group that was rushed to crash sites to recover alien ships and their occupants. Since retiring from the Army, he has spent his time filing FOIA (Freedom of Information …

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