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Why Did The Anunnaki People Leave Earth

Anunnaki People

The greatest mystery about the Anunnaki people: what was the reason for their departure from Earth? What happened after the fall of Babylon? According to research, this exodus was due to a civil war (nuclear?) Between the clans of Enki and Enlil (for political ambitions). Marduk and Ishtar have started é conflict. Marduk recaptures Babylon …

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What Is The Draco Reptilian Empire

Draco Reptilian

The Draco Reptilian empire arose from the alpha empire of the Dragon, made up of several reptilian species, including the winged DRACOs, the large reptilians that lead several groups of gray-reptilians reproduced by poly-embryonation, and hatching from eggs and by cloning. A class of particularly malicious, dark, iguana-faced sorcerer-priests. They often wear a hooded dress …

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What would intelligent aliens look like

what would intelligent aliens look like something out

What would intelligent aliens look like? That is the question that is circling in my mind right now. After the people realized that there might be something out there different depictions of aliens started coming out. Long legged creatures with long arms and about 8 feet tall, creatures with 8 or more legs and tiny …

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The Nibiruan Council Of Twelve Members

the nibiruan council of twelve

The Nibiruan Council Of Twelve Members * Emperor Anu & Empress Antu Crown-Prince Enlil & Crown-Princess Ninlil Prince Enki & Princess Ninki Prince Nannar & Princess Ningal Prince Utu & Princess-Royal Inanna Prince Ishkur & Queen Ninkhursag *** Commander and Crown-Prince Anu, along with his two sons Enki and Enlil and daughter Ninkhursag, are part …

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Tall White Aliens Photo

  Beginning in 1956, some 200 people from all walks of life in Europe had extensive interaction with a group of very human-looking aliens called Tall Whites or Nordics; I have included an Tall White Aliens Photo in this post. They included politicians, university professors, engineers, journalists, students and housewives. The level of contact varied from …

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