Brazil Ovni Sightings History From 1955 to 2012

Brazil Ovni Sightings History

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The Brazil Ovni phenomenon is nothing new, since ancient times our planet has had contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. Direct contact was lost because we were in a prison planet, enclosed in a dimension of illusory space and time, where we fight for our survival in a hostile environment, compatible with our stage of evolution. We are a civilization indebted for not having learned to love in the past. But the world is changing, we are at the end of a cycle, where the planet will once again belong to the Confederation Intergalactic, allowing contact with other extraterrestrial civilizations to be limited. General contact is next. We are in the process of awakening. Sightings are part of this process. Today, with the incredible technological evolution of the planet, it is even difficult to know what is extraterrestrial or technology of own land, because in secret, certain nations of the Earth have already received technological help from extras. This explains, in part, the sensational technological advance of the 20th century.

1954, October, 26 – first public statement in history in which the Brazilian Government recognizes officially the existence of Brazil Ovnis. The event was reported by reporter João Martins in the edition of November 27 from Cruzeiro Magazine. On October 26, the Air Zone Base Command released to the press the detailed report regarding Brazil Ovni sighting in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

on October 16, Brigadier Gervásio Duncan, head of the May State of Aeronautics (EMAER) had read the press 5 of the 16 reports sent by the 5th Zone. The first had been seen on 12/12/54 in Pelotas, by the Commander of the Fire Brigade, Lieutenant Adil Quites, in addition to his family and soldiers, starting a series of sightings in the same fortnight.

1954, November, 2 – For the first time in history, an official meeting, open to the public and military authorities on the subject of the UFO theme, due to the numerous sightings. THE Conference of Colonel Adil Oliveiram Head of the Air Force Chief Information Service, at Escola Superior de Guerra, in Rio de Janeiro. More information

1955 – Publication of the book “A Vida no Planeta Marte”, by Ramatis, psychographed by Hercilio Maes.

1957, November – sighting of ships on Trindade Island, with records from the Military Brazilians. President JK himself takes note of the matter.

1960, April. The Melhoramentos Edition launches the book “Discos Voadores”, by J. Escobar Faria, founder of Flying Saucer Research Center of São Paulo.

1967, November – UFOS appearance at Fazenda Rio do Ouro (“Chapadinha”) in Alexânia (GO) to members of a parapsychology group.

On March 13, 1968, General Uchôa, meets with the Yogarin being beginning a new period of research on Extraterrestrial studies, aided by the Great White Brotherhood. 1969, February, 6 – Important case of abduction occurred in Pirassununga-SP, researched even by

1969, February, 6 – Important case of abduction occurred in Pirassununga-SP, researched even by
Brazilian Aeronautics. The object was even spotted by residents.

1969, March – After numerous sightings, the Brazilian Aeronautics creates the System of Identification of Unidentified Aerial Objects (SIOANI), something unprecedented in the world at the time, in a public and official character. SIOANI was supervised by Brigadier José Vaz da Silva. The nucleus was closed in 1972, within the policy American cover-up of Brazil Ovni phenomena.

1977, September-December – Sensational UFO case, officially registered, “Operation Dish”. At
Ilha dos Colares, at the mouth of the Amazon River, where flying objects experiment with the local population, who is in a panic. As if they were small injections, more than 80 people were attacked. Other locations from the region with sightings: Ilha dos Caranguejos, Baía do Sol, Rio Guajará (near Belém). Were
registered, through radar, flights across the Amazon, to Bolivia, as if it were a survey aerophotogrammetric. A military mission, with about 40 men, heads to the scene to find out. Colonel Uyrangê de Hollanda of the FAB (Brazilian Air Force), 20 years later, dies after two months after the report confirming the presence of beings in the region. There was a report with more than 500 photos, 4 films. Due to panic, the population of the island, which was 10 thousand, changes to 1 thousand. Part of official documents were released for public consultation.

1979 – Organization of the 1st International Ufology Congress, in Brasília. A little earlier, the
first Ufology Congress in São Paulo. The second Intermacional Congress is also organized
in Brasilia, in 1983.

1981, May – Case of Russian Orbital Station Salyut 6. Contact with extras.

1982, February, 8 – Vasp flight 169. UFO sighted for an hour by 150 passengers.

1982, March 6 – Sighting of a cigar-shaped ship, detected by radar, passing over
from 300 cities, it is even seen by the crowd, on a match day, of the Morenão stadium in Campo Grande.

1983 – In December, NASA’s Iras telescope sees a new planet. In October 1988, after 5 years
of studies, astronomer Robert S. Harrington, of the US Naval Observatory, based on this discovery,
publishes its possible route in the Astronomical Journal. The planet approaches and moves away from the Earth, every 3,600 years. The Sumerians called the planet Nibiru, “the one that crosses”.

1984 – Beginning of the transformation of the Planet. Our planet will cease to be a prison, moving on to the process regeneration. Beginning of the hygiene and selection process for future inhabitants.

1986, May, 19 – Senasacional case of the “Official UFOS Night”. The Minister of Aeronautics at the
then Brigadeiro Otávio Júlio Moreira Lima officially admitted publicly that 21 Brazil Ovnis of 100 meters in diameter invaded Brazil’s airspace. Phenomenon was detected by 50 radars in distinct locations.

1988, in March – Foundation of Revista UFO, the oldest publication of its kind, in Brazil and in the world, in
circulation in 2014.

1994 – On the 30th of January. Landing of a Nave in the city of Limeira, widely publicized. on one
Sunday night, repeating on Monday. Descent from the Nave right in the city center. A lot of people in
the city noted the fact. There was Black-out. In the southern region of the city of Limeira. Bairro Jardim Planalto, one of the highest points. 10:30 pm. Countless calls to the police. Blue and red lights doing a show
air. “It looked like a cane field on fire in the air.” The object slowly disappeared over the horizon after 40
minutes of observation. On Monday night another appearance and a 27-minute Black-out.

1996, Jan, 20 – Case of Varginha. Ship crash. Initially 3 girls spot two creatures brown eyes with red eyes, which are caught. Dozens of people viewed the creatures. One of the bodies go through the city hospital to be treated when captured by a young police officer.

1997, December – Organization of the 1st World Ufology Forum, held at the Temple of Good Will, in
Brasilia. The second event was organized in Curitiba.

2004 – Revista UFO starts campaign for the Government to open secret files on cases

2005, November – Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer defends the thesis that the Brazil Ovni phenomenon should be searched publicly. It also accuses the United States of covering up the facts. Served as minister of Defense in the period 1963-1967. “Flying saucers are as real as airplanes that fly over our heads. ”

Speech at the University of Toronto on 25/09/2005.

2008 – After denying the existence of the visit of extraterrestrials on Earth, causing the delay in the awakening of awareness of the population, governments are beginning to partially open files on the study of UFO phenomena. Initially in England in 2008, followed by France (2009) and Brazil (2010). 2008 – The city of Peruíbe enters the UFO tourism route, after residents, among others sightings, spot a red object in the sky. Other known sighting points in the country: Sul de Minas, Barra do Garças (MT), Caçapava do Sul (RS), Ilha dos Colares (PA), Chapadas da Bahia, Serra das Belezas (RJ). 2010, August, 10 – following the claim of the Brazilian Commission of Ufologists (CBU), it is published in Official Gazette, Ordinance 551 / GC3, issued by the Air Force Commander, Brigadier Juniti Salto, officially recognizing the UFO phenomenon in Brazil.

2012, September – The IV World Ufology Forum is organized in Foz do Iguaçu. Issuance of the Foz Letter do Iguaçu, requesting the opening of secret government documents on the Brazil Ovni phenomenon. Later, the Ministry of Defense, on April 18, 2014. receives Ufologists to meet with members of the Armed Forces, Army, Navy and Air Force. An unprecedented event worldwide, a ministerial meeting with ufologists. A historic moment. “It is time for Ufologists to be served”.

2012, Dec, 7 – The Prime Minister of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, revealed that the country not only has
knowledge of the existence of extraterrestrials, but is also aware of their presence here on Earth.
Medvedev was Minister of Russia in the period 2008-2012.

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