Area51Aliens: Aliens And UFOs At Area 51


Area51Aliens can be found Eighty-three miles north-northwest of Las Vegas in southern Nevada in the highly secretive Area 51. The area is a facility located within the Nevada Test and Training Range and an isolated facility of Edwards Air Force Base. While the purpose of the area is a super-secret, it is believed that it supports on the development and testing of advanced aircraft and weaponry. Perhaps, its most popular alleged purpose is to house aliens that may have captured or crashed many years ago.

Boyd Bushman claimed he was working in Area 51. Bushman has great reputation as an engineer for Lockheed Martin and Texas Instruments. He died earlier this year at age 78. But before his death, he chronicled his role at Area 51 on a video shot by aerospace engineer Mark Q. Patterson. The video was posted on video sharing site YouTube on October 21.

The deathbed video was already removed on YouTube because of Chris Mooney’s copyright challenge. The exact details on the removal are not available and it is not clear what Mooney’s affiliation with the story.

In the video, Bushman reveals his knowledge about alien travel to Earth from their home planet and presents several photographs of Area51Aliens. Bushman details that these aliens utilized their extraterrestrial technology that enabled them to travel from their home planet to Earth in just 45 minutes. Their home is 68 light-years away and it is called Quintumnia.

As described by Bushman, the aliens are around 5 feet tall, with long fingers, web-like toes and 3 cartilage backbones. They communicate through telepathy among themselves and with humans.

Skeptics of course question the intent of Bushman and the images. However, Bushman managed to pass a lie detector test in 2008 about his involvement with alien anti-gravity technology, examination of extraterrestrial aircraft, and alien interactions. Bushman claimed he received death threats, the reason it took him long before he disclosed this information.

Bushman held 26 U.S. patents while working at Lockheed Martin and European Theater Tactical Fighters. He developed electro-optical laser sensors and power systems as well as magnetic beam. While at Texas Instruments he was involved with developments of GPS systems, Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR), tank mounted, and smart laser-guided bombs.

The extraterrestrials themselves used 38 feet across saucer-shaped craft to travel towards Earth from their home planet. For the most part in the video, Bushman claims that the aliens he met were friendly but some of them were not. He explains that 19 people died in trying to defend themselves against aggression from aliens. Bad aliens were known to be rustlers while the good ones were labeled as wranglers.

The secrecy of Area 51 has been sworn by thousands of employees of Area 51. It has been known that secrecy is needed for the weapons and planes for national security purposes. However, many have doubts if that is the only reason of secrecy. Many have come forward claiming to have worked with extraterrestrial ships and aliens at the site. It has been thought that employees at the site are transported routinely back and forth in unmarked Boeing 737s.

While the revelation done by Boyd Bushman associating Area 51 with aliens is not new, it however does provide the story some credence. His association with the site and his background can’t be denied. Furthermore, as a dying man, there’s nothing much to gain from a public release of the story.

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