Are UFO Abductors Time Travellers?

The following, highly speculative, article offers an alternative view to the classic scenario that the Abduction phenomenon must be the result of the actions of extraterrestrial beings. I believe that as yet there is not enough hard data to be able to identify the agent behind abductions. It may well be after extensive investigation that many or all of the abduction cases turn out to be something closer to home such as the witnesses all being fantasy prone individuals, or indeed some other causative agent is identified.

Since the publication of the reports about the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill and of Antonio Vilas Boas in the mid-1960s the abduction of human beings by some mysterious force has gained in prominence. Although these are amongst the most spectacular of UFO reports it must be remembered that they constitute only a small proportion of all UFO reports, maybe only 1 to 2% of the total. Indeed some researchers believe that, since abductions appear to be radically different from other UFO reports, that the only connection they have with UFOs is an accident of history. And since the term Alien actually only means something or somebody in the wrong place, it is not essential that Aliens are extraterrestrial. After all, most governments class people not born in their country as Aliens.

Many researchers who believe that abduction cases are a genuine part of UFO phenomena believe that the force responsible for abductions might be extraterrestrial. Are they correct in this belief? I believe that time travellers could just as well, if not better, explain the evidence available.

One of the features of many abduction reports is missing time. In missing time cases the witness may undertake a task which they know should have taken a well defined time but appears to have taken them much longer for no apparent reason. Consider the Betty and Barney Hill case where they were travelling home from a visit to Canada to their home in New Hampshire. This journey took them around two hours longer than they estimated. Or consider the case of the witness who set off from his home in Northampton to visit a relative in a village around 20 minutes from his home. Along the journey his motorcycle stalled and he observed a strange object hovering over a nearby field. He observed the object for about 5 minutes before it disappeared and his motorcycle restarted. Yet he was over one and a half-hours late arriving at his destination.

Less well known are those abduction cases where the witness undertakes a task, for example goes on a journey, and completes the task in an impossibly short time. Consider the witness who was travelling in his car along the A34 in Berkshire. As he went round a roundabout the 6pm news came on the car radio. He knew that about 1-mile beyond the roundabout he had to turn off the main road and would be at his destination in about half an hour. The radio signal started to break-up; he looked down and tried to re-tune the radio. When he looked back at the road the previous good weather had changed to rain, yet within quarter of a mile or so the rain disappeared and the sky was cloudless. He did not recognise where he was, but then he came upon a road sign. He was still on the main road, about 20 miles beyond his turnoff. Realising he would now be late, he checked the time – it was 6:05pm, in less than 5 minutes he had travelled over 20 miles. There are other similar cases.

Whatever is responsible in these cases seems to be causing a change in the passage of time, either a gain or loss of time. If the force responsible for abductions were extraterrestrial then the ‘Aliens’ would have not only to have overcome the problems of long distance spaceflight but also would have developed some way of manipulating time. Two miracles for the price of one!   If the force responsible for abduction is some form of time travelling being, they would have already conquered time and so the ability to transport somebody backward or forward in time would be second nature.

Some abduction researchers believe that the ‘Aliens’ are visitors from a dying planet who are here to carry out genetic experiments because of weaknesses in their own genetic makeup. It is highly unlikely that any being that evolved entirely separately in a different part of the universe would have biochemistry that is compatible to this degree with our own.

In terms of spaceflight, beings from earth have only made the short hop to visit our moon yet we have made huge strides in recent years in the analysis and understanding of our own genetic makeup and the genetic makeup of many other species on earth. Any race that could undertake long distance interplanetary travel is likely to have made similar advances in other areas of science. They should have the chemical skills to mess around with their own genetic material without contaminating with ours. Even if they were not skilled in biochemistry (in which case they would not need to take samples from humans) much of the material they would be interested in is available in on-line libraries and databases which they could easily tap.

Abduction researchers report that the ‘Aliens’ tend to abduct different members of the same families at different stages of their lives. One of the great fads amongst humans is to try to trace their ancestral lines. If the ‘Aliens’ were just interested in forming a pool of human genetic material probably the abductions would be just random people, not groups within a family. The focusing on particular families suggests more likely an interest in that family with the genes a means of examining the links between individuals.  This kind of behaviour is more typical of somebody trying to trace a (their?) family tree.  Could the ‘Aliens’ be the witness’s decendants come back to trace their roots?

I do not necessarily believe that whatever is the causative agent behind UFO abductions is time travellers, but the above illustrates how much of the same data which is used by researchers to make a case for extraterrestrial aliens can be used to make a case for an alternative hypothesis.  Indeed, we could extend the arguement somewhat.  As stated above, some supporters of the Extra Terrestrial Hypothesis believe that abductions occur for the collection of genetic material.  But what other genetic links could there be?  Some people believe that only some people see UFOs (and by extrapolation ‘Aliens’) because they have some ability or are sensitive in some way which the majority of people are not.  This could well be some form of inherited trait which passes down the genes.  Again, some people have suggested that UFO Abductions could be some previously unrecognised form of psychiatric or neurological disorder.  Again there is a growing body of evidence that many psychological disorders are genetic.

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