Anna Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull Finding

This is the skull found by Anna Mitchell Hedges in 1924.

anna mitchell hedges

In 1924, on an expedition made by British archaeologists (Anna Mitchell Hedges and Frederick Mitchell Hedges) to the Mayan ruins in Belize, Central America, in a pyramid without doors and with only a small crack in its top that allowed someone to enter, a great find was made. Anna Mitchell Hedges, an archaeologist adopted daughter of the expedition’s leader, Frederick Mitchell Hedges was the only one of the size to enter through the crevice, so they descended it through a rope.

Anna, as she went down, said she saw some light inside the pyramid and went behind to find out what was shining that way. They pulled Anna again after a while and when she went up again she came with a crystal skull made from a piece of quartz. This is the most perfect and most famous crystal skull in the world. After the finding, the expedition went down and presented it to the local natives, descendants of the Mayans. When they saw the skull, it was as if something extraordinary was happening, as if their gods had returned. Everyone started to cry, hug and kiss, worshiping the skull. Frederick presented it to the local healer and he placed it on an altar where 24 hours a day he would burn fire around the skull. And so, the old Maya told everyone, an ancient Mayan legend. “Thousands of years ago, thirteen crystal skulls were buried in different places on our planet. And these skulls would have the greatest energy on the entire planet. And according to them, the skulls were made possibly to contain information from the gods who once descended from the skies. They contained a power coming from outside this planet, and when the thirteen skulls were together, something incredible would happen in this world. Furthermore, the legend says that there are twelve worlds where the inhabitants live like us, and from there twelve skulls would have come , brought by inhabitants of these worlds. And the thirteenth would be the skull that would contain all the information about the other twelve worlds. And here on Earth, which would be the children’s planet, the thirteen skulls would be grouped together to maintain unique information about all the worlds. among several important points for everyone. ” Another legend says that These would have been responsible for the dissemination, according to the legend that affirms that, if gathered, the 13 skulls would have wonderful powers, including the one to stop the world, if aligned in the last day of the Mayan calendar, on December 12, inhabited 2012. However, only seven skulls were found, four are with collectors and three are proven to be fake, they were created to be pre-Columbian skulls like the others, but they were discovered to be pieces made in Europe in the 19th century, and are in museums, one in Washington, USA, one in Paris, France and the other at the British Museum, England. The skull found by the 1924 expedition in Belize was analyzed in the 1960s by an antique curator and restorer named Frank Dorland. He thought it was a piece that had been sculpted by unknown materials, it was not metal or something known to possibly sculpt the piece. It only highlighted a small piece in the teeth and another in the eyes that could have been sculpted by diamonds, which would have been a method used for 300 years. However, the skull could have existed for more than 12 thousand years.

anna mitchell hedges

Anna Mitchell Hedges, her father Frederick Mitchel Hedges on the right, and on the left a member of the expedition.

The other skulls in the world.

anna mitchell hedges

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