Akhenaten the Venusian Alien Pharaoh

Robert Charroux, a great French prehistorian, who spent decades all over the world studying the subject of the Venusian alien species, ancient writings, and recounted the ancient Venusian Aliens on Earth and their intervention with human evolution here below, in six literary volumes that are in fact so repressed that they are not available in the United States, in bookstores, or by order.

In Asian national libraries there are also many ancient stories, up to 4000 years in the past, which explain in detail the Venusian Alien ships, their pilots, their missions on Earth, interventions in Earth affairs and the involvement in ancient interplanetary wars, the fighting of which continued on Earth. Some of these writings explain the method of propelling these alien vessels with a lot of technological detail, which seemed like legends until recent scientific discoveries that proved this science to be accurate.

Among these ancient writings there are: BOOK OF DZYAN, VAIMANIKA SASTRA, VYMANIKA SHAASTRA, MAOSOLA PURVA, etc.

Additionally, famous 1950s anthropologist / archaeologist Dr George Hunt Williamson published research describing how he studied ancient manuscripts hidden in a temple high in the South American Andes, detailing Venusian alien landings, contact and intermingling with Earthlings in ancient times.

High in the Andean Cordillera lie the ruins of one of the oldest cities ever to be discovered, Tiahuanaco, with monolithic remains so amazingly constructed that archaeologists cannot explain how it was possible for the ancients to build them.

The inscriptions found there have been translated and indicate that at the dawn of civilization a golden vessel of Venus landed there. The occupants got out of the ship and a beautiful Venusian alien woman set out to teach the primitive Indians the basic skills of a civilization!

Why are there so many “gods” with human appearances reported in ancient cultures and believed to come from Venus? Why is a Venusian alien usually described as Nordic type, beautiful, blue eyed, blonde and tall?

How is it that the Mayans had a completely precise Venusian alien calendar when the Spanish conquistadors invaded their lands. A calendar that modern science could not prove and know the precision until the fifties! It was not until 1962, then more precisely in 1965, that the true period of rotation of the planet Venus was discovered thanks to radio astronomy which, with the help of radar echoes, determined a retrograde rotation in 243 days terrestrial hence a solar day (day / night cycle) on Venus of 117 terrestrial days].

The Incas spoke of a golden vessel that landed in the Andes and taught them about civilization. Pizarro’s invading army reported this story to the King and Queen and it was censored because “it wasn’t in the Bible”. In his book “The secret lodgings of the lion” Dr. George Hunt Williamson recounted how he found an old manuscript, in an ancient temple high in the Andes, which recounted the Venusian settlements and assistance to Earth in ancient and prehistoric times. He also reported on how some of their ships rescued enlightened survivors of earthquakes, tidal waves, floods, and pole shifts. Belief in the Venusians was common and normal in ancient times before religious (Vatican) and government censorship.

So why don’t the Venusian aliens land on the White House lawn?

According to the Venusians, during attempts to land in cities, there were Earthlings trying to kill or capture the Venusians, shooting their ship and trying to take it to acquire the technology. The “local” people of Earth are too often hostile, unfriendly and dangerous. Would you land in a huge tribe of savage headhunters and cannibals in the Amazon, who would greet you with meal ideas and shrunken heads in mind, to help them out? They would fire their darts and ask questions later, as many dead missionaries have learned! Is it certain that the Venusians can retaliate and gain the upper hand with their ray cannons?

The Venusians, however, say they are completely nonviolent and prefer to observe and help from a distance rather than fight. Most of them don’t have karma on Earth and violence would give them one here!

They solve problems with love… not with war! When they become denser on this plane they lower their frequencies in order to materialize and by this fact they could really be killed by our weapons.

The Mayan calendar is a dual calendar, Earth and Venus. The Mayans used the calendar of Venus to date their sacred events in connection with the gods.

What happened with the Mayans?

We know they are all gone, just before the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors. To go where? Kidnapped by whom and how? We have our little idea above….


Venusian Alien

Pharaoh Akhenaten was one of the greatest archaeological mysteries of our time.

Venerated by some “illuminated” and nicknamed “heretic” by his successors; this Egyptian king who made so much effort to erase all traces of his passage through the land of Egypt left behind more questions than answers… moreover, his tomb still remains to be discovered.

His name means: “the one who is beneficial”.

This great mystic came to earth at the request of the Spiritual Hierarchy and Shamballah to establish the bases of a monotheism so that man does not forget his origins. It must be understood that at this period of our history, the world was sinking more and more into density and that an intervention on the part of the Hierarchy became inevitable for the survival of humanity.

By imposing on the people of Egypt the sun god (sun disk) as their only deity for more than 19 years, he succeeded in changing the course of our history.

This profound change in Egyptian spirituality was an intense shock both for the people but also for the almighty clergy of the god Amun. He forbids priests of other gods to take part in public and political demonstrations. Pharaoh did not deny any Temple, nor did he ask these priests to stop believing in their god. All these priests were put away from life in Egypt… day after day these priests saw their power diminished in favor of a new caste of priests and a single god.

Gradually, Akhenaten associated Queen Nefertiti with this change and for the first time the queen was Pharaoh’s equal in rituals towards the God Aten, which obviously displeased the clergy of Amun and their followers. Soon this clergy became a bigger and bigger threat to Pharaoh and he never did anything against them.

During his reign, Akhenaten did not come to the aid of any of the allied nations when they were attacked and captured by the enemy. The Almighty Egypt was weakening in the eyes of all… it put the military in all their states… how could Egypt not react? Month after month, the territory and the influence of Egypt were diminishing… all the generals were raging…

Also, Akhenaten is at the origin of a secret and occult group which was to be the depositary of all the Wisdom which was in the hands of Pharaoh and of the priests less and less numerous in the House of Pharaoh .

From generation to generation, Wisdom is transmitted in the greatest secrecy so that one day, when humanity is ready, this knowledge would be revealed to all for the greater good of man.

Akhenaten was a great mystic and knew that his days as those of knowledge were numbered. Only one solution could allow the light to survive a “dark” period and it was the creation of a secret group that allowed the transmission of this Wisdom beyond the Egyptian borders and to reach our days.

Where does this wisdom come from?

Egypt is first and foremost a colony of the kingdom of Atlantis.

When the Atlanteans disappeared, Egypt took in several refugees and, of course, part of the Atlantean knowledge. This also explains why the royal house and relatives were not only white but why marriages between them were so popular …

Akhenaten was an Venusian alien
He is one of the 30 children of Sanat Kumara who came with his father to save the Earth from an unprecedented disaster. Shamballah was built to welcome Sanat Kumara by his children and volunteers from the planet Venus.

According to legend, Akhenaten was adopted by his father the Pharaoh at the request of the emissaries of Shamballah. Egypt was always ruled by men and women having knowledge… since Pharaoh was the equivalent of the Pope and moreover, he was of Atlantean descent until Tutankhamun… last Pharaoh; thereafter, there were only kings bearing the name the title of Pharaoh. Note that Akhenaten was the very first ruler of Egypt to bear the name of PHARAOH (“that of the greatest of houses”).

Towards the end of his reign, tensions and plots grew more serious. One day, according to legend, Akhenaten was poisoned. As he is a “Kumara”, an Ascended Master, he simply fell unconscious. His body was locked in a sarcophagus which the priests (of Amun?) Sealed with incantations so that he would be imprisoned forever in his envelope and the sarccophagus. This stratagem worked for a while. Akhenaten freed himself and took the road to Shamballah.

The succession of Akhenaton was very eventful and the clergy of Amon gradually resumed their place and their former power. It is claimed that Nefertiti was the next Pharaoh. The last real pharaoh was Tutankhaton, he changed his name to Tutankhamun.

Horemheb, general of Tutakhamun’s armies, became Pharaoh and decided to erase all traces of the “heirs”. It is therefore thanks to his intervention that it is difficult to find some works of the House of Pharaoh under the god Aton… The sculptures were destroyed, the Temples erased the names of heretical Pharaohs, etc. This king resumed the conquests and restored Egypt’s military power. His successor was Ramses I.

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