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2007 Alderney UFO Sighting Seen By Pilot

Ray Bower

An Alderney UFO Sighting  of two UFOs is seen by airline pilot, Captain Ray Bower. The size of the largest is estimated to be 1.6 kilometers long. The objects are spotted by radar and by another pilot. Some passengers and a pilot from another airline also confirm the sighting. On April 23, 2007, at 2:45 …

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The Roswell Alien Sighting

roswell alien sighting

Roswell Alien Sighting The Roswell alien sighting consist of an alleged collision of an unidentified flying object ( UFO) in Roswell, New Mexico, United States. Some ufologists and much of the public have taken an interest in the Roswell events. Many books and films have been written and made about the alleged events, both fictional novels and serious …

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Chang’e 5 Completes Lunar Drilling Sample

After the successful launch of China’s Chang’e 5 project on November 24, and now that Chang’e 5 Completes Lunar Drilling Sample, the outside world has become keenly interested in the second attempt to collect lunar resources in human history. Of course, not surprisingly, some “things” hiding in “subspace” are still struggling in secret, hoping to …

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