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10 Unsolved Ancient Mysteries of the World

I have listed here 10 unsolved ancient mysteries of the world. Some of them you may know but others are very mysterious… I plan on releasing a blog post for each to go into more detail. 10. The mysterious stones from Lake Winnipesaukee Although the stone was found next to a lake in 1872, it …

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Sergeant Clifford Stone Aliens Investigator

Sergeant Clifford Stone Aliens

Sergeant Clifford Stone Aliens Investigator is a unique case among UFO witnesses and investigators. For 22 years, he was part of an elite, top-secret US military group that was rushed to crash sites to recover alien ships and their occupants. Since retiring from the Army, he has spent his time filing FOIA (Freedom of Information …

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Most Important Alien Species In Interaction With Humanity

Alien Species

There are a large number of alien species that currently interact with Earth and the human population. In a 1998 interview, Clifford Stone, a retired U.S. Army sergeant who had served in the U.S. Army for 22 years and participated in covert operations aimed at recovering alien ships and extraterrestrial biological entities (EBE ), revealed …

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Charles Hall Tall Whites Alien Disclosure

Charles Hall Tall Whites

Charles Hall tall whites aliens were first discovered in 1965. On August 2010, information technology expert Charles Hall (who was a first-class soldier in the US Air Force) published a book in which he disclosed to the public that he had contact with the same kind of human and alien creatures. This alien creature is …

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Five Unexplained Ancient Artifacts

The mysterious stone of Indonesia

Regarding this world, one thing is beyond doubt, there are still many unexplained ancient artifacts waiting to be discovered on the earth. Every discovery seems to indicate that we are unraveling the mystery of earth’s unexplained ancient artifacts. On the other hand, there are many discoveries that have been excavated, but they are also bothering …

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Akhenaten the Venusian Alien Pharaoh

Robert Charroux, a great French prehistorian, who spent decades all over the world studying the subject of the Venusian alien species, ancient writings, and recounted the ancient Venusian Aliens on Earth and their intervention with human evolution here below, in six literary volumes that are in fact so repressed that they are not available in …

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