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Ancient alien cave discovered between China and Tibet

Chinese researchers find ancient alien cave on China-Tibet border A group of Chinese researchers identified and explored an ancient cave so unusual that an extraterrestrial hypothesis was quickly taken into consideration. The fascinating ruins were discovered in the remote wilderness area that makes up most of the intersection between China’s Qinghai Province and the Tibetan …

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The First Sighting Of UFO In Spain

first sighting of ufo

The first sighting of UFO in Spain was reported by the first Ufologist of whom we have news at the national level. A Galician named Oscar Rey Brea, who became interested in the subject as a result of a  first sighting of UFO his parents had, who sighted a strange luminous object in the city …

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Why Did The Anunnaki People Leave Earth

Anunnaki People

The greatest mystery about the Anunnaki people: Why did the Anunnaki people leave Earth? What happened after the fall of Babylon? According to research, this exodus was due to a civil war (nuclear?) Between the clans of Enki and Enlil (for political ambitions). Marduk and Ishtar have started the conflict. Marduk recaptures Babylon from Cyrus …

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The Tunguska Explosion: A Possible UFO Crash In 1908

Tunguska explosion

The Tunguska Explosion, June 30, 1908, at 07 hours and 15 minutes, was going to be the protagonist of one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century. In fact, and the 21st century has already begun, and despite notable efforts to unravel what the hell happened on that day in that remote area, the …

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