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George Hunt Williamson Venusian Manuscripts

Famous 1950s anthropologist / archaeologist Dr George Hunt Williamson published research describing how he studied ancient manuscripts hidden in a temple high in the South American Andes, detailing Venus landings, contact and intermingling with Earthlings in ancient times. High in the Andean Cordillera lie the ruins of one of the oldest cities ever to be discovered, …

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What Is The Draco Reptilian Empire

Draco Reptilian

The Draco Reptilian empire arose from the alpha empire of the Dragon, made up of several reptilian species, including the winged DRACOs, the large reptilians that lead several groups of gray-reptilians reproduced by poly-embryonation, and hatching from eggs and by cloning. A class of particularly malicious, dark, iguana-faced sorcerer-priests. They often wear a hooded dress …

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UFO Underground Bases Around The World

ufo underground base

Some of these UFO underground bases are networks of very old caves, which have been rehabilitated and developed. Pine Gap, Australia is one of the largest. Material heading for the base of the moon leaves from Pine Gap. In Australia there is another base, that of Snowy Mountains. Both are allied with the gray reptilians. …

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Pentagon UFO Task Force To Investigate UAPs

pentagon ufo task force

The Pentagon is creating a Pentagon UFO task force to explore UFO sightings that have been seen on a few events by U.S. military personnel. The new Pentagon UFO task force is to explore what it calls “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” (UAPs) to screen announced sightings of what a great many people call UFOs. The creation …

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Elon Musk Alien Tweet About Pyramids

Elon Musk Alien Tweet

Elon Musk Alien Tweet was posted on Twitter, and bluntly states… “The aliens built the pyramids, obv.” This tweet received over 555.4K likes and 89.3K retweets . I have to say it is of course… correct. Located in Giza , Egypt, three enormous pyramids, almost untouched by time, are believed to have been built over 5,000 years ago. …

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Donald Trump UFO Disclosure May Happen In Future

Donald Trump UFO Disclosure A possible Donald Trump UFO Disclosure could be primed for the future. President of the United States Donald Trump spoke to his son Donald Trump Jr. in a special Father’s Day interview. During the 20-minute conversation, Donald Trump  Jr. discusses with the President if there will be a possible Donald Trump …

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