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The Philip James Corso Story And Roswell

Philip James Corso

Philip James Corso (Pennsylvania, May 22, 1915 – Jupiter, July 16, 1998) was a lieutenant colonel in the United States Army. Corso received additional instruction at the Fort Riley Military Intelligence School, and held important positions of authority, both in the United States and abroad, achieving 19 decorations and working directly with President Eisenhower. Throughout …

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ufo crash retrievals

Here is a list of the UFO crash retrievals up to 1992: DATE LOCATION BODIES July 4,1947 Roswell, New Mexico 4 Bodies Feb 13,1948 Aztec, New Mexico 12 Bodies July 7,1948 Mexico, so. of Laredo 1 Body 1949 Roswell, New Mexico 1 ET Living 1952 Spitzenbergen, Norway 2 Bodies Aug 14,1952 Ely, Nevada 16 Bodies …

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UFO What Does It Stand For Today And In The Past

UFO What Does It Stand For? Unidentified Flying Object (abbreviated: UFO or UFO) is the English name for unidentified flying object. A UFO is a light, phenomenon or object in the air that cannot be identified even after investigation. UFO what does it stand for? The term UFO was introduced by the United States Air …

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The Varginha UFO Incident In Brazil 1996

The Varginha UFO incident was a mass media incident, mainly by television, in Varginha, Brazil in 1996 in which popular reports of unidentified flying objects (UFO) and strange creatures (alleged aliens) allegedly captured by Brazilian officials . However, no Brazilian officials confirm the unusual history. The case became publicly known and was mentioned in the …

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Fred Crisman UFO Incident At Maury Island

Fred Crisman UFO Incident The Fred Crisman UFO incident was one of those rare UFO cases where there was too much data, too many entanglements, and far too many weird associations to be easily categorized or digested. The Fred Crisman UFO incident occurred very early in the modern UFO era, on June 21, 1947.   Two …

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Recent Pyramids Found In Antarctica

A YouTube video titled “Ancient Aliens: A Pyramid In Antarctica” offers an interesting tour of the Pyramids found in Antarctica. It gives idea to the viewers that human civilization started in Antarctica. The most interesting part for most UFO or extra-terrestrial enthusiasts could be towards the end of the video wherein pyramid at the Shackleton …

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Area51Aliens: Aliens And UFOs At Area 51

Area51Aliens Area51Aliens can be found Eighty-three miles north-northwest of Las Vegas in southern Nevada in the highly secretive Area 51. The area is a facility located within the Nevada Test and Training Range and an isolated facility of Edwards Air Force Base. While the purpose of the area is a super-secret, it is believed that …

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