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How Far do Reports of UFOs go Back in History?

How Far do Reports of UFOs go Back in History? Most people who have read about UFOs get the impression that they have been reported only since World War II. In fact they go back much, much further. During World War II both Allies and Nazi air forces reported strange lights that often buzzed their …

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Special Ground breaking UFO lecture By Phil Schneider

Phil Schneider UFO researcher, a very brave man, recently lost his life due to what appeared to be a military-style execution in January 1996. He was found dead in his apartment with piano wire still wrapped around his neck. According to some sources, he had been brutally tortured repeated before being killed. Phil Schneider was …

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UFO Sightings By Astronauts

Astronauts were followed and watched by UFO craft and here are their UFO testimonies!   Major Gordon Cooper One of the original Mercury Astronauts and the last American to fly in space alone. On May 15, 1963 he shot into space in a Mercury capsule for a 22 orbit journey around the world. During the …

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UFO Reports from Cambridgeshire

There have been many UFO reports from Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas over many years. The earliest report concerns sightings of a strange airship over the Cromwell Street area of Peterborough in March 1909. In November 1962 a hazy white object was seen over Cambridge at about 21:30. At 2:50pm on 16th October 1976, Mrs. Kathy Tribe reported two stationary …

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Northamptonshire UFOs

In the UK there are reports of strange aerial phenomena back at least to the turn of the century and maybe several centuries before that. For example, on 23rd March 1909 PC M. Kettle of Peterborough (which was then part of Northamptonshire) reported a strange airship. There were many other reports of this object from …

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The Roswell Incident

During a thunderstorm on the night of 2nd July 1947, Mac Brazel a rancher from near Corona, New Mexico heard a loud crash. The next day he went out horseback riding with Timothy Proctor, the son of a neighbour and came upon a field with debris scattered about. It is often overlooked that there were …

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Are UFO Abductors Time Travellers?

The following, highly speculative, article offers an alternative view to the classic scenario that the Abduction phenomenon must be the result of the actions of extraterrestrial beings. I believe that as yet there is not enough hard data to be able to identify the agent behind abductions. It may well be after extensive investigation that …

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The Roswell Film

Probably the subject of greatest and hottest debate in UFO research at the moment is the alleged footage of the Roswell Incident. But when you talk about the Roswell Film, which one do you mean? I have been able to identify a number of different pieces of film from at least three sources: Tent Footage …

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The Warminster Initiative

Steve Gamble – Director of Research One of the projects the BUFORA Research team are starting work on is the Warminster Project. BUFORA has run studies in the past which have looked at the Warminster area, so why another Warminster project? As I have stated previously (Gamble, 1988) it is important to study repeated phenomena. …

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