10 Unsolved Ancient Mysteries of the World

I have listed here 10 unsolved ancient mysteries of the world. Some of them you may know but others are very mysterious… I plan on releasing a blog post for each to go into more detail.

10. The mysterious stones from Lake Winnipesaukee

mysterious stones from Lake Winnipesaukee

Although the stone was found next to a lake in 1872, it is still not known what it is. It’s an egg-shaped and smooth object with some seemingly random symbols on it. In addition, the holes found on the bottom and at the top of this ice could only have been made with advanced tools, which did not yet exist on the presumed date of manufacture.


9. Dogu

Dogu Artifact

Over the past few years, 18,000 of these tiny Dogu sculptures have been found across Japan. They are between two and ten thousand years old and they differ only minimally from one another. One knows neither their use nor their object of representation. If you’d like to see more sculptures in abundance that can be found in different locations, then check out number 6. 


8. The Quimbaya Planes

The Quimbaya Planes

The Quimbaya artefacts are probably the most famous finds ever found in Colombia. They are made up of dozens of small gold objects. These were left behind by the Quimbaya peoples, but what is most interesting about it is that they are shaped like small planes. Many people believe that these little figures are evidence that the tribe could fly, or at least knew how to do it.

7. The Rongorongo Tablets

The Rongorongo Tablets

While Easter Island is known for its large sculptures, these finds here are probably even more mysterious than these. Explorers have found these tablets but have not been able to decipher them. It could be the last evidence of the Rongorongo language in history, but nobody knows. In case you think this is crazy, see number 3 for another example of inexplicable blackboards.

6. The Lizard Men

The Lizard Men

Few unsolved ancient mysteries of the world are as mysterious as this one in the Middle East. These figures appear to show various reptile-like creatures and are approximately 7,000 years old. Each figure is shown in a different position. All of the lizard men were found in Iraq. Historians have absolutely no idea what these represent or mean. Certainly, however, they look like strange alien creatures.

5. The Piri Reis Map

The Piri Reis Map

In the late 1920s, a group of historians made a landmark discovery. They discovered an ingenious map that was written in 1513 by the famous admiral of the Turkish Navy, Piri Reis. However, not only is the discovery itself worth mentioning, but it also became mysterious. The self-drawn map showed almost every continent on earth, even Antarctica. However, this had not yet been discovered during his lifetime.

4. The Antikythera Mechanism

The Antikythera Mechanism

These are believed to be the world’s first remains of a mechanical computer. The item comes from ancient Greece and was found 45 meters below the surface of the water. This technical progress exceeds much that was attributed to the ancient Greeks at that time. This contradicts all previous assumptions.

3. Sumerian King List

Sumerian King List
In the 20th century a stone tablet was found on which the information of each king of the Sumerian Empire was listed. The stone tells about their names, their reigns and the place. It is very strange that in addition to historically proven rulers, some rulers from myths are named and some even had reigns for thousands of years. Why are these listed?

2. Roman Dodecahedron

Unsolved Ancient Mysteries of the World
These small dodecahedron-shaped hollow objects are made of either stone or bronze. They date back to the 2nd or 3rd century and about 100 pieces have been found across Europe. Despite their long history, nobody really has any idea what they are used for. Some believe it was intended as a dice or a distance measurement tool, but none of this has yet been proven.

1. The Voynich Manuscript

There are many ancient and mysterious books in world history. But none like this one. Supposedly it was written in northern Italy in the 14th century, but that’s all you know about it. The book is written left to right and it also bears some illustrations and diagrams. Despite the hundreds of experts trying to decipher the content of the book, the writing system is still unknown today and has not yet been deciphered.

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