ʻOumuamua A Mysterious Interstellar Object



‘Oumuamua is an interstellar object which plagued scientists in October 2017, because ʻoumuamua blew past Earth at an unusually high speed. ‘Oumuamua is the first interstellar object known to have originated from somewhere else in the solar system.

ʻOumuamua has a high speed and whipped around the sun Scientists are confident ‘Oumuamua originated beyond our solar system. The Earth fly-by so fast speed alone can not be due to the sun the influence of gravity, so ʻoumuamua must have been close to the solar system has a very high rate, not in its journey of our star, subject to the distance between the sun and Earth interact with any other planet in the past quarter Inside.

At first, scientists thought ‘Oumuamua a comet, but because ‘Oumuamua appeared in telescope images as a single point of light is not in a coma, and then, scientists have concluded that it was an asteroid. However, when astronomers see the object is accelerating very slight, they realize, coma and aircraft may not be visible, observe its telescope. Volatile substances or “deflation” of the jet may explain why ‘Oumuamua is a subtle, unexpected ways when accelerating from our solar system only gravity into account.

Although it is impossible to take close-up photos ‘Oumuamua in brightness over time, its dramatic change shows that it is highly elongated. By what kind of object computing will dim and brighten in this way, scientists recognized object must be up to 10 times as long as it is wide. At present, ‘Oumuamua estimated at about half a mile (800 meters) in length. Astronomers have never seen such extreme proportions of natural objects in the solar system before.

Unusual change in luminance also indicates that the object is not about one axis only. Rather, it is rolling – not just the end of the end, but at different times of the second shaft, too. A rotational state of small objects can be easily changed, especially if it is deflated, so this behavior may have recently started rolling. Appearance of the object makes a complete rotation every 7.3 hours.

All astronomers have seen single point ‘Oumuamua is light, but because of its small scale and trajectory of acceleration, it must be about more than the giant group Oort Cloud, ice body in the solar system that orbit one billion 186 miles (300 one billion kilometers), small objects away from the sun’s Oort cloud typical formation of our own solar system bodies, but was kicked out by the enormous gravity of Jupiter far beyond the planets. They go than ‘Oumuamua slow, will always be bound by our sun’s gravitational However, in addition to extending the nature, scientists do not know what kind of function “Oumuamua, if any. elongated shape can be explained by its rotation behavior, but on its surface the exact appearance is unknown.

From our solar system, comets have a lot of dust, but because there is no visible off ‘Oumuamua, scientists believe it may not have very much. It is impossible to know what materials make up ‘Oumuamua, but it may have a gas such as carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide off surfaces are less likely to produce a visible tail or coma.

‘Oumuamua came into our solar system from another star system in the galaxy, but which one? The scientists observed entering its speed is close to the average movement near our own stars, and young stars because the speed is more than the old stars stable, ‘Oumuamua may come from a relatively young systemHowever, this is still a guess – it is possible that the object has been wandering in the Milky Way billions of years.

After January, 2018, ‘Oumuamua telescope no longer visible, even. But scientists continue to analyze it in space, and more cracked the mystery of this unique interplanetary visitors.

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