2007 Alderney UFO Sighting Seen By Pilot

An Alderney UFO Sighting  of two UFOs is seen by airline pilot, Captain Ray Bower. The size of the largest is estimated to be 1.6 kilometers long. The objects are spotted by radar and by another pilot. Some passengers and a pilot from another airline also confirm the sighting.

Ray Bower

On April 23, 2007, at 2:45 pm, Captain Ray Bowyer 1 took off from Southampton for via Alderney Island (Alderney in English), north of Guernsey Island.  After take-off, is heading in a straight line towards Alderney, the autopilot engaged. The weather is rather overcast, without precipitation, with a few gaps letting in the sunlight. The outside temperature barely exceeds 10 ° C. As we approach Normandy, the weather clears. To his right Bowyer can see the Casquets lighthouse. Behind the clouds, the sun is in front of him, at around 50 ° elevation.

1st Alderney UFO Sighting

At 3:09 p.m., while flying at 130 knots 2 30 miles from the island and over 4000 feet above sea level 3, Bowyer observes straight ahead an unidentified phenomenon. It was a very sharp, thin yellow object with a green area. He was 2000 feet tall and stationary. I thought he was about 10 miles away, although I later realized he was about 40 miles away from us. At first I thought it was the size of a 737. A 737 is a bit smaller than a jumbo jet. But he must have been much bigger considering how far away he was. It could have been 1 mile wide.

In fact, Bowyer initially thinks of a reflection of the sun coming from Guernsey, but seeing that the phenomenon persists, he decides to observe it through binoculars (x10). This is where he can distinguish more details of shape and color. The phenomenon seems stationary.

2007 Alderney UFO Sighting

2nd UFO Sighting

Bowyer’s sketch in his incident report, outlining the unidentified objects seen. Bright yellow, fine, stationary. The size of a 737. 2nd object of the same shape seen behind the 1st at some distance. Bowyer’s sketch
At 15:16 (14:16 Z), as he continued his approach to Alderney, Bowyer needed a 2nd observation. It was exactly the same but looked smaller because it was further away. He was closer to Guernsey.

He adds :
I can not explain it. At first, I thought it might have been a reflection of a greenhouse at Guernsey’s grounds, but it would have vanished quickly. It was clearly visible for about 9 minutes (…) As I got closer, it became clear to me that it was tangible. I was reluctant to go to him for a better view but decided not to because of his size. I had to think about the safety of the passengers above all.

The phenomena, apparently descending, will be lost to sight in the haze. Bowyer will add that the experience had been rather frightening: I am certainly not saying that this is something from another world. All I’m saying is that I have never seen anything like it before in all my years of flying. Bowyer, a commercial aircraft pilot for 20 years, reported the sighting to Jersey ATC. Paul Kelly (31), the controller on duty at the time, indicated that the traffic in question was unknown. At 3:14 PM (2:14 PM Z), Bowyer still asks by radio if other pilots are seeing the phenomenon.

One of the 4 JetStreams flown by the other pilot
A pilot from another company, en route from the Isle of Man to Jersey, hears Bowyer’s call. Sitting on the left seat, he looks behind him and declares to distinguish at his 8 o’clock, slightly northeast of Alderney, and despite poor visibility due to the mist, a beige or yellow phenomenon. The Blue Islands pilot was on his way to Jersey at the same time described an object behind him to his left. The description was very similar to that of Captain Bowyer and they described the object as being in exactly the same place.

The Blue Islands aircraft was at 3500 feet at the time so, once again, the 2 pilots had placed it at the same altitude. If the object was stationary, our equipment would not have detected it because the radar would have ruled out.

The pilot was interrupted several times by operations to be performed on the instrument panel, but managed to get approximately 1 minute of observation, until he looked again and could no longer distinguish anything.

The Roswell Alien Sighting

Roswell Alien Sighting

roswell alien sighting

The Roswell alien sighting consist of an alleged collision of an unidentified flying object ( UFO) in Roswell, New Mexico, United States.

Some ufologists and much of the public have taken an interest in the Roswell events. Many books and films have been written and made about the alleged events, both fictional novels and serious and elaborate reports.

The supporters of the extraterrestrial hypothesis consider the Roswell case as one of the most important UFO events, since from this event the history of modern ufology began.

Skeptics argue that the hypothesis that an alien spacecraft fell in Roswell is not supported by insufficient or unreliable evidence and is too inconsistent. They further argue that there are other explanations for the Roswell events that are much more plausible than the alien craft hypothesis.


During the first week of July 1947, Mack Brazel, a farmer from New Mexico , discovered strange remains scattered around his ranch near Corona , New Mexico. The remains possessed physical properties unknown to Brazel and his neighbors; They looked like aluminum sheets and when bent, they straightened again. Apparently it could not be burned, cut or damaged. After the farmer reported to the city council, some soldiers arrived, recovered the remains, and took them to the Army Air Base in Roswell; the wreckage was later shipped to Wright Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio, to the USAF Aeronautical Research Laboratories .

Press releases initially released by the USAF on Roswell claimed that “a flying disc” had been found on a nearby ranch. But later they denied the version to say that the crash was in fact of “a meteorological balloon of hexagonal form”. The new version of events responded to the intention of the US government to silence the information in the media.

The Roswell incident received great national attention in 1947, but when the first official version was replaced by the weather balloon explanation, the news fell into disinterest.

Renewed interest

Until 1978, the Roswell incident received little attention, until investigators Stanton T. Friedman and William L. Moore compared the results of a series of interviews each had conducted separately.

Friedman and Moore interviewed Lydia Sleppy , who worked at a radio station in Albuquerque , New Mexico, in 1947, and USAF commander Jesse A. Marcel, the top air force officer in Roswell in 1947. Sleppy reported that the FBI had censored her story of the “flying disc crashed with corpses” after a Roswell radio reporter called her with the story.

Marcel spoke of the existence of extremely strange materials near Brazel’s ranch that according to him were not “of this world”. He was then ordered to send the recovered remains to Wright Base, stopping at Fort Worth , Texas, to see Brigadier General Roger Ramey , the army’s 8th Air Force chief. Marcel added that the weather balloon explanation was later invented by General Ramey, and that it was a cover.

One of the most credible reports regarding the Roswell incident came from retired USAF General Arthur Exon , as recounted to ufologists Kevin Randle and Donald Schmitt . In 1947, Exon was flown to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Shortly after reports of the incident came to light, Exon said the material found had been transported to Wright-Patterson. Although it was very thin and light, Exon said the metal could not be bent, dented or burned. He also said that he had learned that some bodies had been recovered. Exon stated flatly that “Roswell was the recovery of a space artifact.”

By 1961, Exon had been promoted to general, and he was in command of the Wright-Patterson base between 1964 and 1966. However, critics allege that the Exon data was not first-hand. To have access to secret US government information, you must have both the appropriate category to access secret documents and a justified need to know the information. As a consequence, Exon would not have had access to the locations on the base where studies on the artifact were taking place, and was never officially informed of their findings.

Another retired USAF general who spoke about Roswell was Thomas J. Dubose . In 1947 he was a colonel and General Ramey’s chief of staff. Dubose said the matter was kept in the strictest secrecy and even implicated the White House . Such an event involved the shipment of the remains from Roswell to Washington DC, stopping at Fort Worth.

Dubose led the high-level telephone communications and said he personally received the order from General Clemence McMullen in Washington to investigate what had happened in Roswell. Dubose also confirmed Commander Marcel’s words that the explanation of the weather balloon invented by General Ramey was a cover to avoid the press.

There are other important testimonies in the Roswell case. Captain Oliver Henderson , a pilot from Roswell, told his family and friends about the shipment of the remains of a flying saucer to Wright’s base and the small bodies found. Lewis Rickett , a member of Army Intelligence at the Roswell base, confirmed that the metallic remains were extremely anomalous and that the military participated in a secret recovery operation at the Brazel Ranch.

Bill Brazel junior, Mack Brazel’s son, affirmed the commander’s descriptions separately, corroborating Marcel’s explanations of the strange remains. Both Rickett and Brazel Jr. described a furrow in the ground due to an air impact. Brazel Jr. also said that the military held his father at the base, a claim corroborated by Commander Edwin Easley before he died. When asked about the details of the case, Easley said she had vowed not to speak about what had happened.

Apollo astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell , while not a direct witness, has also claimed on numerous occasions that Roswell was an alien-related incident, based on his high-level contacts within the government. “There is no question, Roswell is real. I have seen the secret files showing that the government knew about it, although it decided not to divulge it.

A similar incident involving many USAF personnel in the UK in 1980, known as the Rendlesham Incident, increased interest in Roswell.


Some ufologists have argued that an alien craft crashed near Roswell and that several corpses of extraterrestrial origin were recovered. Under pressure from a Congressional investigation into accounting, initiated by New Mexico Congressman Steven Schiff, the Air Force declared in 1994 that the crash was actually that of a lost spy balloon launched from near Alamogordo , NM, and thus the “Roswell case” was officially closed.

In 1997 Air Force investigators added that the alleged alien bodies were actually dummies used in tests during the 1950s and 1960s.

Why did the USAF decide to add the derided “mannequin theory” to the first Roswell report? The initial report deliberately ignored the question of the bodies, and there is speculation that the USAF then tried to come back with the explanation of the bodies under pressure from Clinton.

It is known that President Bill Clinton had a great interest in Roswell. Asked about the matter during a trip to Ireland in 1999, Clinton replied that as far as he knew, “no alien spacecraft crashed in Roswell,” but added, “if the USAF actually recovered alien bodies, they haven’t told me. , and I would like to know ”.

Another episode in the Roswell case occurred in 1995 when Ray Santilli , a British producer, made a video showing the autopsy of one of the alleged aliens found after the incident. Skeptics argue that these images depicted unconventional surgical procedures by the would-be surgeons, and for this reason – and many others – the filming is viewed as fraud within and outside the UFO community.

However, there is also no evidence to prove that these images are totally false. The autopsy recording also has certain elements that make it possible that it was actually filmed in 1947. Generally, the film is considered either a Santilli fraud, or a true 1947 film that, for whatever reason, shows the autopsy of a rubber mannequin or maybe a small human body. Some ufologists still maintain that the movie could be a true alien autopsy.

In short, there is no conclusive evidence to favor one or the other argument. Official denial of an object of extraterrestrial origin continues, as many ufologists continue to insist that officials are lying.

Recent events

Recently an attempt has been made to read the text of a piece of paper that General Ramey was holding in a photo taken with Colonel Dubose and the remains of the balloon. An investigator named David Rudiak, as well as a few others who examined the message, claimed to have read several important phrases, including some such as “the victims of the wreckage,” a reference to the shock object as “the disk” (Rudiak believes it says ” disc crew ”).

This discovery is cited as proof that the Roswell incident was actually the landing of an alien spacecraft and that extraterrestrial bodies were recovered. Rudiak also claims to have refuted speculations made by some supporters of the Mogul balloon hypothesis that the wind would have exactly caused the Brazel Ranch to crash.

In 2002, the Sci-Fi Channel funded an excavation at Brazel’s ranch in hopes of finding any hidden debris that the military did not collect. Although these results have so far been unsuccessful, the archaeological team at the University of New Mexico verified a recent alteration of the terrain in the exact place where some witnesses claimed to see a long furrow due to an impact.

Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, who took over the energy department under Clinton, apparently took an interest in the matter. In 2004 he wrote in The Roswell Dig Diaries that “the mystery surrounding this impact has never been sufficiently explained – not by independent researchers, not by the US government.”

In October 2002, prior to the airing of their documentary on Roswell, the Sci-Fi channel held a press conference on UFOs in Washington. John Podesta , Clinton’s chief of staff, made himself known as a member of the public relations firm hired by Sci-Fi to try to get documents on the matter. Podesta indicated that “it is time for the government to declassify official documents that are more than 25 years old and thus provide scientists with the data to determine the true nature of the phenomena.”

In February 2005, the ABC television channel aired a UFO special hosted by Peter Jennings . Jennings spoke of the Roswell case as “a myth without a single proof.” ABC used the typical explanation of a crashed Mogul balloon. However, the program did not consider much evidence, such as the testimonies of Generals Exon and Dubose or astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

For many ufologists, the Roswell case is considered one of the most important ufological events and the beginning of the cover-ups, while for skeptics it is only the most popular case. The official position of the United States government, since 2005, is that nothing of a paranormal or extraterrestrial nature had occurred. The final USAF report regarding the Roswell case is available, as is the response to said report from ufologists, who insist the report is false.


Today, UFO tourism is the main source of income for the people of Roswell. The place has also been recreated in many books, comics, movies, and television series.

In the ninth episode of Star Trek: Deep Space, titled ” Little Green Men “, the artifact that had crashed in Roswell had come from the 24th century, and the aliens were the Ferengi characters Quark, Rom, and Nog. Also in Futurama, the characters came from the 31st century, and the captured alien was Doctor Zoidberg.

In the movie Independence Day, the Roswell artifact was an alien explorer.

The movie Hangar 18 was based on area 51 and alien technology (hangar 18 in area 51 is reputedly where the UFO remains were stored).

Additionally, in 2002, the Sci-Fi Channel funded a scientific investigation in Roswell that revealed some anomalies, and collected soil samples.

Declassified reports

Although many ufologists continue to assert hypotheses that the Roswell incident involved beings from another world, recent investigations coincide with a complaint by Japanese prisoners of war, a macabre story that was hidden for years.

Thanks to the publication of secret material on the use of prisoners of war, a new hypothesis was added to explain the event, which if true would reveal the true horrors of the Roswell incident.

The United States government had experimented with meteorological balloons as an instrument to infiltrate enemy lines and attempt the possibility of dropping atomic bombs from the stratosphere (Project Mogul). These experiments were carried out during the end of the Second World War, and prisoners of war were used for these experiments.

In the case of the Project Mogul meteorological balloons, they were Japanese prisoners of war, and the smallest ones were selected so that they could enter the basket specially designed for this purpose.

The Roswell incident would not be the only one in this project, but it was the only one that reached public repercussions due to the number of civilian witnesses.

The cover-up of the incident was carried out in order not to reveal the post-war horrors of using prisoners of war for such experiments, and at the same time the need to hide a new technology that allowed to circumvent conventional radars (Stealth Technology).

It is worth remembering the interest of the case on the part of the then president Einsenhower, which is presented at the Roswell air base shortly after the incident and to which no information is provided. This fact fuels the theory of conspiracy by the military to hide the truth from civilians.


Chang’e 5 Completes Lunar Drilling Sample

After the successful launch of China’s Chang’e 5 project on November 24, and now that Chang’e 5 Completes Lunar Drilling Sample, the outside world has become keenly interested in the second attempt to collect lunar resources in human history. Of course, not surprisingly, some “things” hiding in “subspace” are still struggling in secret, hoping to see failure.


Chang’e 5 Completes Lunar Drilling Sample

According to news from China’s state media “CCTV News” on the night of December 1, after nearly a week of flight, Chang’e 5 successfully completed its departure mission on the scheduled orbit. At 23:11 that night, the probe was successful. Landing at the predetermined target location. This also represents the third success of my country’s “soft landing on the moon”. According to the official introduction, in the next 48 hours, the probe will perform the mission of collecting the lunar soil environment as planned.

Contrary to what many netizens guessed before, the location where the Chang’e-5 probe landed on the moon, contrary to the previous Chang’e-4, landed on the front of the moon. The approximate location is 51.8′ west longitude and 43.1′ north latitude. At that time, the probe began to descend at a distance of about 15 kilometers from the surface of the moon, at a speed close to 1.7 kilometers per second. After several automatic adjustments to the landing attitude, the probe landed smoothly. In addition, because it was previously considered to carry the lunar soil back, the lander actually “carried” a larger “riser” to return to the lunar orbit later.

It should be noted that due to the full live broadcast method, it can be intuitively felt from the relevant news screen that the overall screen delay rate is not high, and the landing screen freeze is small. In the eyes of many people, this may only be a network problem, but in fact it is a manifestation of the strength of my country’s entire deep space measurement and control. Either it is to maximize the use of “channels” in the limited transmission signal; or it is that my country’s detection network can effectively reach the lunar surface. Regardless of which type, at least currently on a global scale, only China can reach the entire standard.

Of course, many people may use “Apollo Moon Landing” for comparison. But in fact, many of the American moon landing videos we see today are post-production based on the video at the time. They are not live broadcasts in my country, but are real-time images at the first time. Of course, this is also a development issue of communication technology. After all, after the 90s, “digital signal communication” began to appear in the world. Prior to this, it was all fuzzy signal technology, which is certainly not as good as “digital communication” in terms of communication delay and clarity. Therefore, the two are actually not comparable.

It is worth mentioning that before this, many people in the international public opinion expected this project to fail. And now the smooth landing of the Chang’e-5 probe also indicates that the entire project has been half-successful. This undoubtedly proves with facts that these people can’t recognize the reality, and they only dare to hide behind the screen and speak out. Now that Chang’e 5 Completes Lunar Drilling Sample!

At 4:53 on December 2, Beijing time, the lunar exploration project Chang’e-5 lander and ascender assembly completed the lunar drilling, sampling and packaging.

After the probe successfully landed on the lunar surface at 23:00 on December 1, it carried out relevant preparations such as the deployment of the solar wing and the unlocking of the mechanism. The automatic sampling task of the Chang’e-5 detector adopts the combination of surface drilling and multi-point sampling, and two “digging” modes of drilling tool drilling and mechanical arm surface sampling are designed.

Facts About The Bosnian Pyramids

The “Bosnian Indiana Jones” is called Semir Osmanagić (also called “Sam”) and discovered something like the Holy Grail in his homeland and has many facts about The Bosnian Pyramids.


Facts About The Bosnian Pyramids

This name hides a pyramid complex in Visoko, around 30 kilometers southwest of Sarajevo.

The largest of the five “structures” is 220 meters higher than the Great Pyramid and was given the picturesque name “Pyramid of the Sun” by Osmanagić. Allegedly it was built by the Illyrians over 12,000 years ago .

Osmanagić is convinced that the Bosnian pyramids have a number of special features that make them a real mystery.

For example, the impressively regular shape of the pyramids – especially that of the sun pyramid – makes a natural formation appear impossible. In addition, the tips of the three great pyramids formed an exact equilateral triangle.

In addition, Osmanagić’s excavations in 2006 uncovered a kind of “super concrete”, harder than any concrete that is used today.

The American of Bosnian origin is also interested in unusual research approaches. Strange energetic effects can be measured in the vicinity of the five “Bosnian pyramids”, such as a very strong energy beam emerging from the solar pyramid:

“It seems that the pyramid builders created a perpetual motion machine a long time ago and that this energy machine is still working.”

The puzzles surrounding the controversial “Valley of the Bosnian Pyramids” are getting bigger and bigger: An independent research team from the University of Trieste will soon present a report according to which a very strong “energy beam” emerges from the so-called “sun pyramid”. The new scientific findings suggest that the gigantic pyramid hill near the Bosnian city of Visoko may have served as a kind of power station in prehistoric times.

Based on the current ultrasound examinations, the head of research, the anthropologist Prof. Paolo Debertolis, comes to the conclusion that the “energy beam” emerges at a depth of 2,440 meters below the pyramid hill. The researchers also confirm previous measurements that the diameter of the mysterious beam is 4.5 meters.

The source is a large metallic, parabolic plate around 800 meters in diameter. According to Debertolis, this enigmatic object generates electromagnetic waves of exactly 28,300 Hertz. These waves would then produce longitudinal electromagnetic waves that are concentrated around 15 meters above the top of the pyramid.

Other scientists like the Croatian physicist Dr. Slobodan Mizdrak, who had specifically studied the electromagnetic properties of the beam, came to the same conclusion as Debertolis.

World’s largest pyramid

The mysterious processes inside the supposedly largest pyramid structure in the world – with its height of more than 220 meters, it would be much higher than the Great Pyramid in Giza (147 meters) – leave the researchers somewhat at a loss. “The research results,” says Debertolis, “are as astonishing as they are depressing, because we simply cannot explain them.” Debertolis even speculates that a prehistoric civilization could have created the inexplicable energy machine under the mountain. Finds from the tunnel system in the hill would also suggest that the builders of the corridors knew a lot about how pyramids worked.

For the discoverer of the “Valley of the Bosnian Pyramids”, the archaeologist Dr. Semir Osmanagic, the startling energy phenomenon is “the first evidence of non-Hertzian technology on the planet. It seems that the pyramid builders created a perpetual motion machine a long time ago and that this ´energy machine´ is still working ”. The millions of tons of super-hard ancient concrete blocks that cover the pyramid would have served, among other things, to focus the energy generated.  

All of this may sound like science fiction, but the results of other researchers also clearly show that the solar pyramid has a significantly stronger electromagnetic field than the surrounding hills. It pulsates like a living being. The well-known English physicist Dr. Harry Oldfield with a special camera fascinating energy photos that clearly show that the pyramid builds up energy inside, amplifies it further and finally releases it vertically upwards. Images of the neighboring hills, on the other hand, show a horizontal, consistently homogeneous energy radiation.

Osmanagic sees the sun pyramid as a sophisticated energy generator – built by a high-ranking primal civilization. “The generation of free energy is probably the best-kept secret of the elites on the globe. We want to reveal this secret so that our previous destructive way of producing energy will soon come to an end and we can produce clean electricity. “

Erich von Däniken

No wonder that the messenger of the gods Erich von Däniken also paid a visit to the Bosnian pyramids in April and then announced:

“I am very impressed by this discovery here. ”

At the SkepKon ​​in Munich , the archaeologist and historian Mirko Gutjahr explained what experts think of the “Bosnian Pyramids” .

In his lecture “Pyramids, Pleiades and Fantastics”, Der Buddler decoupled the supposedly “oldest and largest pyramids in the world” as scientific construct.

Semir Osmanagić did indeed have a doctorate, in sociology, and his professorship at the “American University of Bosnia” was characterized by the fact that, according to himself, he was too busy to give archaeological seminars.

“Sam” has so far emerged with popular books such as “The World of the Maya”, in which he postulates an extraterrestrial origin of the indigenous people, or “Alternative history – traces of Atlantis”.

Osmanagić’s findings on the “Bosnian Pyramids” are correspondingly rich.

The conspicuous structure of the large sun pyramid is only recognizable on one side, namely the north side, as a pyramid “,

Gutjahr said at SkepKon:

The “discoverer” of the “Bosnian pyramids” is a new type of scientist. We hope you enjoyed these facts about The Bosnian Pyramids, check out our other articles.

Mysterious Metal Monolith Found In The Wilds of Utah

According to foreign media CNET, Utah’s KSL television station reported an mysterious metal monolith found in the wilds of Utah on Saturday, sharing images taken by a helicopter crew of the Utah Public Safety Agency: a mysterious metal object was inserted on the ground. The staff was assisting the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources to count the sheep.

KSL reporter Andrew Adams tweeted the location’s idea of ​​the news, which mimics the plot of “Star Trek”.

mysterious metal monolith found in the wilds of utah

“I think its height may be between 10 and 12 feet,” pilot Bret Hutchings told KSL. “We kind of joked that if one of us suddenly disappears, then I think the rest of us will run away.” The players carefully observed after landing. Hutchings said that the mysterious metal monolith found in the wilds of Utah was firmly inserted on the ground and speculated that it might be related to NASA or might be a work of art.

mysterious metal monolith found in the wilds of utah

The Utah Department of Public Safety shared this story on Facebook, saying: “For our members of the Department of Safety, no day is the same. The situation they encountered recently when they were performing the task of counting bighorn sheep was very… Unique.” The department keeps the specific location of the metal monolith confidential.

mysterious metal monolith found in the wilds of utah

This mysterious metal monolith found in the wilds of the Utah desert has striking similarities with the extraterrestrial boulder props created for Stanley Kubrick’s iconic film “2001: A Space Odyssey” (2001: A Space Odyssey). The Utah Department of Public Safety shared a photo on Instagram and asked a question: “Curious people want to know, what exactly is this?” The team here at Area 51 Aliens will be posting updates in regards to this metal monolith but it does seem strange that a metal monolith would be out in the desert for no apparent reason. Don’t you agree?


Where Was The Nebra Sky Disk Found

You may be wondering Where Was The Nebra Sky Disk Found? First lets introduce The Nebra Sky Disk to those who maybe unfamiliar with this relic. The Nebra Sky Disk, is a 3700 to 4100 year old circular bronze plate with gold applications, its the oldest known concrete representation of the sky. The relic of the Aunjetitz culture from the early Bronze Age of Central Europe shows astronomical phenomena and religious symbols and is considered one of the most important archaeological finds from this age. It’s roughly circular, forged bronze plate has a diameter of about 32 centimeters and a thickness of 4.5 millimeters in the middle and 1.7 millimeters on the edge, it weighs about 2.3 kilograms. The copper in the alloy comes from Mitterberg in the Eastern Alps.

Where Was The Nebra Sky Disk Found

The ratio of the radiogenic lead isotopes contained in copper made this determination of origin possible. In addition to a low tin content of 2.5 percent, it has a high content of 0.2 percent arsenic, which is typical
for the Bronze Age. It was evidently driven from a cast bronze blank and repeatedly heated in order to avoid or eliminate stress cracks. It turned from deep brown to black. Gold indentation, which was incorporated a long time after the creation, and the presumably deliberate burial about 3600 years ago, allow the conclusion to be made of a longer, possibly religious use.  Based on the accompanying finds (bronze
swords, two hatchets, a chisel and fragments of spiral bracelets) it can be assumed that
they were around 1600 BC. Its manufacturing date is dated to 2100 to 1700 BC.


Where Was The Nebra Sky Disk Found?

The Nebra Sky Disk was found on July 4th, 1999 by treasure hunters Henry Westphal and Mario Renner, and by the help of Metal Detectors in the former municipality of Ziegelroda near the city of Nebra in Saxony-Anhalt. Since 2002 it has been part of the state museum for prehistory of Saxony-Anhalt in Halle. According to German law, archaeological finds automatically belong to the state.

Unusually for an archaeological relic is the fact that the disc has undergone multiple changes during the period in which it was used, which was reconstructed on the basis of the overlapping of machining operations.

Initially, the gold applications consisted of 32 round plates, a larger, round and a sickle-shaped plate. Seven of the small plates are closely grouped a little above between the round and sickle-shaped plate. Later on, the so-called horizon arches were attached to the left and right edges, which consist of gold of other origins, as its chemical components show. In order to create space for the arches of the horizon, a gold plate was moved a little to the middle on the left side, two on the right side were covered so that now 30 small plates can still be seen.

The second addition is another bow at the lower edge, again made of gold from another origin. This so-called sun bark is structured by two almost parallel lines, and fine hatching has been notched into the bronze plate on its outer edges. When the pane was buried, it had been modified a third time: the left horizon arc was already missing and the pane had 40 very regular, approximately 3 millimeter holes on the edge. The back of the Nebra Sky Disk does not contain any applications.

The Nebra Sky Disk

Research results

The Nebra sky disk was mainly examined by the archaeologist Harald Meller (State Office for Monument Preservation and Archeology in Halle), the astronomer Wolfhard Schlosser (chief observer at the Astronomical Institute), the archaeological chemist Ernst Pernicka (archaeological metallurgist at the Technical University of Freiberg in Saxony, Institute for Archaeometry), from employees of the State Criminal Police Office of Saxony-Anhalt, from Christian-Heinrich Wunderlich (manufacturing technology, production sequence from the State Office for monument preservation and archeology in Halle), at the particle accelerator of the Berlin electron storage ring society for synchrotron radiation by employees of the Federal Institute for materials research and testing (BAM) in Berlin and the archaeologist and specialist in religions of the Bronze Age Miranda J. Aldhouse-Green (University of Wales).


Two bronze swords, two hatchets, a chisel and fragments of spiral-shaped bracelets were among the finds. Scientists from the State Office of Criminal Investigation of Saxony-Anhalt and the State Office for the Preservation of Monuments and Archeology in Halle found that the Nebra Sky Disk and the other bronze objects came from the same deposit. The soil residues adhering to the objects agreed with the soil characteristics of the site on Mittelberg near Nebra.

The similarity of the processed material of all finds is further evidence of the relatedness of the bronze pieces. The copper used for all bronze parts has similar concentrations of trace elements in all Nebra finds, only the content of different lead isotopes varies relatively strongly. However, this does not constitute an invalid statement.


The Nebra Sky Disk is dated using the stylistic features of the found objects. From comparisons with similar swords known from Hungary, it was concluded that the sky disk was around 1600 BC, and was buried in the ground.

Radiocarbon dating (C14 method) was ruled out for determining the age of the bronze disk, as this material does not contain any carbon, which would be necessary for C14 dating. The Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing irradiated the gold plating at the BESSY particle accelerator with high-intensity X-rays. It was found that the gold plating does not have a uniform composition. The sky disc was probably created
in several separate phases.

These results agree with another finding. Christian-Heinrich Wunderlich from the
State Office for Monument Preservation and Archeology in Halle extracted about 0.6 mg of
carbon from a piece of birch bark that was found on one of the swords. Its radiocarbon
dating showed that the piece of wood dates from around 1600 to 1560 BC. BC.

Origin of the metals used

As well as Where Was The Nebra Sky Disk Found, you maybe interested Where the origins of the metals used were from? In the Institute for Archaeometry in Freiberg in Saxony, the copper on the disk was examined radiologically and chemically. With a database of 50,000 prehistoric ore mines in Europe, Ernst Pernicka concluded that the copper of the sky disk came from ore mines in present-day Austria (deposit from Mitterberg near Salzburg).

At the BESSY particle accelerator in Berlin, the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing examined the gold plating of the sky disc with the non-destructive SRXRF method (Synchrotron Radiation Induced X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis). The chemical composition of the gold plating is identical to gold from the Carnon River in Cornwall / England; The tin contained in the bronze is said to come from there. After comparing it with the archaeological finds of processed gold, it was previously assumed that the gold could have come from mines in Romania.


The sky disk was made in several phases according to an interpretation. First state: on the left the full moon, on the right the waxing moon, above in between the Pleiades; Second state: addition of the horizon arc for sunrise and sunset. Individual stars were moved or covered. Third state: addition to the solar barge. Current condition: The notch on the top left and the damage to the full moon were caused by the excavators.

According to the interpretation of Meller and Schlosser, the platelets represent stars, the group of seven small platelets presumably the star cluster of the Pleiades, which belong to the constellation Taurus. The other 25 cannot be assigned astronomically and are counted as an ornament. The large disk was initially interpreted as a sun, now also as a full moon and the sickle as a waxing moon.

The later added horizon arcs each cover an angle of 82 degrees, as does sunrise and sunset between winter and summer solstice on the horizon at the latitude of the location. If the disk was positioned horizontally on the Mittelberg so that the imaginary line from the upper end of the left arch to the lower end of the right arch points to the top of the chunk about 85 km away, the disk could be used as a calendar to track the solar year. Seen from Mittelberg, the sun sets behind the Brocken at the summer solstice.


As a result of the improper excavation, the sky disk was partially damaged. A notch was made in the upper left area, which peeled off one of the stars. Part of the gold was torn out of the full moon. Due to the long storage in the ground, the entire disk was badly corroded. Corrosion that cannot be removed mechanically safely.

In the first step of the restoration in the State Museum for Prehistory in Halle, the soil deposits, after parts were saved as samples for further investigation, and soaked with an ethanol-water mixture and removed with a hard nylon brush.

Then traces of corrosion adhering to the gold were removed by a chemically effective paste. These were removed with cotton swabs. The traces of corrosion on the bronze plate were left.

Finally, the star that had been chopped off during the excavation was reattached and the severely deformed piece of the full moon that had been torn out was replaced by a newly made sheet of gold of the same composition.

Exhibition place

The Nebra Sky Disk is one of the main attractions in the State Museum for Prehistory in Halle (Saale). It has been loaned out several times for exhibitions. Since 2007 replicas of the Nebra Sky Disk have been shown in numerous exhibitions. Hope this article Where Was The Nebra Sky Disk Found answers your question.

The Antonio Villas Boas UFO Abduction

The case of the Villas Boas UFO abduction is one of the most famous among Brazilian ufologists and everyone else for the wealth of details of what happened. Antonio Villas Boas lived a peaceful farmer’s routine in São Francisco de Sales, Minas Gerais . His family was all formed by farmers, while the other relatives took care of the land in the morning, he preferred to work at night, alone with his tractor.

Antonio Villas Boas UFO
On October 5, 1957, the farmer went to bed at around 11 pm. As it was very hot that night, he decided to open the window to receive some wind. In the company of their brother, João, the two saw a very bright white light in the sky, but they did not give much importance at the time and went to sleep.

A few hours later, the young man woke up and realized that the light was still there and that it was approaching more and more at high speed, entering the cracks and illuminating the entire residence. Startled, he woke up his roommate and the two closed the window and all the doors in the house, just in case.

Days passed, and the routine returned to normal. The brothers continued to take turns taking care of the crops between the morning and night periods. On the night of October 14th of the same year, the luminosity reappeared.

In his reports, he says that the light came back around 20 times, getting stronger and stronger, until a sun appeared in the middle of the night. But it was only at dawn on the 16th, while plowing the soil alone, that the now reddish luminosity approached him.

Without reaction, he realized that the glow was only 50 meters from his head. As he said in an interview at the time, the light came from a ship shaped like an “elongated egg” that used metal supports to land.
The young man then, trying to escape from that strange object, ran to his work vehicle and started. He soon realized that the engine was not running and decided to run back to the farm, but he was pulled by beings that barely reached his shoulders.

He even managed to baffle one of them with a blow and started to flee, but soon three more appeared and grabbed him by the arms and legs and took him to the vessel. The strangers wore a gray jumpsuit glued to the body with black ones in some places, he still says that the costume went up to the necks of the creatures and to complete, they wore a rigid helmet, well reinforced up to the height of the nose.

Now inside the space, Antonio affirms that the place was all made of metal and that the beings were cared for with him, in no time wanting to hurt him. His “kidnappers” spoke in a language the boy had never heard before, almost animal-like.

A tube with suction cups was placed on his chin, making his blood drain into a container at the end of the object. According to records, this action left marks on the man, who was examined by Doctor Olavo Fontes, months after the incident. “ Two small hyperchromic spots, one on each side of the chin, small in size and more or less rounded in shape; one of them has the diameter of a 10 cent coin, the other being slightly larger and more irregular in appearance ”.

But, the most intimate contact of the Antonio Villas Boas UFO abduction, all took place shortly thereafter. Antonio was left in a room alone, and the place was filled with a sweet gas that made him nauseous, but at the same time he realized that the smoke had aphrodisiac power.

He noticed that a naked extraterrestrial woman entered the scene with him. He described her as very beautiful with a beauty that did not appear to be human. “The lips were very thin, almost invisible. The body was much more beautiful than any other woman I have ever met: thin, with upright and well separated breasts, with a thin waist and small belly, with more developed hips and thick thighs. The feet were small; the hands were long and thin; fingers and nails were normal. He was much shorter than me, hitting his head on my shoulder ”.

Villas Boas ended up having sex with the extraterrestrial woman, despite the situation of fear, he believes that the smoke had something that made everything exciting and they ended up consummating the relationship.

After what happened, he was taken out of the spaceship, but not before trying to pick up an object to prove that his story was true, however, the extraterrestrials took the tool from him.

There is no hard evidence that the Antonio Villas Boas UFO abduction really happened, only his testimony and the marks on his chin. No photos were taken of the mark that the landing gear would have left, and any other evidence that might have disappeared after a major flood on the farm.

Antonio died in 1957, and it appears in his obituary that the cause of his death was due to subarachnoid hemorrhage, common in basilar artery aneurysm and arterial hypertension.

How Many Starlink Satellites Are Planned

You may be asking yourself How Many Starlink Satellites Are Planned? The start of the satellites of the Starlink project for the establishment of a global satellite network for worldwide Internet access caused excitement and a lot of UFO reports due to their sometimes noticeable appearance. Various measures should reduce the brightness in the sky so as not to impair astronomical observations. At least not as many sighting reports are being received as in the past few months.

How Many Starlink Satellites Are Planned

How Many Starlink Satellites Are Planned?

Update: The last launch (Starlink 14) with another 60 satellites took place on October 24th!

The trigger for the reports is that the satellites are released at a relatively low altitude and then move to their final orbital position on their own for weeks. In this phase, the satellites can be seen as strikingly bright points in the sky, flying in a row like a string of pearls across the sky . Then the strict linear arrangement dissolves somewhat and the brightness also decreases somewhat, so that they no longer seem quite so noticeable. However, a subsequent start and the repetition of the whole thing must then be expected. In addition, other, similar projects from OneWeb, Telesat and Amazon are in the starting blocks, which also provide for a satellite network, although not to the same extent as with Starlink.

A good and clear representation of the Starlink overflights can be found on the Find Starlink website . The map view shows several Starlink swarms in parallel with their current global position. A very detailed overview of the respective visibility of the satellites can be found on Heavens Above . To see the satellites are in good conditions currently over Germany in the evening (after 18 pm) and early morning (after 4:00) . The direction of flight from which the satellites come changes. The main train with the typical “chain of lights” can only be seen for a few minutes.As a result of the continuous launches, new satellites are added each time, which alternate in visibility and can also mix, although the satellites of earlier launches become increasingly dimmer . There may also be several viewing windows in one night.

»Good and clear display of the overflights, including a world map with the position of several Starlink swarms, on Find Starlink«
»Table with details of the exact visibility from the current take-off for the Frankfurt am Main location on Heavens Above«
»Dynamic 3D display of the flight path of the Starlink satellites on Heavens Above and on Celestrak «

Typical formulations in the testimony as they reach the reporting offices:

“… lights like a string of pearls …”
“… about 40 equally spaced lights in a line …”
“… about 30 bright lights in the sky, evenly drawn like a string …”
“… about 32 lights lined up at certain intervals like on a pearl necklace that flew behind one another …”
“… strange pearl necklace in the sky …”
“… appeared at precise intervals and as if drawn on a string …”
In our gallery we show some selected photos of the Starlink satellites

In the meantime, there have been or are more press reports on this, also through press contacts from colleagues, but very many observers are still amazed and questioning, as the reports available show. It was also mentioned that people searched the net for answers and only found answers on UFO sites like ours. We would like to highlight the Frankfurter Rundschau, which regularly brings an updated article to its website under its Knowledge section.

This wave of UFO reports is compared with the earlier wave of sightings of Asian sky lanterns (also mini hot air balloons), mainly in the period from 2007 to around 2009, the frequency of which was not widely known at the time. At that time, the reporting offices registered well over 1000 reports based on these sky lanterns.

The space company SpaceX is planning to launch a total of around 12,000 satellites, in three expansion stages by 2027 . Afterwards, up to 30,000 satellites will be launched again. The aim is a global satellite network that will enable global, location-independent access to the Internet, even in remote regions. The launches take place in tranches of 60 satellites each, once or twice a month,by means of a Falcon B launcher. The trial start with 60 satellites in May 2019 caused excitement among observers as the satellites showed a hitherto unknown spectacle in the sky. After that, it was quiet for a long time until the first expansion stage with the first launch on November 11, 2019, which will now be followed more or less regularly by further launches.
The launches lead to massive UFO reports or inquiries that are regularly received by the largest German UFO reporting offices of CENAP and GEP. The same was reported by colleagues from the British BUFORA, the Danish SUFOI and the Belgian “UFO-Meldpunt” via the EuroUFO network, who also continuously receive UFO reports about it.

The whole thing is viewed critically by astronomers who fear an impairment in the observation of celestial bodies with telescopes or a lasting change in the night sky in general. An increase in space debris is also feared in the future. We hope this article How Many Starlink Satellites Are Planned answered your question.

The 5 Most Credible UFO Incidents

In 2017, some foreign news organizations revealed credible UFO existence of the “Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP)” in the United States, which was funded by the U.S. government to investigate all UFOs from 2007 to 2012. However, this cost The $22 million secret plan is not the first UFO investigation plan of the US government.

The UFO research of the U.S. government began with the “Project Sign” and “Blue Book Projects” in the late 1940s. These programs collected some of the most reliable and authentic UFO sighting reports and clues left by UFOs on the planet so far.

Since 2017, the U.S. government has again begun active research and search for UFOs, which undoubtedly has reignited the world ’s interest in UFOs and aliens . The authenticity of the following 5 UFO sightings can be It is said to be the highest since entering the 21st century.

1. Lights above the New Jersey Turnpike (2001)
Just 15 minutes after midnight on July 14, 2001, drivers on the New Jersey Turnpike witnessed the strange orange-yellow lights arranged in a V-shape on the river between Staten Island, New York and Carteret, New Jersey, including the local At least 15 people including Lieutenant Daniel Tarrant from the police station witnessed the incident.

According to witnesses present, the lights were arranged in a V-shaped flight about 6 meters in diameter. Some of them responded that they felt a “calm” feeling in their hearts after seeing the UFO.

After seeing this strange UFO, Lieutenant Daniel Tarrant immediately contacted his colleagues in the police station. His colleagues passed on his knowledge layer by layer. The next day, he was interviewed by the local news media. The air traffic controller denied that a UFO appeared in that place that night, but immediately organized an organization to refute this claim. An organization called the New York Strange Phenomena Investigation Team (NY-SPI) claimed to have received radar data from the FAA that night. It was confirmed that there was indeed an UFO sighting there that night.

2. The American aircraft carrier Nimitz encounters (2004)
On November 10, 2004, the crew of the USS Princeton guided missile cruiser discovered that an unknown credible UFO frequently appeared on the radar. The fire control supervisor of the USS Princeton, who has 17 years of operating experience, said that because of the speed of the UFO Very fast, the radar is set to intercept in the air, not in the tracking mode, so he has never been able to accurately track the UFO.

At about 11 a.m. on November 14, the radar finally locked the position of the flying object 160 kilometers from the coast of San Diego, and immediately contacted the aircraft carrier Nimitz, which was conducting exercises near the Gulf of Mexico, and dispatched two F/A aircraft. -18 “Hornet” fighter went to check.

When two FA-18F fighter jets from the USS Nimitz arrived in the area, they saw a huge vortex at the coordinate location, and after a while, a “pure white oval about 15 meters long” appeared from the vortex. Shape”

The object has no engine compartment or wings and no windows. It is very smooth. The infrared monitor of the fighter also shows that the UFO does not have any traces of engine exhaust. Lieutenant Colonel David Frever and Jim S. Lieutenant Colonel Wright tried to intercept the UFO, but it was too fast and they could not catch up. According to the estimates of the two lieutenants, the speed of the object was three times the speed of sound and twice the speed of a jet fighter.

3. UFO at O’Hare International Airport (2006)
At 4:15 pm on November 7, 2006, a United Airlines employee working on the tarmac inadvertently discovered a dark gray faintly lighted flying dish hovering above gate C17. Twelve United Airlines employees and several passengers witnessed this scene.

Witnesses said that it hovered in the air for about five minutes, and then flew upwards rapidly. Due to its extremely fast speed, the clouds it passed through seemed to have been opened with a big hole. Witnesses saw the blue sky through this hole. The news report on this matter became the most read news on the Chicago Tribune website so far. However, the FAA stated that the flying object did not appear on the radar, so the FAA called it a “weather phenomenon.” , And refused to investigate the matter, but so far no scientist has come out to explain what kind of weather phenomenon is dish-shaped and can pierce a big hole in the cloud at an extremely fast speed.

4. The sightings of Stephenville (2008)
The small town of Stephenville in Texas is famous for its dairy farms. On the night of January 8, 2008, dozens of residents saw a UFO flashing in the sky silently from above their heads. Across.

After the incident, Steve Allen, the owner and pilot of the local cargo company, estimated that the UFO sighted by dozens of people that night was about 1,600 meters long and 800 meters wide. It was very fast and made no sound.

Witnesses believed that the credible UFO incident was similar to the 1997 Phoenix Light Incident. Although the U.S. Air Force revealed a few weeks later that the F-16 fighter plane was performing a mission on the night of the incident, the residents should have seen the F-16 fighter plane instead of an unknown flight. However, the eyewitnesses that night did not agree with the Air Force’s explanation. They believed that the flying objects they saw that night were so huge and advanced that they could not be manufactured by the current human technology.

5. East Coast UFO Chasing Video (2015)
In 2017, along with the news of the US Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP), a video was also disclosed. The video was voluntarily disclosed by the US Department of Defense . The video showed an F/A-18 Hornet. A chase battle between a fighter jet and an unidentified flying object.

This UFO is similar to the one found near San Diego in 2004. It is a pure white elliptical shape, about 15 meters long. It has no wings and no infrared rays emitted by the engine. The pilot chased it for a while, and finally 7620 over the Atlantic. There is no trace of this object at the place of meters.

Regarding this credible UFO and this video, the US military only admitted that it was true, but refused to provide any explanation.

Have you ever witnessed UFO? Please talk in the comment section.

Nasa Found Water On Moon In 2020

Nasa found water on moon! This breakthrough shows that, unlike ice previously found in dark and cold regions, water, a compound essential to life on Earth, can be distributed on more parts of the moon’s surface.

Nasa Found Water On Moon

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said: “We don’t yet know whether it can be used as a resource.” But he added that knowing more about water is the United States’ exploration of the moon. The key to the plan.

The discovery of Nasa found water on moon, comes from NASA’s Stratospheric Infrared Astronomy Observatory (SOFIA), a modified Boeing 747 that allows large telescopes to enter the Earth’s atmosphere high up to 45,000 feet. At such a height, researchers can observe objects in space, almost without any visual disturbance due to the presence of water vapor.

Nasa Found Water On Moon

The water molecule is located in Clavius ​​crater, a large crater in the southern hemisphere of the moon. In order to detect these molecules, SOFIA uses a special infrared camera that can distinguish that the specific wavelength of water is 6.1 microns, and its near-chemical relative hydroxyl (OH) wavelength is 6.1 microns.

NASA said in a press release about  this discovery: “Data from this location indicate that the water concentration is 100 to 412 parts per million, roughly equivalent to a 12-ounce bottle of water. Trapped in a cubic meter of soil, then spread across the surface of the moon.”

“This is not a puddle, but water molecules. They are so dispersed that they will not form ice or liquid water,” said Casey Honniball. She is the lead author of a study on this discovery. These data confirm the suspicions of experts. That is, there may be water on the sun side of the moon. But in recent years, researchers have only been able to record water ice at the poles of the moon and other dark and cold regions.

These data confirm the suspicion of experts that there may be water on the sunny side of the moon. But in recent years, researchers have only recorded water ice at the poles of the moon and other darker and colder regions.

Experts will now try to find out how water is formed and why it persists. NASA scientists published their findings in the latest issue of the journal Nature Astronomy. Casey Honniball is the lead author of the paper.

“Without a thick atmosphere, the sun-drenched water on the moon’s surface should disappear into space,” Honniball said. “However, somehow we saw it. Something is producing water, something must be trapped there.”

There are several possible explanations for the presence of water, including the possibility that water was delivered to the surface by micrometeorites that hit the moon. The researchers’ paper stated that the glass beads in this process may capture water, but the SOFIA instrument cannot distinguish between the water in the impact cup and the water trapped between the particles and in the voids.


There are water molecules there! The significance of this discovery may be significant.

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